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William J. Rosenkrans (182)
Agnes Rosenkrans (444) L. Duane (445)
C. Blanche Rosenkrans (446) Belle Rosenkrans (447)
Egbert Earl Rosenkrans (448) Owen L. Rosenkrans (449)
Ralph Rosenkrans (450)  
James Rosenkrans (183)
Frank Rosenkrans (451) Henrietta P. Rosenkrans (452)
Henry William Rosenkrans (453) Mary E. Rosenkrans (454)
Leonard C. Rosenkrans (455) Luman R. Rosenkrans (456)
Hulda E. Rosenkrans (457) Reverend Charles Emmans Rosenkrans (458)
Edwin Rosenkrans (188)
William H. Rosenkrans (459) Edwin J. Rosenkrans (460)
Stella Rosenkrans (461) Ella Rosenkrans (462)
Eda Rosenkrans (463)  
Dr. Francis Eugene Rosenkrans (189)
Louis C. Rosenkrans (464) Frank William Rosenkrans (465)
Omar L. Rosenkrans (190)
Mary Louisa (466) Madge Rosenkrans (467)
Omar L. Rosenkrans (468) Elizabeth Ruth Rosenkrans (469)
George E. Rosenkrans (199)
Clarence C. Rosenkrans (470) Hattie C. Rosenkrans (471)
William Rosenkrans (472) Perry DeWitt Rosenkrans (473)
Floyd Ayers Rosenkrans (474) Mabel C. Rosenkrans (475)
Dr. James Hankinson Rosenkrans (206)
Egbert A. Rosenkrans (476) May Ernesta Rosenkrans (477)
Joseph H. Rosenkrans (211)
Margaret Rosenkrans (478) William Thompson Rosenkrans (479)
Joseph Rober Rosenkrans (480)  
Hamilton S. Rosenkrans (216)
Moynoral H. Rosenkrans (481) Luzerne Davis Rosenkrans (482)
Merton J. Rosenkrans (483) Lee Verne Rosenkrans (484)
Jennie June Rosenkrans (485) Hattie Irene Rosenkrans (486)
Chester Rosenkrans (221)
Delos Rosenkrans (487) Byron Rosenkrans (488)
William Rosenkrans (222)
Name Unknown (489) Name Unknown (490)



William J. Rosenkrans (182)

WILLIAM J. ROSENKRANS and Hannah Elizabeth Prentice had six children, and by Mrs. Clara Thomas he has one child.

444.  AGNES ROSENKRANS, eldest child of William J. (182), was born at Pewaukee, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, July 16, 1857. When she was three years of age, her parents moved to Waushara County, Dakota, and there she grew to womanhood, attending the district school of the little village in which she lived. At the age of seventeen she commenced teaching the same school, and taught there two terms, when, in the spring of 1876, she went to Oconomowoc, where she taught in a district school, applying herself in the meantime to study, in order to become more proficient. In 1878 her health failed, and for eight years she was an invalid most of the time confined to the house. To occupy the passing hours she began to write short stories, which undertaking she eventually turned to good account. She says: "It was while in that helpless condition I first thought of writing to pass some of the weary hours. I tried my prentice hand on short stories and articles of various kinds, and after a while found confidence to offer my productions to editors. I received enough encouragement to make me persevere and enough remuneration to make it worth my while. I wrote articles on household and other topics for various publications, and for six years was engaged by the "Weekly Wisconsin" to edit its puzzle department; that, however, has been discontinued. I still do some writing as time and inclination permit." She is a member of the M.E. Church, and in October, 1899, was living near Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

445.  L. DUANE ROSENKRANS, eldest son of William J. (182), was born at Pewaukee, Wisconsin, February 9, 1859. He was raised at Dakota, Wisconsin, and became a telegraph operator, serving as such at various points in that state. He eventually learned the jewelry business and opened a place of business for himself at Oconomowoc, where he is still engaged in it. He there married October 22, 1890, Gertrude McKee, a teacher in the public school of that place. They have two children: Floyd and Gertrude.

