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Joseph Rosenkrans (223)
Daughter, Name Unknown (491) Daughter, Name Unknown (492)
Charles T. Rosenkrans (229)
Frederick A. Rosenkrans (493) Amos A. Rosenkrans (494)
Henry H. Rosenkrans (230)
William A. Rosenkrans (495) Minnie A. Rosenkrans (496)
Verena V. Rosenkrans (497) Addie L. Rosenkrans (498)
Grace G. Rosenkrans (499)  
Elijah Rosenkrans (231)
Orie S. Rosenkrans (500) Amber E. Rosenkrans (501)
Henry E. Rosenkrans (502) Clinton H. Rosenkrans (503)
George B. Rosenkrans (504) William W. Rosenkrans (505)
Aubert D. Rosenkrans (232)
George Emery Rosenkrans (506) Mertie M. Rosenkrans (507)
William R. Rosenkrans (508)  
Alfred Rosenkrans (238)
William P. Rosenkrans (509) John B. Rosenkrans (510)
Mary Alice Rosenkrans (511) Daniel H. Rosenkrans (512)
Jacob Linden Rosenkrans (513) Anna Estella Rosenkrans (514)
Emma J. Rosenkrans (515) Catharine Rosenkrans (516)
Albert S. Rosenkrans (517) Frank Rosenkrans (518)
Everson Rosenkrans (239)
John L. Rosenkrans (519) Lucus Leroy Rosenkrans (520)
Natalie Rosenkrans (521) Everson Rosenkrans (522)
Carrie Rosenkrans (523)  
Jacob H. Rosenkrans (240)
Cyrill D. Rosenkrans (524) Daniel Rosenkrans (525)
Eugene Rosenkrans (526) Blanche Rosenkrans (527)
Anson P. Rosenkrans (243)
Lester L. Rosenkrans (528) Georgie Rosenkrans (529)
Elijah C. Rosenkrans (530)  



Joseph Rosenkrans (223)

JOSEPH ROSENKRANS and wife are said to have had two daughters.

491 - 492.  Daughters living in Michigan, whose names are unknown.

Charles T. Rosenkrans (229)

CHARLES T. ROSENKRANS and Catharine Crasper, have two children.

493.  FREDERICK ROSENKRANS, son of Charles T. (229), was born near Flint, Michigan, January 22, 1863, and there married February 18, 1892, Jessie Griggs. He is a merchant in Canby, Oregon, doing business under the firm name of Carlton & Rosenkrans. No extended historical account of him has been received.

494.  AMOS ROSENKRANS, son of Charles T. (229), was born near Flint, Michigan, February 15, 1873, and married November 13, 1895, Elizabeth H. Ephraim. He is a farmer living near Flint.

Henry H. Rosenkrans (230)

HENRY H. ROSENKRANS and Sarah E. Sissons had two children and by Amanda M. Sawyer he had three children.

