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Daniel Rosencrance (327)
John M. Rosencrance (641) James P. Rosencrance (642)
Nellie Maria Rosencrance (643) Sarah Jane Rosencrance (644)
Jesse Rosencrance (645) William H. Rosencrance (646)
Susan M. Rosencrance (647) Benjamin Rosencrance (648)
Charles Rosencrance (649)  
John W. Rosenkrans (329)
Name Unknown (650) Name Unknown (651)
Name Unknown (652) Dr. James E. Rosenkrans (653)
Edwin L. Rosenkrans (654)  
James Rosecrans (334)
Orlando Parker Rosecrans (655)  
Crandall Rosecrans (339)
Chauncey Rosecrans (656) General William Stark Rosecrans (657)
Charles Wesley Rosecrans (658) Henry Crandall Rosecrans (659)
Bishop Sylvester Harton Rosecrans (660)  
Jacob Rosecrans (340)
William Henry Harrison Rosecrans (661) Deziah Rosecrans (662)
Lafayette Rosecrans (663) Mary W. Rosecrans (664)
Sally Jane Rosecrans (665) Eliza Rosecrans (666)
Lydia Rosecrans (667) Crandall Rosecrans (668)
Ormitta Rosecrans (669)  
James Rosecrans (345)
Henry Crandall Rosecrans (670) Emmet Leroy Rosecrans (671)
Ida May Rosecrans (672) Grace Isabel Rosecrans (673)
Judge Marmaduke P. Rosecrans (347)
Charles Theodore Rosecrans (674) Juliet Inez Rosecrans (675)
Edgar J. Rosecrans (676) Alice Carey Rosecrans (677)
Flora Elizabeth Rosecrans (678) Harry Marmaduke Rosecrans (679)
William I. Rosecrans (680)  
Crandall Rosecrans (350)
Name Unknown (681) Name Unknown (682)
Charles Rosecrans (362)
Mahala Rosecrans (683) Charles Rosecrans (684)
John Rosecrans (367)
Elizabeth Rosecrans (685) Alvin Rosecrans (686)
Peter Rosecrans (687) Lydia Rosecrans (688)
Samuel L. Rosecrans (689)  



Daniel Rosenkrance (327)

DANIEL ROSENKRANCE (327) and Jane Post had nine children.

641.  JOHN M. ROSENKRANCE, son of Daniel (327), was born in Wantage township, Sussex County, New Jersey, September 17, 1828, where his father lived all his lifetime, and was brought up a farmer. He married January 1, 1852, Sophronia Maria Meeker, of Wantage, born September 27, 1829, daughter of James Meeker and Arminda Rogers, his wife. As Captain at the beginning of the Civil War he raised Company F, 14th New Jersey Regiment, September, 1862, but being undisciplined in the tactics of war, as he informs me, he resigned the Captaincy in favor of another, and became Lieutenant of the Company. He was in the 9th Corps under Burnside, in Virginia, was in the battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia, and others in Kentucky.

He was mustered out of service at Newark, July 3, 1863, and lived in Wantage as a farmer till 1868. Having contracted a serious cough, he went South, as directed by his physician, and settled on a plantation, about ten miles south of Madison, Morgan County, Georgia, and as he informs me, recovered his health within a year. His wife died there March 27, 1882, a member of the Methodist church. He married March 28, 1883, Mattie Adams, born April 2, 1847, in Putnam County, Georgia, and he still lives on his plantation in Georgia He has been greatly afflicted during the past few years by drought which was very severe in 1899. His children by his first wife were: Nellie M., Frank B., Ezra S., John S., Amanda Jane, Oscar A. and Albert C., the latter born in Georgia and died young. By his second wife, George Adams, Jane, Anna, who died some years ago and Daniel. John M. ROSENKRANCE is reported to be a Baptist and in politics a Democrat.

