Part  G (588 - 640)

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Gideon Judson Rosenkrans (275)
Minnie V. Rosenkrans (588) Levi T. Rosenkrans (589)
Hattie I. Rosenkrans (590) Carrie R. Rosenkrans (591)
Jesse H. Rosenkrans (592) Harvey S. Rosenkrans (593)
Kate N. Rosenkrans (594)  
Henry Rosenkrans (277)
Oscar P. Rosenkrans (595) Frances Lydia Rosenkrans (596)
Priscilla Maria (597)  
Hiram Rosenkrans (278)
Marietta Rosenkrans (598) Alvin Rosenkrans (599)
Martha Rosenkrans (600)  
Andrew H. Rosenkrans (280)
Anson Rosenkrans (601) Byron M. Rosenkrans (602)
Alvin C. Rosenkrans (281)
Forest Rosenkrans (603) Guy Rosenkrans (604)
Elijah A. Rosenkrans (285)
Bertha Grace Rosenkrans (605) Harry B. Rosenkrans (606)
Lester W. Rosenkrans (286)
Archie B. Rosenkrans (607) Floyd A. Rosenkrans (608)
Simeon D. Rosenkrans (293)
Frank Rosenkrans (609) Walter Rosenkrans (610)
Carrie Rosenkrans (611) Hattie Rosenkrans (612)
Laura Rosenkrans (613) Harvey Rosenkrans (614)
Anson C. Rosenkrans  (294)
E. Jay Rosenkrans (615) Blanche Marie Rosenkrans (616)
  Henrietta Smith Rosenkrans (617)  
Samuel Rosenkrans (301)
Mary Permilla Rosenkrans (618) James Henry Rosenkrans (619)
Harriet Louisa Rosenkrans (620) Myron S. Rosenkrans (621)
Henry J. Rosencrans (306)
Blanche L. Rosencrans (622)  
Lucien I. Rosencrans (307)
Daughter, Name Unknown (623) Daughter, Name Unknown (624)
Daughter, Name Unknown (625) Daughter, Name Unknown (626)
Lucius H. Rosencrans (308)
Elvira Pearl Rosencrans (627) Erma Delan Rosencrans (628)
Harold Ingersoll Rosencrans (629)  
Milo M. Rosencrans (310)
Name Unknown (630) Name Unknown (631)
John Jacob Rosencrantz (313)
Willard Crosby Rosencrantz (632) Waldo B. Rosencrantz (633)
John Sabin Rosencrantz (634)  
Benjamin Rosenkrans (326)
Louis H. Rosenkrans (635) Julia A. Rosenkrans (636)
Mary E. Rosenkrans (637) Phebe J. Rosenkrans (638)
Linn D. Rosenkrans (639) Ira D. Rosenkrans (640)



Gideon Judson Rosenkrans (275)

GIDEON JUDSON ROSENKRANS and Emma F. Casterlin had seven children.

588.  MINNIE V. ROSENKRANS, daughter of G. Judson, was born at Brinktown, Pennsylvania, December 25, 1867, and married June 5, 1892, Paul Keeler, of Falls, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, born 1857. They have three children : Sturney C., born May 6, 1893, departed; LaFayette S., born August 2, 1895, also departed, and Panley I., born August 16, 1887.

589.  LEVI T. ROSENKRANS was born June 9, 1868, departed.

590.  HATTIE I. ROSENKRANS, born March 5, 1870, is also dead.

591.  CARRIE R. ROSENKRANS was born August 23, 1874, married November 6, 1890, Charles Holeschuk, of Falls, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, born February 20, 1869. She died at Squaretop June 27, 1896. Her children are: Lena May, born October 16, 1891, and died March, 1893; Kenneth, born August 2, 1893, and Wilda Jane, born February 14, 1895.

592.  JESSE H. ROSENKRANS, son of Judson (275), was born June 18, 1876, and married April 1, 1896, Ella I. Chinnie, of Mill City, born February 6, 1870. He has two children, a son and a daughter, Lena May.

593.  HARVEY S. ROSENKRANS, son of Judson, was born January 9, 1882.

594.  KATE N. ROSENKRANS was born April 27, 1884.

Henry Rosenkrans (277)

HENRY ROSENKRANS and Mary Hart had three children.

595.  OSCAR P. ROSENKRANS, son of Henry (277), was born near Pawpaw, Illinois, May 2, 1854, one year after his fatherís arrival there. He married March 27, 1898, Agnes Mosebigle, of Hazelton, Pennsylvania. He lost his wife and went to Frankford, Kansas, where he engaged in the meat business. He there married Jennie R. Haddington, born November 30, 1869.