446.  C. BLANCHE ROSENKRANS, daughter of William J. (182), was born at Dakota, Wisconsin, January 7, 1861. At the age of fourteen she went to Oconomowoc and attended the High School there, and began to teach at twenty years of age. She taught in that vicinity for five years, continually pursuing her studies in order to become more proficient as a teacher. In 1886 she went to South Dakota and continued her teaching and the improvement of her qualifications until it: is said that "she ranks with the best teachers in South Dakota." March 1, 1897, she married George E. Wagner, a farmer of South Dakota, who has two quarter sections of land and is engaged in cattle raising near Seneca. C. Blanche has no children, is a member of the Congregational church, and still pursues her favorite profession of school teaching.

447.  BELLE ROSENKRANS, daughter of William J. (182), was born at Dakota, Wisconsin, April 16, 1863. She attended school in her native village till 1875, when she, with her sister Blanche attended the High School at Oconomowoc and began teaching while young. March 12, 1884, she married L. Ingersoll, of Concord, Wisconsin, a farmer, born April 18, 1854. He has a dairy farm and for several years has held the office of Town Clerk. Belle continued teaching school after marriage and is said to have been a very successful teacher. As reported by her sister Agnes, March, 1899, Mrs. Belle Ingersoll had four children, but lost one that year. She is a church member. Her children are: Angie Belle, born December 6, 1886; Morna Blanche, born December 5, 1889, and died March 17, 1899; Amy L., born January 31, 1894; Helen Agnes, born August 16, 1897.

448.  EGBERT EARL ROSENKRANS, son of William J. (182), was born at Dakota, Waushara County, Wisconsin, and brought up to farming, which he has followed all his days with evident skill and success. He married March 15, 1888, Miriam Grover, born October 29, 1866. In 1894 Egbert Earl became superintendent of "La Belle Knoll Farm," on the border of Oconomowoc, a summer residence and stock farm of Montgomery Ward, of Chicago. His position is said to be of "great responsibility and a good salary which he merits by his faithful attendance to his numerous duties." Report says "they have several hundred acres of land and make a specialty of imported thoroughbred horses, having large and well filled stables and employing many men to care for them." This report was received 1896, since which, we are informed, he has purchased a farm. Egbert Earl is a member of the congregational church and has three children: Leon C., Prentice E. and Everett A.

449.  OWEN L. ROSENKRANS, son of William J. and Elizabeth, was born at Dakota, Wisconsin, April 17, 1868. He is yet unmarried and at last report, April, 1899, was in the United States regular army, stationed at Manila. He enlisted at Chicago in November, 1898, and went to Manila in December via the Red Sea and Suez Canal.

450.  RALPH ROSENKRANS, son of William J. (182), by his second wife was born at Dorsey, Nebraska, 1887.

James Rosenkrans (183)

JAMES ROSENKRANS and Marion M. Wood have eight children.

451.  FRANK ROSENKRANS, son of James, born March 11, 1856, died September 10, 1858.

452.  HENRIETTA P. ROSENKRANS, daughter of James (183), was born in Wisconsin September 8, 1857, married W.F. Chase and lives at Gettysburg, South Dakota. Mr. Chase was an invalid in the hospital at Yankton December 1899. Their children are: Arthur E., J. May, Agnes L. and Herbert.

453.  HENRY WILLIAM ROSENKRANS, son of James, was a twin brother of Henrietta P. born September 8, 1857, was married and died June 23, 1895. His widow living at Salem, South Dakota, has children: Jamie G., Frank H., Ralph and Maud.

454.  MARY E. ROSENKRANS, daughter of James (183), born March 5, 1863, died in infancy.

455.  LEONARD C. ROSENKRANS, son of James (183), was born in Wisconsin March 1, 1867, married Ernestine Filter and lived at Hamburg, Iowa. He has recently purchased a farm in Lawrence County, near Henryville, Tennessee, where his parents and brother, Reverend Charles E. Rosenkrans have settled. His children are: Irvin F., M. Ruth, Mildred M., Perry William, Ruby Pink and Lillian A.

456 - 457.  LUMAN R. ROSENKRANS, twin brother of Leonard C., born March 1, 1867, and HULDA E. ROSENKRANS, born January 18, 1869, both died in infancy.

