Part B (774 - 828)

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William H. Rosenkrans (459)
Name Unknown (774)  
William A. Rosenkrans (495)
Son, Name Unknown (775)  
George Emery Rosenkrans (506)
Johnson Rhinaldo (776)  
John B. Rosenkrans (510)
George E. Rosenkrans (777) Alice J. Rosenkrans (778)
Mabel Rosenkrans (779)  
John L. Rosenkrans (519)
Johnie Rosenkrans (780)  
Lucas Leroy Rosenkrans (520)
Luta Rosenkrans (781) Lena Rosenkrans (782)
Ruba Rosenkrans (783)  
Lester L. Rosenkrans (528)
Dorothy Quincy Rosenkrans (784)  
Elijah C. Rosenkrans (530)
Clive C. Rosenkrans (785) Bessie Rosenkrans (786)
Mildred Lila Rosenkrans (787)  
Eugene Rosenkrans (544)
Elsie Rosenkrans (788) Jeremiah Rosenkrans (789)
Daughter, Name Unknown (790)  
Ira T. Rosenkrans (570)
Edwin Rosenkrans (791) Gertrude E. Rosenkrans (792)
Adam T. Rosenkrans (571)
Charles Harry Rosenkrans (793)  
Hezekiah Rosenkrans (577)
Son, Name Unknown (794) Son, Name Unknown (795)
Daughter, Name Unknown (796) Daughter, Name Unknown (797)
Benjamin Duane Rosenkrans (798)  
Emerson Rosenkrans (584)
Maggie Rosenkrans (799) Teresa Rosenkrans (800)
Otto Rosenkrans (587)
Clarence Rosenkrans (801) Georgie Rosenkrans (802)
Jesse H. Rosenkrans (592)
Lena May Rosenkrans (803) Son, Name Unknown (804)
Alvin Rosenkrans (599)
Name Unknown (805) Name Unknown (806)
Name Unknown (807)  
Anson Rosenkrans (601)
Mabel Rosenkrans (808) Carl Rosenkrans (809)
Amy Rosenkrans (810)  

Louis H. Rosenkrans (635)

James Morris Rosenkrans (811) Georgianna May Rosenkrans (812)
John Hice Rosenkrans (813) Dr. Even B. Rosenkrans (814)
Ira D. Rosenkrans (640)
Raymond A. Rosenkrans (815) Arthur B. Rosenkrans (816)
Nellie F. Rosenkrans (817)  
John M. Rosencrance (641)
Nellie M. Rosencrance (818) Frank B. Rosencrance (819)
Ezra S. Rosencrance (820) John S. Rosencrance (821)
Amanda Jane Rosencrance (822) Oscar A. Rosencrance (823)
Albert C. Rosencrance (824) George Adams Rosencrance (825)
Jane Rosencrance (826) Anna Rosencrance (827)
Daniel Rosencrance (828)  



William H. Rosenkrans (459)

WILLIAM H. ROSENKRANS and wife had one child.

774.  Child, name unknown.

William A. Rosenkrans (495)

WILLIAM A. ROSENKRANS (495) and Hattie E. Harper had one child.

775. A son, born 1897, and died at birth.

George Emery Rosenkrans (506)

GEORGE EMERY ROSENKRANS and Effie May Bewman have one child.

776.  JOHNSON RHINALDO ROSENKRANS, son of George Emery (506) was born December 28, 1896.

John B. Rosenkrans (510)

JOHN B. ROSENKRANS and Florence E. Schooley had three children.

777.  GEORGE E. ROSENKRANS, son of John B. (510), was born July 1, 1884.

778.  ALICE J. ROSENKRANS was born October 10, 1886.

779.  MABEL ROSENKRANS was born December 20, 1891.

John L. Rosenkrans (519)

JOHN L. ROSENKRANS and Jessie Spencer had one child.

780.  JOHNIE ROSENKRANS, daughter of John L., was born April 15, 1885.

Lucas Leroy Rosenkrans (520)

LUCAS LEROY ROSENKRANS (520) and Effie Castello have three children.

781.  LUTA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Lucas Leroy, was born 1889.

782.  LENA ROSENKRANS was born 1891.

783.  RUBA ROSENKRANS was born 1893.

Lester L. Rosenkrans (528)

LESTER L. ROSENKRANS (528) and Hattie C. Carmer have one daughter, Dorothy Quincy Rosenkrans.

Dorothy Quincy Rosenkrans

784.  DOROTHY QUINCY ROSENKRANS, daughter of Lester L. (528), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, June 21, 1880. She attended school kept by her father and as soon as her age permitted entered the Trenton Normal School and graduated January 1899. She taught school at Rutherford, New Jersey during that summer. She is now living with her parents at Leonia, and teaching at Tenafly, New Jersey.