James P. Rosenkrance

642.  JAMES P. ROSENKRANCE was born in Wantage township, Sussex County, New Jersey, near Unionville, New York, and married Rosanna D. Williams, of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, sister of the wife of Louis H. Rosenkrans (635). He went to Newton Centre (Bald Mount), Pennsylvania, in 1850 and taught school in that section for two years. About 1852 he went into the employ of the Railroad Company owning the gravity road then running from Hawley to Pittston, he being located at Dunmore for about two years and since 1853 at Pittston, where he is now superintendent of out side repairs of that railroad, which has since been changed to a locomotive road. He has five children, Clarence Daniel, Althea J., Lillian May, James P., Jr., and Rosa Dena. It is reported by his daughter, Miss Lillian May, that they are Methodists and that her father is a Republican and member of the order of Free and Accepted Masons.     Continuation 

643.  NELLIE MARIA ROSENKRANCE, daughter of Daniel Rosenkrance (327) was born August 11, 1833, and died December 8, 1850.

644.  SARAH JANE ROSENKRANCE was born May 14, 1836, and died August 7, 1892.

645.  JESSE ROSENKRANCE, son of Daniel, (327) was born May 30, 1838. He was a carpenter and married, at Paterson, New Jersey, November 22, 1866, Sarah E, Casterlin, daughter of Nathaniel Casterlin and Hannah Mandaville born at Rockport, Sussex County, New Jersey, December 1, 1843. He was a soldier in the war of the Rebellion, Lieutenant of Company H. 27th Reg. of New Jersey, enlisted 1864, and died July 3, 1885, at Unionville, New York. His children born at Unionville, New York, were: William W., Addie, Lillie, Nellie, Dannie.

646.  WILLIAM H. ROSENKRANCE, son of Daniel, (327) was born Wantage township, Sussex County, New Jersey, July 4, 1840. He went to Pittston, Pennsylvania, about 1861 or 1862, and served as Corporal in the Civil war in Company B. 2nd New Jersey Regiment for three years and four months. He married January 11, 1868. While living in Pittston, Nellie, daughter of John D. Green and Jane Stewart Calvin. She was born July 4, 1840, and died August 4, 1895. It is reported that she was an Episcopalian. He died at Pittston, July 19, 1895. His children were Minnie, Jennie, William, James, Nellie and Sarah.

647.  SUSAN M. ROSENKRANCE, daughter of Daniel (327), was born December, 1842, and married James Martin, of Wantage township, New Jersey. They lived in Unionville, New York, and have two children: Mamie and William.

648.  BENJAMIN ROSENKRANCE, son of Daniel, (327) was born December 25, 1844, he went to Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, and enlisted in the 38th Pennsylvania Infantry for three months prior to the battle of Gettysburg and at the end of his service, enlisted in the 14th New York Cavalry, and was one of Shermanís scouts, taken prisoner in the Shenandoah Valley, was in Libby Prison when General Lee surrendered. After the war was ended he went west and is said to be now in possession of a large ranch in the State of Washington, Yakinia County. He married in the west, and is said to have four children: Althea, May, Benjamin Raymond and Lillian.

649.  CHARLES W. ROSENKRANCE, was born January 15, 1850, and married in Pittston, July 20, 1870, Sarah J. West, born in England November 7, 1848. He is a lumberman, painter and carpenter, living at 631 Williams Street, Pittston, Pennsylvania. His children are: Jessie N., Violet, Eva, Charles, Daniel, Benjamin, Carrie and Lulu.

John W. Rosenkrans (329)

JOHN W. ROSENKRANS and Polly Edson had five children.

650 - 652.  THREE CHILDREN of John W., whose names are not known, are reported as departed.

653 - 654.  DR. JAMES E. ROSENKRANS, son of John W. (329), was reported 1893 as living at New Milford, Illinois, and EDWIN L. ROSENKRANS, his brother, as a farmer living near there.

James Rosecrans (334)

JAMES ROSECRANS and Elvira Ann Heath had one child.

655.  ORLANDO PARKER ROSECRANS, son of James (334), was born at Newsted, Erie County, New York, 1852, and, as reported by his mother, 1893, he married June 4, 1882, Florence Thorp, and was living in Detroit, Michigan, having some position at the Union Railroad depot.