W.A. Rosenkrans   Mrs. Hattie E. Rosenkrans

495.   WILLIAM A. ROSENKRANS, son of Henry H. (230), was born near Flint, Michigan, March 25, 1864. He reports by letter that he attended public school at Pickney and at Byron, where his father lived, and at Corunna where he graduated at the High School June, 1884, and the same year became a clerk in the First National Bank of Corunna. In 1889 he was made assistant cashier and at the death of the cashier, July 1, 1893, he was elected cashier of the bank. October 21, 1891, William A. married Hattie E. Harper, daughter of ex-Judge Harper, of the Probate Court. She was born in Perry September 10, 1864, attended school at Corunna and graduated at the High School in the class with her husband, 1884. In April, 1898, William A. was elected Mayor of Corunna and is spoken of as a candidate in the Corunna Journal of March 31, 1898, as follows: "Mr. Rosenkrans is known by every voter in the city and is known to be a man of more than ordinary ability, a man whose strict, integrity is proverbial and whose business methods if incorporated in the city government would be of lasting benefit to the taxpayer. Mr. Rosenkrans has never sought office and this is the first time he has ever run for a city office. It is a genuine case of the office seeking the man," The following is from the Corunna Independent of April 1, 1898; "For Mayor W.A. Rosenkrans: Mr. Rosenkrans was born at Flint, Michigan, in 1864, and a few years afterward moved with his parents to Byron, Michigan, and graduated from the Byron High School in 1881 and from the Corunna public school with exceptionally high honors and was at once offered and accepted a position with the First national Bank in this city, with which institution he has remained until the present time, having, been promoted to the position of cashier of the bank in the year 1894, which position he now holds. He is also Secretary of the Board of Education and is at the present time one of the members of the Board of Public Works of this city. He is Treasurer of the Shiawassee Mutual Fire Insurance Company. He is also a member of a number of civic organizations of this city, such as Corunna Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, Corunna Chapter, R.A.M., Corunna Commandery, in which societies he has taken a keen interest. He is now master of Corunna Free and Accepted Masons, also Recorder of Corunna Commandery and holds the position of Treasurer in the Foresters. Every position of trust and confidence that has been reposed in him has always been fulfilled with the most sterling integrity. Whatever he has had to do has been done well, always faithful to his trust." William A. Rosenkrans was unanimously reelected Mayor in 1899, having been nominated again by the Republicans and endorsed by the Democrats. He had one son, born in 1897, who died at his birth.

496.  MINNIE A. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Henry H. (230), by his first wife, was born November 9, 1867. She married December 22, 1886, Lowell E. Wiltse, and died March 3, 1892. Mr. Wiltse was drowned in December of the same year, leaving two children, Ethel, born November 25, 1889, who was adopted by Mr. D.W. Lewis and wife, of Byron, Michigan, and Evert, born February 22, 1892, who was adopted by his aunt, Mrs. O. Campbell, of Owasso, Michigan.

497.  VERENA V. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Henry H. (230), by his second wife, was born May 22, 1873. She married October 11, 1893, E.C. Tuckey, born at Pawpaw, Michigan, October 10, 1865. Mr. and Mrs. Tuckey lived at Pawpaw, 1894, and in 1898 were conducting a clothing store at Milford, Michigan, whence a report was received from Mrs. E.C. Tuckey giving the above items. Communications recently received from her announce the fact that owing to a boom in the copper mining region of Houghton, Michigan, in the northern part of the peninsula, they have removed their store to that place and for the present are settled there. On February 25, 1900, Mrs. Tuckey wrote me that they had snow five feet deep, which was being packed in the streets of the city by heavy rollers drawn by four horses. They have one son, Cecil G. Tuckey, born at Pawpaw, August 18, 1894.

498.  ADDIE L. ROSENKRANS was born May 24, 1879, and died at two years of age.

499.  GRACE G. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Henry H. (230), and Amanda M., was born May 23, 1884. She is living with her mother at Byron, Michigan, attending school.

Elijah Rosenkrans (231)

ELIJAH ROSENKRANS and Elenora Simpson have six children.

500 - 505.  ORIE S. ROSENKRANS, born at Falls City, Nebraska, June 11, 1863; AMBER E. ROSENKRANS, born June 29, 1865; HENRY E. ROSENKRANS, born August 12, 1867; CLINTON H. ROSENKRANS, born September 29, 1869; GEORGE B. ROSENKRANS, born October 20, 1876; WILLIAM W. ROSENKRANS, born January 31, 1879, died October 29, 1882.

Aubert D. Rosenkrans (232)

AUBERT D. ROSENKRANS and Harriet Amanda Head had three children, born at Wallace, New York.

506.  GEORGE EMERY ROSENKRANS, born at Wallace, New York, April 14, 1870, married March 4, 1896, Effie May Bewman, of Towanda, Pennsylvania, and lives at Sayre, Pennsylvania, is timekeeper there for the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R.R. Company. He has one child, Johnson Rinaldo, born December 28, 1896.

507.  MERTIE M. ROSENKRANS, born October 10, 1873, married February 22, 1891, George W. Palmer, has two children, Grover, born December 11, 1892, and Earl born July 13, 1897.

508.  WILLIAM R. ROSENKRANS, son of Aubert D. (232), was born January 4, 1876, graduated at the Geneva Normal School June, 1899, and is teaching school at Golden Bridge, Westchester County, New York.