596.  FRANCES LYDIA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Henry, was born at Pawpaw, Illinois, October 13, 1856. She married a Mr. Jones, carpenter, and went to the State of Washington.

597.  PRISCILLA MARIA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Henry, (277) was born in Lee County, Illinois, November 14, 1858, and married at Burwick, Pennsylvania, June 2, 1892, A.C. Ross, a miller of Burwick. She had a son Clark Ross born November 1, 1893 and a daughter now departed.

Hiram Rosenkrans (278)

HIRAM ROSENKRANS and Mary Jane Town had three children.

598.  MARIETTA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Hiram, in 1893 was living at Marble Rock, Iowa.

599.  ALVIN ROSENKRANS, son of Hiram, (277) is said to be a mechanic at Marble Rock, married and having three children.

600.  MARTHA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Hiram, (277) was reported also as living at Marble Rock, Iowa.

Andrew H. Rosenkrans (280)

ANDREW H. ROSENKRANS and Lydia Mitten have two children.

601.  ANSON ROSENKRANS, son of Andrew H, (280) was born at Pawpaw, Illinois, July 31, 1869. He married March 9, 1892, Emily G. Smith, is a farmer living on one of his fatherís farms near Pawpaw. His children are: Mabel, Carl and Amy. His picture may be seen in the family group (280) page 202.

602.  BYRON M. ROSENKRANS, son of Andrew H., (280) was born November 22, 1871, is yet unmarried and living with his father on the farm. His picture also appears on page 202.

Alvin C. Rosenkrans (281)

ALVIN C. ROSENKRANS (281)and Cynthia Town had two children.

603.  FOREST ROSENKRANS, son of Alvin C., married Lou Smith, and had one child, Gay, now departed.

604.  GUY ROSENKRANS, son of Alvin C., is also dead.

Elijah A. Rosenkrans (285)

ELIJAH A. ROSENKRANS and Franc Bissell had two children.

605.  BERTHA GRACE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Elijah A., was born at Marble Rock, Iowa, December 5, 1875 and married June 14, 1893, Frank D. Rogers, a farmer now living, at Pawpaw, Illinois. She has two children: Lewis F. Rogers, born April 25, 1894, and Bertha B. born March 6, 896.

606.  HARRY B. ROSENKRANS, son of Elijah A. (285), of Marble Rock, married Susie E. Davis, born April 14, 1864. He was at merchant at Marble Rock, having succeeded his father in the business after his death, 1892, and sold out in 1894. No children.

Lester W. Rosenkrans (286)

LESTER W. ROSENKRANS and Sarah L. Blace had two children.

607.  ARCHIE B. ROSENKRANS, son of Lester W., was born August 4, 1879, and died March 27, 1883.

608.  FLOYD A. ROSENKRANS was born September 2, 1886.

Simeon D. Rosenkrans (293)

SIMEON D. ROSENKRANS and Nancy Welch had six children.

609 - 610.  FRANK ROSENKRANS, son Of Simeon D. (293) is married and lives at Whitewater, Wisconsin. His brother WALTER ROSENKRANS is also married and living at Helena, Montana, where, when last heard from, his father was living with him.

611.  CARRIE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Simeon D., married Edward Sewell, and lives at Santa Paula, California.

612.  HATTIE ROSENKRANS married L. Harvey, and lives there also.

613.  LAURA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Simeon D., lives at Delivan, Wisconsin, and is married.

614.  HARVEY ROSENKRANS remains unmarried.

Anson C. Rosenkrans (294)

ANSON C. ROSENKRANS and Ella Smith had three children.

615.  E. JAY ROSENKRANS, born 1870, is with his father at Berry Essa, near San Jose, California

616.  BLANCHE MARIE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Anson C., was born in 1873, and married April 13, 1897, Nathaniel McCrosley. They live seventy-five miles from San Jose, California, and are engaged in the wine industry.

617.  HENRIETTA SMITH ROSENKRANS, daughter of Anson C., was born 1877, and died June 18, 1895.

Samuel Rosenkrans (301)

SAMUEL ROSENKRANS and Harriet A. Armstrong had four children.