Crandall Rosecrans (339)

CRANDALL ROSECRANS and Jemima Hopkins had five children.

656.  CHAUNCY ROSECRANS, first child of Crandall, died young.

General William Stark Rosecrans
Mrs. Annie Eliza Rosecrans

657.   GENERAL WILLIAM STARK ROSECRANS, son of Crandall (339), and Jemima Hopkins, daughter of Timothy Hopkins, was born in Kingston township, Delaware County, Ohio, September 6, 1819. He entered the West Point Academy 1837, and graduated 1842. August 24, 1843, he married Annie Eliza Hageman, of New York city, daughter of Judge Adrian Hageman, of St. Johns, New Brunswick. The following is a part of his history, as copied from the New York "Catholic News," given in connection with the presentation of the "Laetare Medal," by Bishop Montgomery, at his home near Los Angeles, California, March 15,1896: "He began his studies at West Point, at eighteen years of age, and graduated in 1842. He was graduated fifth in a class of fifty-six and elected to enter the engineer corps. In 1847 he took charge of the works of fortifying New Port Harbor, and finished the task in five years. He was justly regarded as one of the most brilliant men in the service, and when in 1853 his failing health determined him to retire, the Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis, endeavored to dissuade him. But overwork had broken him down and his resignation was reluctantly accepted in April 1854, and Lieutenant Rosecrans returned to Cincinnati.

* * * 

Then came the outbreak of the Rebellion and the fall of Fort Sumpter, and Mr. Rosecrans forgot everything but his duty to his country. He offered his services to Governor Dennison, and was appointed Chief Engineer of Ohio, with the rank of Colonel, and on the next day, June 10, 1861, was given the command of the 23rd Ohio Volunteers. His rise was very rapid. His commission as a Brigadier General of the Regular Army came within a fortnight, and he joined McClellan in Western Virginia, taking Provisional command of one of his brigades. His first battle was fought July 11, 1861, at Rich Mountain, where he won a decisive victory over General Garnett, capturing eleven hundred prisoners, and stores." * * * As the Generalís history is already before the public in part, in many publications, we will not attempt to reproduce it here in full. He resigned his commission in the army March 27, 1867, and was afterwards Minister to Mexico, served one term as a Congressman from California, and as the first Register of, the Treasury under President Cleveland. He was a zealous Catholic, converted while at West Point, 1837 -  1842, and was the means of the conversion of all his brothers, and of his mother also. His children were: William, James Addison, Adrian Louis, Lily R., Mary Louise, Anna D., Carl Frederick and Charlotte. Lily R., Anna D. and Carl F. are still living. The Generalís history is being written by his daughter, Anna D. Rosecrans.

658.  CHARLES WESLEY ROSECRANS, son of Crandall (339), was born in Kingston township, Delaware County, Ohio, January 27, 1822, and married Mary Runnells, daughter of Silas Runnells, of Sigourney, Iowa. Charles Wesley was a farmer and a Catholic. He died 1866. He had one daughter, a Dominican nun, called Sister Mary Emend, of Galveston, Texas.

Henry Crandall Rosecrans and Wife

659.  HENRY CRANDALL ROSECRANS, son of Crandall (339), and the only one of the five brothers living, was born at Homer, Licking County, Ohio, December 25, 1824. He has reported that in 1847, at Newark, Ohio, he volunteered for the Mexican War at the second call, and that his company reported to the Governor fifteen minutes earlier than any other company in the Slate, and were therefore privileged to be mounted. He served under General Taylor fifteen months to the close of the war, returned to Ohio and married August 22, 1849, Elizabeth Dickey, the only daughter, and leaving her at home, started September 1, 1849, in company with his uncle Judge M.P. Rosecrans (347), on horseback from Ohio to Iowa with his land warrant received as a soldier, which he located in Washington County, near the present village of What Cheer. In the spring of 1850, Henry Crandall Rosecrans went overland from Iowa to California and mined for gold about one year where he says he met his relative Newton Rosecrans (377) who subsequently settled at Silver City, New Mexico. About the year 1851 he returned to his wife in Ohio, and some years later settled on his land in Iowa where he still lives as a farmer and merchant. Henry Crandall has written several letters giving reports of family matters, and being a zealous Catholic, has given an account of the familyís conversion to Catholicism beginning with the Generalís conversion at West Point. The picture herewith presented of himself and wife, was taken at the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding August 2, 1899. Henry Crandall has had six children, Ada Nola, Willena, Menza Oveda, Adrian Dickey, William Joseph and Henry Sylvester.