Reverend Charles Emmans
Rosenkrans and Wife

458.  REVEREND CHARLES EMMANS ROSENKRANS, son of James (183), was born in Wisconsin December 27, 1870. The following is his autobiography furnished by request, dated December 1899: "Reverend Charles E. Rosenkrans was born in Marquette County, Wisconsin, December 27, 1870, moved with his parents to Hancock County, Iowa, in the spring of 1876, where he attended public school, moved to Potter County, South Dakota, in the spring of 1886, and there being isolated from schools he commenced studying at home, joined the Free Methodist church in 1887 and took up the study of theology and commenced to exhort in meetings in the fall and winter of 1887 - 1888 and has been preaching and organizing Sunday schools most of the time since. In 1894 he was elected one of the first Justices of the Peace of Potter County , South Dakota, and held that office till 1897, when he resigned so as to take up a mail contract in another part of the county In 1898 he started overland for Tennessee in company with his father, James R. His mother went on the cars to Hamburg, Iowa, where Leonard C. Rosenkrans, brother of the subject of this sketch was living. They all spent the winter at Hamburg, Iowa, and Charles E. preached for the Free Methodists and Independent Baptists. In March, 1899, they sent their parents by train to Lawrence County, Tennessee, and they, Charles E. and Leonard C. and the latter’s family drove through completing a journey of 1,600 miles for Charles E. On arriving at their new home in July of 1899, Charles E. organized a Sunday school on Chief Creek and until he could find what church he could work with best, handed his credentials in on the Summertown Mission Circuit Tennessee Conference Methodist Episcopal Church South, and was licensed for that Circuit and appointed School Superintendent of the Henryville Sunday school. Preached 18 regular sermons and conducted three funerals for that denomination, yet not liking Episcopacy he presented his papers to the United Brethren in Christ, and was accepted and appointed December 5, 1999, as permanent pastor of the Waynesboro Circuit, West Tennessee Conference of that church. He has not yet been ordained Elder. Charles E. was married November 15, 1899, to Miss Addie Goss, daughter of John and Hannah Goss, of Henryville, Lawrence County, Tennessee. They moved from Fairfield County, Ohio, in 1879, and settled on Chief Creek, Lawrence County, Tennessee, and there the subject of this sketch was born January 18, 1885. The Gosses trace their family back four generations to one of their number who was Grand Duke of Switzerland. The family residence there was in the town of Basil. Mrs. Addie G. Rosenkrans is a good Christian and will be a great help to her husband in his missionary and pastoral work. Their address is Henryville, Tennessee."

Edwin Rosenkrans (188)

EDWIN ROSENKRANS and Louisa Gay had five children.

459.  WILLIAM H. ROSENKRANS, son of Edwin (188) is City Engineer, married and living at South Bend, Indiana, having, as report says one child.

460.  EDWIN J. ROSENKRANS, son of Edwin (188), is also a civil engineer, married and at last report was living at 401 Hampshire St., Buffalo, New York.

461.  STELLA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Edwin (188), is married and her husband is said to be Principal of a High School, Illinois.

462.  ELLA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Edwin (188) and twin sister to Stella, is teaching school at Chebause, Illinois, has her home with her uncle Dr. E.M. Rosenkrans, of Chicago.

463.  EDA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Edwin (188), is attending school at South Bend, Indiana, stopping with her brother there, but has her home with her uncle Dr. E.M. Rosenkrans.

Dr. Francis Eugene Rosenkrans (189)

DR. FRANCIS EUGENE ROSENKRANS (189) and wife, Flora A., have two children.

464.  LOUIS C. ROSENKRANS, son of Dr. F. Eugene (189), was born September 1, 1881. His father says "he has started in as an electrician, and now at eighteen is an expert as inspector in telephone service."

465.  FRANK WILLIAM ROSENKRANS, born January 1884 "is a student and now at fifteen is advanced to quite an Extent in the sciences and languages and intends to become a scholar in some profession."

Omar L. Rosenkrans (190)

OMAR L. ROSENKRANS (190) and Mary Ruth Winn have four children.