Franklin Phillips and Family

618.  MARY PERMILLA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Samuel (301), was born at Cohocton, New York, February 9, 1866 accompanied her parents to Albany, Illinois, at four years of age, where she married, December 9, 1885, Franklin Phillips, a farmer, born July 11, 1862. Like Jacob of old, he labored for his father-in-law seven years and then married one of his daughters. Mr. And Mrs. Phillips occupy one of the four farms at Albany, into which the tract of land purchased by Samuel Rosenkrans was divided. Their children are: Blair Allen, born May 22, 1888, and Etta Marquetta Phillips, born April 20, 1892. Her picture may be seen in the family group (301), page 208.

619.  JAMES HENRY ROSENKRANS, son of Samuel (301), was born at Cohocton, New York, November 30, 1869. He lives at Albany, Illinois, unmarried with his mother, assisting in the farming and management of the farm and other business affairs of the family. His picture is in the family group, page 208.

620.  HARRIET LOUISA ROSENKRANS was born at Albany, Illinois, July 1871, the next year after her fatherís arrival there. She married Alfred P. Smith, born May 13, 1860. He is a farmer occupying one of the farms belonging to the family at Albany, Illinois. Their children are: Lola Smith, born February 14, 1891, and Howard, born December 19, 1893, and Everett, born December 17, 1895. Her picture is in the family group, page 208.

621.  MYRON S. ROSENKRANS, youngest child of Samuel (301), was born at Albany, January 4, 1881. As we learn from a commencement announcement from the Albany High School sent to us, Myron S. was one of the graduates of that school May 23, 1899. He is now clerking, his mother informs me, in a store about thirty miles distant from Albany. His picture is in the family group, page 208.

Henry J. Rosenkrans (306)

HENRY J. ROSENCRANS and H. Louisa Warner have one child.

622.  BLANCHE L. ROSENCRANS, daughter of Henry J. and H. Louisa, was born in Kansas City, Missouri, July 15, 1881. She is therefore twelve years of age and appears in the picture with her mother page 212.

Lucien I. Rosenkrans (307)

LUCIEN I. ROSENCRANS and Ida B. Wilson had four daughters.

623 - 626.  Four names unknown, supposed to be living with their father in Idaho.

Lucius H. Rosenkrans (308)

LUCIUS H. ROSENCRANS and Marcella Jenkins had three children, as follows:

627.  ELVIRA PEARL ROSENCRANS, born at Benton, Montana Territory May 22, 1887.

628.  ERMA DELAN ROSENCRANS, born June 27, 1889, and died in infancy.

629.  HAROLD INGERSOLL ROSENCRANS, born at Waverly, Iowa, April 20, 1891.

Milo M. Rosenkrans (310)

MILO M. ROSENCRANS and Effie Scott had two children.

630 - 631.  Names unknown.

John Jacob Rosencrantz (313)

JOHN JACOB ROSENCRANTZ and wife have three children as follows:

632.  WILLARD CROSBY ROSENCRANTZ, born at Cranford, New Jersey, 1876, is clerking in a drug store in New York City.

633.  WALDO B. ROSENCRANTZ, born 1879, graduated Rutgers College, New Jersey, and is now in the insurance business in Cleveland, Ohio.

634.  JOHN SABIN ROSENCRANTZ, born 1882, is in the employ of the Continental Tobacco Company, of New York.

Benjamin Rosenkrans (326)

BENJAMIN ROSENKRANS and Susan M. Havens, had six children.

635.  LOUIS H. ROSENKRANS, son of Benjamin (326), was born in Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey, near the New York State line, January 22, 1828. Living with his parents in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, he married March 18, 1852, Arrilla Williams. He was a school teacher about Newton Center, Bald Mountain post office for a number of years, and a zealous member of the Newton Baptist Church in which his father was a deacon, and his grandfather before him. In the origin and history of that church, in which his father and grandfather and great grandfather are mentioned, as noticed in their biographies, his own history is written by himself, and his obituary by his brother, Ira D. The latter is as follows: "Died ó Rosenkrans. In Newton township, Luzerne (now Lackawanna) County, Pennsylvania, March 10, 1873, Louis H. Rosenkrans, in the 46th year of his age. A loving husband and kind father; an exemplar in all that is good and true and beautiful in mind and heart and life, has fallen asleep in Jesus. Mr. Rosenkrans was a man of rare natural gifts, force of character and firmness in the right, and yet so affable, unselfish and loving in disposition, and so discreet in word and deed as to be universally esteemed by all who knew him. In his early years he gave his heart to the Saviour and united with the Newton Baptist Church. Through all the years of his subsequent life he was a most faithful and intelligent Christian. Religion was to him a perfect well spring of joy, drowning all trouble and discontent and rendering pure and bright and fragrant the influence of his daily walk and conversation. Four children are left to the bereaved widow. May God who alone is able, comfort and sustain them in this severe and irreparable, loss." His children are: James Morris, Georgianna May, J. Hice and Even Benjamin.