660.  BISHOP SYLVESTER HARTON ROSECRANS, son of Crandall, (339) was born at Homer, Licking County, Ohio, February 5, 1827. Soon after the Generalís return from West Point, 1842, as reported by his brother Henry Crandall, he became a Catholic, and was educated for the Priesthood at St. Johns College, New York, and finished his studies at Rome. He became Bishop of the diocese of Columbus, Ohio, and died at Columbus, November, 1878.

Jacob Rosecrans (340)

JACOB ROSECRANS and Sallie Wells had nine children.

661.  WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON ROSECRANS, son of Jacob, (340) was born in Delaware County, Ohio, February 17, 1823, and died near Valparaiso, Indiana, 1890.

662.  DEZIAH ROSECRANS, born April 4, 1825, died 1869.

663.  LAFAYETTE ROSECRANS born May 25, 1825, died 1891.

664.  MARY W. ROSECRANS, was born December 17, 1830, and died 1888.

665.  SALLY JANE ROSECRANS was born May 31, 1833, and died 1887.

666.  ELIZA ROSECRANS was born February 10, 835, and died 1877.

667.  LYDIA ROSECRANS was born February 21, 1837, and died 1874.

668.  CRANDALL W. ROSECRANS, the only living child of Jacob (340), who has recently reported these items, was born in Delaware County, Ohio, February, 4, 1841, In 1868, he married Lisle Corey, who died 1880. He now lives on a farm he says of 2 acres near Broadway, Union County, Ohio. He held some position at Washington under the administration of President Cleveland, when the General was in the Treasury department. His children are, Jesse Grant, Bertha Belle and William Stark.

669.  ORMITTA ROSECRANS, daughter of Jacob (340), was born January and died 1887.

James Rosecrans (345)

JAMES ROSECRANS and Elizabeth Clemens had four children.

670.  HENRY CRANDALL ROSECRANS, son of James (345), was born at Alida, Ohio, February 19, 1868, and married September 17, 1895, Hattie Pierson. He is a farmer living at Montrose, Missouri, and has twin daughters, Dulcie and Dellah.

671.  EMMET LEROY ROSECRANS, son of James (345), was born at Alida, Ohio, February 2, 1872, and married December 31, 1896, Emma Wallace. He is a teacher of grammar in the public school at Rushville, Nebraska, and has a son, Lynn Edgar.

672.  IDA MAY ROSECRANS, daughter of James (345), was born August 22, 1877, and was reported 1897 as living at Hennepin, near Galesburg, Illinois.

Grace Isabel Rosecrans

673.  GRACE ISABEL ROSECRANS, daughter of James (345), and cousin to General William Stark, was born at Alida, Ohio, March 23, 1879. She, with her parents, moved to Clear Lake, Iowa, 1883, where her father died 1889. She is now living with the family of her cousin, Harry Marmaduke Rosecrans, at Clear Lake, Iowa, and is a school teacher. She has reported information concerning the family and kindly furnished a photograph of her uncle, Judge M.P. (347), now departed. A complimentary photograph of Grace Isabel is herewith presented.

Judge Marmaduke P. Rosecrans (347)

JUDGE MARMADUKE P. ROSECRANS and Lucy Green had seven children.