Elijah C. Rosenkrans (530)

ELIJAH C. ROSENKRANS and Laura D. Morris have three children.

785.  CLIVE C. ROSENKRANS, son of Elijah C., (530) was born near Layton, New Jersey, October 15, 1890.

786.  BESSIE ROSENKRANS was born August 5, 1892.

787.  MILDRED LILA ROSENKRANS was born October 31, 1897.

Eugene Rosenkrans (544)

EUGENE ROSENKRANS and Mary Gariss have three children.

788.  ELSIE ROSENKRANS, Date of birth unknown.

789.  JEREMIAH ROSENKRANS, Date of birth unknown.

790. Daughter, whose name not known.

Ira T. Rosenkrans (570)

IRA T. ROSENKRANS and Rubie Lord have two children.

791.  EDWIN ROSENKRANS, son of Ira T. Rosenkrans (570), was born September 9, 1888.

792.  GERTRUDE E. ROSENKRANS was born June 21, 1892.

Adam T. Rosenkrans (571)

ADAM T. ROSENKRANS (571) and Rosie E. Brown have one child.

793.  CHARLES HARRY ROSENKRANS was born January 10, 1885.

Hezekiah Rosenkrans (577)

HEZEKIAH ROSENKRANS (577) and EIiza A. Miller have had five children.

794 - 797.  FOUR CHILDREN of Hezekiah Rosenkrans (577), two sons and two daughters, died young.

798.  BENJAMIN DUANE ROSENKRANS, born March 21, 1889, is living with his parents, at Edgewood, Iowa.

Emerson Rosenkrans (584)

EMERSON ROSENKRANS (584) and Dora Boesler had two children.

799.  MAGGIE ROSENKRANS, known only by name.

800.  TERESA ROSENKRANS, known only by name.

Otto Rosenkrans (587)

OTTO ROSENKRANS and Elizabeth Parker had two children.

801.  CLARENCE ROSENKRANS, born 1897.

802.  GEORGIE ROSENKRANS, born 1898.

Jesse H. Rosenkrans (592)

JESSE H. ROSENKRANS and Ella I. Chinnie had two children, as follows:

803 - 804.  LENA MAY ROSENKRANS and a son.

Alvin Rosenkrans (599)

ALVIN ROSENKRANS (599) and wife have three children.

805 - 807.   Three children of Alvin Rosenkrans (599), names unknown.

Anson Rosenkrans(601)

ANSON ROSENKRANS and Emily G. Smith have three children.

808.  MABEL ROSENKRANS, born January 8, 1893.

809.  CARL ROSENKRANS, Date of birth unknown.

810.  AMY ROSENKRANS, Date of birth unknown.

Louis H. Rosenkrans (635)

LOUIS H. ROSENKRANS and Arilla Williams had four children.

811.  JAMES MORRIS ROSENKRANS, son of Louis H. (635), was born in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, near Bald Mount June 22, 1855, and married September 20, 1882, Sarah Jane Repp, of Old Forge, born at Scranton, October 15, 1855, daughter of Frederick Repp and Elizabeth Wolfinger, of Prussia, Germany. In 1894, James Morris was manager of a tea store for Jones Brothers, at Binghampton, whence he reported items concerning his family. He was subsequently manager at Albany, New York, where he died December 22, 1897. His widow, Sarah Jane Rosenkrans, is now living at Old Forge, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania She has one child, Bertha Rosenkrans, born at Binghampton, January 15, 1897.

812.  GEORGIANNA MAY ROSENKRANS, daughter of Louis H. (635), was born near Bald Mount, Pennsylvania, March 1, 1866. She attended the West Pittston High School and became a teacher. She taught at Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Binghampton, New York, securing two State certificates of her qualification, and taught till her health failed, when she retired to Smithington, Connecticut, to visit her brother, Dr. E.B. Rosenkrans, then on a summer vacation. She there met Louis H. Harrison whom she subsequently married. They now reside at Miami, Connecticut, where Mr. Harrison is bookkeeper for some manufacturing company. They have two children, Everett and an infant whose name is not known.

813.  JOHN HICE ROSENKRANS son of Louis H., (635) was born in Newton township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, April 15, 1858, and married March 29, 1882, Maggie E. Sharkey, born at West Pittston, March 23, 1856, daughter of Barnard Sharkey and wife Emeline Taylor. In 1884, John Hice became manager of a company tea store at Williamsport, Pennsylvania, remaining there five years.