"Brother rest from sin and sorrow,
Death is oíer and life is won;
On thy slumber dawns no morrow,
Rest; thine earthly race is won
Brother, wake the night is waning,
Endless day is round thee pouríd!
Enter thou the rest remaining
For the people of the Lord.
Brother, wake for he who loved thee,
He who died that thou mightíst live
He who through grace, approved thee,
Waits thy crown of joy to give.
Fare thee well, though woe is blending,
With the tones of earthly love,
Triumph high and joy unending,
Wait thee in the realms above."

636.  JULIA A. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Benjamin (326), and Susan M., was born in Wantage, New Jersey, February 2, 1830, and while living with her parents in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, married October 31, 1855, John M. Casterlin, born October 12, 1829, a carpenter from Wantage, New Jersey, son of James Casterlin. They reside at 108 Green Ridge Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania, where the writer first called on them 1898, and met Mrs. Casterlinís mother, then a woman eighty-four years of age. Julia A. and husband after marriage, 1855, lived at Orange, Luzerne County, till 1858, when they moved to Scranton. Mrs. Casterlin has kindly furnished information concerning her own family, and also of the members of her fatherís family. Her children are: James B. and Jennie J. James B Casterlin was born August 17, 1856, married June 26, 1890, Sadie White, is a carpenter living near her fatherís residence in Scranton, and has two children: Hazel H., born October 7, 1891, and died June 18, 1897, and Earl W., born May 5, 1896. Jennie R. Casterlin, daughter of Julia A., was born July 17, 1858, at Orange, Pennsylvania, and married Carl S. Jacobs, of Athens, New York, born June 12, 1858. They live in Scranton, and have two children : Stanley Roy Jacobs, born February 28, 1887, died July following, and Everett, born March 10, 1893.

637.  MARY E. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Benjamin (326), was born in Wantage, New Jersey, near Unionville, New York, March 13, 1837, and married in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, February 21, 1861, Joseph Casterlin, born June 23, 1836, son of James, of Wantage, New Jersey. Joseph Casterlin, like his brother, John N., of Scranton, is a carpenter, and since marriage has lived, as appears by the records, at Dallis and Pittston and Orange, where he now resides. Mrs. Casterlinís mother, Mrs. Susan M., died at her house 1898. Her children are: Susie, born at Dallas, March 16, 1862, Minnie M., born at Orange, June 17, 1866, and died August 11, 1889, Harry, born at Pittston, November 30, 1873, and Lizzie, born April 9, 1876. Susie Casterlin, eldest child of Mary E. married October 26, 1887, Irving O. Drake, born February 4, 1857. Mr. and Mrs. Drake are living at Doranceton, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, where he is manager of one of the many Tea Stores of Jones Brothers, of Scranton, under the supervision of his uncle, Ira D. Rosenkrans, of Wilkes-Barre. Mr. and Mrs. Drake have one child: Lizzie Ethel, born at Doranceton, October 22, 1889. Mrs. Susie Drake has kindly furnished information concerning her own family and sent the picture of her grandmother, Mrs. Susan M. Rosenkrans, which appears on page 217.

638.  PHEBE J. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Benjamin (326), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, October 10, 1839, and married, in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, Loren D. Rossel, who went to Burlington, Osage County, Kansas, and is reported to have two children, Benjamin and Eva.

639.  LINN D. ROSENKRANS, son of Benjamin (326), was born April 14, 1845, and probably died young.

640.  IRA D. ROSENKRANS, son of Benjamin (326), was born in Wantage, New Jersey, near Unionville, March 18, 1847, the year before his parents moved to Pennsylvania. At Meshoppen, Pennsylvania, he married April 23, 1879, Sadie D. Griffin. He is a merchant at Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, manager of a Tea Store for Jones Brothers. He published the Origin and History of the Newton Baptist Church, of Luzerne County, now Lackawanna Pennsylvania, referred to in the biography of his brother Louis B. (630), a copy of which he kindly presented to the writer in 1893. Ira D. ís children are: Raymond A. Rosenkrans, Arthur B. Rosenkrans, and Nellie F. Rosenkrans.


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