674.  CHARLES THEODORE ROSECRANS, son of Judge M.P. (347), was born at Clear Lake, Iowa, February 24, 1845. He was a soldier in the war of the Rebellion in the 32nd Volunteer Infantry, of Iowa, and died August, 1864.

675.  JULIET INEZ ROSECRANS, daughter of Judge M.P., was born at Clear Lake, March 2, 1847. She married about 1865 G.G. Pritchard, a merchant at Popejoy, Iowa, whose son Charles G. is in the mercantile business at Belmond. They have four children: Charles G., Star, Blanche and Edgar B. Charles G. Pritchard was born February 7, 1866, and married about 1887. He is a merchant living at Belmond, Iowa, doing business under the firm name of Pritchard & Rosecrans. His children are: Fred, born October 19, 1888; Addie, born December 24, 1890; Star, born October 28, 1892; James Gurly, born April 8, 1894; and Ruth, born March 13, 1896. Star Pritchard, son of Juliet Inez, was born September 3, 1867, and died 1881. Blanche Pritchard was born June 24, 1869, and married J.G. Grundy, Professor of Eagle Grove school at Eagle Grove, Iowa. Edgar B. Pritchard was born at Alden, Iowa, April 14, 1871.

676.  EDGAR J. ROSECRANS, son of Judge M.P. (347), was born at Clear Lake, Iowa, February 2, 1849. He married October 19, 1876, Jennie Spears. He was sheriff of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, in which Clear Lake is situated, and in 1894, as reported by his father at that time, was sheriff of Sheridan County, Nebraska, and living at Union City. At last account he resided at Belmond, Iowa. No children.

677.  ALICE CAREY ROSECRANS, daughter of Judge M.P. (347), was born at Clear Lake August 3, 1851, and married, December 4, 1811, Dr. G.F. McDowell, and lives at Cedar Creek, Iowa, She has one child, Pearl, born June 13, 1876.

678.  FLORA ELIZABETH ROSECRANS, daughter of Judge M.P. (347), was born at Clear Lake, Iowa, December 2, 1853, and married Dr. Z.C. Green. She died June 27, 1889, leaving one child Ethel, born June 16, 1877. It is reported that, in 1897, Dr. Green moved to White, South Dakota.

679.  HARRY MARMADUKE ROSECRANS, son of Judge M.P. (347), was born at Clear Lake, Iowa, April 19, 1860. He married June 25, 1844, Ida Wood, and lives at Clear Lake. He is mail clerk on the railroad. His cousin, Grace Isabel, has her home with him, and he has two children, Karl and Ruth.

680.  WILLIAM I. ROSECRANS, son Of Judge M.P., was born at Clear Lake, August 18, 1862. He married May 26, 1886, Catharine G. Finch. He is a merchant living at Belmond, Iowa, in company with his nephew, Charles G. Pritchard, doing business as Pritchard & Rosecrans. Has two children, Leo Marmaduke, and Geneveve Gladys.

Crandall Rosecrans (350)

681 - 682.  Two or more children of Crandall Rosecrans are reported as living at Pagetown, Ohio.

Charles Rosecrans (362)

CHARLES ROSECRANS and Mary Carney had two children.

683.  MAHALA ROSECRANS, daughter of Charles (362), was born and brought up near Charleston, Illinois, where the last report says she was married and living.

684.  CHARLES ROSECRANS was born near Charleston, Iowa, and is reported to be still living.

John Rosecrans (367)

JOHN ROSECRANS and Jane Vansickle had three children, and by Mary Landon he had two.

685 - 688.  ELIZABETH ROSECRANS, ALVIN ROSECRANS and PETER ROSECRANS, are Johnís children by his first wife, and LYDIA ROSECRANS is by his second wife.

689.  SAMUEL L. ROSECRANS, son of John (367) and Mary Landon, as reported by himself in 1894, was married and living at Sunbury, Delaware County, Ohio, on the farm where the General was born. This farm was purchased by his father in 1834. Whom Samuel L. married, or whether he had any children, he did not inform us, and we could get no more replies from him.


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