In 1889, took charge of one in Rochester. New York, at 106 State street, where he still remains manager. His wife died there September 7, 1898, and September 28, 1899, he married Carrie E. Heath, born at Syracuse, January 30, 1871. James Morris by his first wife has two children, Ethel May and Mabel Pearl.

Dr. Even B. Rosenkrans Mrs. Emily E. Rosenkrans

814.  DR. EVEN BENJAMIN ROSENKRANS, son of Louis H. (635), was born 1867; is married and a dentist located at 51 Broadway, Norwich, Connecticut. The following is his autobiography: "E. Benjamin Rosenkrans, born August 9, 1867, at Newton, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. His father, Louis H., and mother Arilla Rosenkrans, died when he was a mere boy. He first began to earn his own livelihood after his motherís death by selling tea and coffee at Pittston, Pennsylvania, after which he took for his chosen profession the study of dentistry under the preceptorship of Charles W. McCall, of Binghampton, New York. While residing at Binghampton he was baptized by Reverend L.M.S. Haynes and joined the first Baptist church of Binghampton. After leaving Binghampton he entered the University at Michigan, dental department, and later Indiana Medical College. After leaving college he determined to see and visit all states of North America, which he did, and then, after having several offers in different cities in the East, he finally settled and married Emily E. Burchard, at Norwich, Connecticut, April 26, 1897.

His wife is directly descendant from John Burchard, who came to this country in ship "True Love," September 20, 1635, and was one of twelve original proprietors of Norwich, Connecticut. Her father, Justin W., still owns and lives on a farm which was part of the tract owned and handed down from the first proprietor at Norwich, Connecticut. E. Benjamin Rosenkrans resides and enjoys a lucrative dental practice in Norwich at time of issuing this book. It may be added that E.B. Rosenkrans, D.D.S., of 51 Broadway, Norwich, Connecticut, is chairman of the council of the "Publishers of the Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Directory of Connecticut."

Ira D. Rosenkrans (640)

IRA D. ROSENKRANS and Sadie D. Griffin have three children.

815.  RAYMOND A. ROSENKRANS, son of Ira D. (640), was born October 12, 1881.

816.  ARTHUR B. ROSENKRANS was born February 9, 1887.

817.  NELLIE F. ROSENKRANS was born June 8, 1889.

John M. Rosencrance (641)

JOHN M. ROSENCRANCE and Sophronia Maria Meeker had seven children, and by Mattie Adams he has four children.

818.  NELLIE M. ROSENCRANCE, daughter of John M. (641), was born in Wantage township, New Jersey, near the New York State line, June 14, 1855. She went with her parents to Morgan County, Georgia, at the age of thirteen and subsequently married William Washburn, a farmer of New York State, now living on the Washburn homestead at Clearmont, Columbus County They have four children, Reuben, Albert, Charles and Delia.

819.  FRANK B. ROSENCRANCE, son of John M. (641), was born in Wantage township, Sussex County, New Jersey, January 16, 1861, living with his parents in Morgan County, Georgia. He married 1891, Addie Wells born about 1872. He owns and conducts a cotton gin near Madison, Georgia. He is reported to be a Democrat in politics, and his wife in religion a Catholic, They have one child, Vivia, about eight years of age.

820.  EZRA S. ROSENCRANCE, son of John M. (641) was born Sussex County, New Jersey, near Unionville, New York, March 31, 1864. He married in Morgan County, Georgia, Fannie Adams born 1870. They live near Madison, Morgan County, Georgia. He is a planter. They are said to be Methodists. No children.

821.  JOHN S. ROSENCRANCE, son of John M. (641) was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, January 12, 1870, and married in Morgan County, Georgia, Addie Weaver, born about 1879. He is a farmer and lives at Godfrey, Morgan County, Georgia, is a Baptist and has children: Jesse, born 1896, and Sarah M., born 1899.

822.  AMANDA JANE ROSENCRANCE, by his first wife, Maria Meeker, living.

823.  OSCAR A. ROSENCRANCE, Date of birth unknown, by his first wife, Maria Meeker, living.

824.  ALBERT C. ROSENCRANCE, Date of birth unknown, by his first wife, Maria Meeker, departed.

825.  GEORGE ADAMS ROSENCRANCE, son of John M (641) by his second wife, Mattie Adams, was born 1885.

826.  JANE ROSENCRANCE, born after 1885, died of diphtheria at five years of age.

827.  ANNA ROSENCRANCE, born after 1885, died of diphtheria at three years of age.

828.  DANIEL ROSENCRANCE, born after 1885, the fourth child by his second wife, is living with her parents in Georgia.


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