May Hurlburt, daughter of Mrs. A.D. Rosenkrans by a former husband, married August 9, 1898, Ernest Wild, of Chester.

Alfred Rosenkrans (238)

ALFRED ROSENKRANS and Elizabeth Struble had ten children.

509.  WILLIAM P. ROSENKRANS, son of Alfred, was born January 10, 1851, and died of scarlet fever January 5, 1859.

510.  JOHN B. ROSENKRANS, son of Alfred (238), named for his grandfather, was born in Sandyston, Sussex County, New Jersey, April 27, 1852. He married September 21, 1880, Florence E. Schooley, born April 5, 1859, daughter of John Schooley, late of Sandyston. She was raised on the Schooley farm near Peterís Valley. John B. was brought up a farmer and lived on the homestead farm, became a carpenter and as such lived for several years in Stillwater, New Jersey. He eventually purchased the flouring mill property near Layton, and added to it a cider press with modern improvements, where he now resides and conducts the business. His wife died of pneumonia March 23, 1900. His children are George E., Alice J. and Mabel.

511.  MARY ALICE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Alfred (238), was born February 8, 1854; married 1873 George E. Hursh, son of Benjamin D. Hursh, and lives on a farm near Layton, New Jersey, engaged in farming and the poultry business. Their children are: Anna Estella, born March 31, 1875, a school teacher; Benjamin, born December 29, 1877, a telephone agent, at East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania; Belva, born October 31, 1879; Ella, born March 20, 1884; Kate, born September 20, 1886, and Roscoe C., born October 6, 1889.

512.  DANIEL H. ROSENKRANS, son of Alfred, was born November 8, 1855, and died with scarlet ever February 3, 1859.

513.  JACOB LINDEN ROSENKRANS, son of Alfred (238), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, October 20, 1857. He married September 14, 1881, Emma J. Youngs, born January 13, 1859, daughter of James B. Youngs, son of Roanna (88). Jacob Linden is a farmer living near Unionville, Orange County, New York. No children.

514.  ANNA ESTELLA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Alfred, was born February 14, 1860; married January, 1884, Edwin B. Kintner, born October 14, 1862, son of Anson R. Kintner, son of Peter Kintner and Amanda Decker. He has been a farmer in Sandyston, and a butcher peddling meat in the vicinity, and recently settled on a farm near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Anna Estella died 1897, and Mr. Kintner married again. They had four children: Anson, born December 24, 1884; Albertie, born November 24, 1886; Floyd F., born March 29, 1887, and Clyde, born May 2, 1889.

515.  EMMA J. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Alfred, was born January 2, 1862; married 1885, Adin Vansickle, born February 18, 1856, son of Benjamin P., of Sandyston. Adin is a farmer and carpenter, and recently lived at Peterís Valley, New Jersey. Emma J. ís children are: Ralph and Albert R., the latter having died 1891.

516.  CATHARINE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Alfred (238), born January 15, 1864, married February 9, 1887, Floyd P. Fuller, born June 18, 1866, son of John B. and Mary Fuller, of Walpack. Floyd P. is a farmer living near Hainesville, New Jersey. They have a daughter Fannie V.

Albert S. Rosenkrans

517.  ALBERT S. ROSENKRANS, son of Alfred (238), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, December 3, 1867. After leaving the district school he attended the Newton Institute and the Normal School at Trenton, becoming a school teacher. He subsequently went to Knoxville, Tennessee, and learned the laundry business and in company with Floyd Knight engaged in the laundry business at Lynchburg, Virginia, where they did a successful business for a number of years. In 1898 they sold their business to Marshall J. Greer, of Newton, and Albert S. now resides near Layton, Sussex County, New Jersey.


518.  FRANK ROSENKRANS, son of Alfred, was born April 8, 1871, attended a business college and is now a merchant doing business at Layton, Sussex County, New Jersey.

Everson Rosenkrans (239)

EVERSON W. ROSENKRANS and Emma L. Lockwood have five children.