466 to 469.  MARY LOUISA ROSENKRANS, born March 31, 1875; MADGE ROSENKRANS, born April 15, 1879; OMAR L. ROSENKRANS, born July 27, 1877, and ELIZABETH RUTH ROSENKRANS, born February 6, 1888.

George E. Rosenkrans (199)

GEORGE E. ROSENKRANS and Rose Clark have six children.

470.  CLARENCE C. ROSENKRANS, son of George E. (199), was born March 13, 1871 is an artist, and as such kindly offered gratuitously his assistance regarding the embellishment of this book. In a letter dated Elyria, Ohio, November 14, 1899, in answer to a letter of inquiry, replied as follows regarding his education and preparation for his profession : "Most of my instruction was at the Artist, Artisans Institute, New York, under John Ward Stinson and various private teachers. Since then I have taught some and done some professional work. I wish I could regard my work in the entire as preparatory. My work has not been without interruptions, and I fancy I am not different from other Rosenkranses in the way of having ideas and theories of their own, and am in the assimilating and growing period rather than the creative and fruitful. I am looking forward to the time when I can renew my studies and perhaps enjoy the benefits of some foreign travel. I usually spend the winters in New York and the summers sketching, and so armed with your book, I may go ancestor hunting with a relish, and capture them on their native shores. Wishing you success in your work, and at your service any time, Very Sincerely, CLARENCE C. ROSEKRANS."

471 - 472.  HATTIE C. ROSENKRANS born July 3, 1874, died August 15, 1877, and WILLIAM ROSENKRANS, born July 17, 1877, died January 16, 1898.

473.  PERRY DEWITT ROSENKRANS, son of George E. (199), born September 29, 1879, is living with his parents at Hammondsport.

474.  FLOYD AYERS ROSENKRANS, born November 29, 1881, died February 24, 1883.

475.  MABEL C. ROSENKRANS, youngest child of George E., was born August 3, 1885.

Dr. James H. Rosenkrans (206)

DR. JAMES H. ROSENKRANS and Maja Loewenthal have two children.

476 - 477.  EGBERT A. ROSENKRANS, son of Dr. James H., was born October 7, 1887, and MAY ERNESTA ROSENKRANS was born May 8, 1892.

Joseph H. Rosenkrans (211)

JOSEPH H. ROSENKRANS and Miriam Dorcas Robinson have three children, as follows:

478.  MARGARET ROSENKRANS, born April 13, 1889,

479.  WILLIAM ROSENKRANS, born May 26, 1890.

480.  JOSEPH ROSENKRANS, born February 28, 1899.

Hamilton S. Rosenkrans (216)

HAMILTON S. ROSENKRANS and Helen M. Davis had six children.

481.  MOYNORAL H. ROSENKRANS, son of Hamilton S., was born at Wayland, New York, August 16, 1863, and is said to be married, but no report concerning his family is received.

482.  LUZERNE DAVIS ROSENKRANS, son of Hamilton S. (216), was born at Wayland, March 8, 1866; died May 2, 1888, from a gunshot wound accidentally received while hunting.

483.  MERTON J. ROSENKRANS was born May 2,1869.

484.  LEE VERNE ROSENKRANS, son of Hamilton S. (216), was born at Wayland, New York, September 22, 1870. He remains at home assisting his mother in the business affairs of the family. He called on the writer at Newton about the year 1894 on his way home from New York where he had been looking after the sale of a number of car loads of hay in which his father at the time dealt extensively.

485.  JENNIE JUNE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Hamilton S., was born August 8, 1872, is reported as married and having one child.

486.  HATTIE IRENE ROSENKRANS, youngest child of Hamilton S., was born February 24, 1881.

Chester Rosenkrans (221)

CHESTER ROSENKRANS and wife had two sons.

487 - 488.  DELOS ROSENKRANS and BYRON ROSENKRANS, sons of Chester Rosenkrans (221), are reported to have been born near Flint City, Michigan, and still living there.

William Rosenkrans (222)

WILLIAM ROSENKRANS and wife are said to have had two children.

489 - 490.  Names unknown.


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