519.  JOHN L. ROSENKRANS, son of Everson W., was born at Mount Vernon, Indiana, June 28, 1871. He assisted his father in the bank there and was also in the insurance business. A second bank was started at Mount Vernon called the Posey County Bank, of which he was cashier. He married April 24, 1884, Jessie Spencer, of Mount Vernon, born April 13, 1864. He died March 1885, leaving a wife and one child, a daughter born April 15, 1885, five weeks after his death. She is named Johnie.

520.  LUCIUS LEROY ROSENKRANS, son of Everson W. (239), was born at Mount Vernon February 27, 1863. He married August 10, 1888, Effie Castello and at the time of the report, January 1894, was in the nursery business at Mount Vernon. His children were Luta, Lena and Ruba.

521.  NATALIE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Everson W., was born at Mount Vernon June 9, 1865, and married 1886, Edwin Wade, born December 9, 1864, who in January 1894, was in the insurance business at Mount Vernon. They had two children, Lucilla Wade, born January 11, 1889, and Edwin, born June 27, 1893.

522.  EVERSON ROSENKRANS, son of Everson W., was born August 23, 1868, and died November 3, 1874.

523.  CARRIE ROSENKRANS, the youngest child, was born November 3, 1874.

Jacob H. Rosenkrans (240)

JACOB H. ROSENKRANS and Catharine Depue have four children.

524.  CYRILL D. ROSENKRANS, son of Jacob H. (240), born at Fairdale, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, graduated at the Keystone Academy, at Factoryville, Pennsylvania, and subsequently at Kingston. He the pursued a four years course of study for the practice of pharmacy at Philadelphia, after which he engaged in the drug business at Binghampton, New York, in company with another. He sold out there and during the Worldís Fair at Chicago was managing a branch drug store for a firm in that city. He subsequently married Anna Adelia Slocum, of LaPlume, Pennsylvania, who graduated at Keystone Academy in the class with her husband and afterward attended the Post Office at LaPlume. When married Cyrill D. was employed by a malt extract company in Ohio and stationed in Brooklyn, New York, as a canvasser among the physicians in Brooklyn for the introduction of the malt extract and also canvassed in portions of the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. After being with that company several years he engaged with another Malt Extract Company, stationed at New Orleans, and is now living at 1101 Travis Street, Houston, Texas, canvassing for the company. No children.

525.  DANIEL ROSENKRANS, son of Jacob H., was born at Fairdale, Pennsylvania, and educated at Kingston. He became a school teacher, having also a practical knowledge of the mercantile business which he learned with his father. He is now a salesman in a store at Grangerville, Pennsylvania, where he was married, 1898 to Mrs. Amy (Walden) Smith, of Grangerville.

526.  EUGENE ROSENKRANS, son of Jacob H., was educated at Kingston, Pennsylvania, and assists his father in the mercantile business and during summer is engaged as bookkeeper by a Creamery Company doing business at Fairdale, Pennsylvania

527.  BLANCHE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Jacob H. (240), was born at Fairdale, and educated at the Keystone Academy, at Factoryville, Pennsylvania, and took a special course in music, becoming a music teacher. She married October 18, 1899, Dr. Harry Fry, of Fairdale.

Anson P. Rosenkrans (243)

ANSON P. ROSENKRANS and Glorvina M. Young have three children.

Lester L. Rosenkrans   Mrs. Hattie L. Rosenkrans

528.   LESTER L. ROSENKRANS, was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, whose biography is as follows: "L.L. Rosenkrans was born at Layton, Sussex County, New Jersey, August 27, 1854. In 1858 his father removed to Newton, the county seat, and engaged in the mercantile business, remaining there ten years. The subject of our sketch attended the school of the town during that time, and when his father bought a farm and moved upon it in 1868, worked upon the farm during the summer and attended the public school and the High School at Port Jervis, New York, the remainder of the time for three years. He then taught a district school for one year, but when his father re-entered business in 1872, he, clerked for him four years, taking a course at Eastmanís Business College, at Poughkeepsie, New York, in the meantime. He farmed a few years, and was in business for a short time in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but being strongly inclined toward the school room, again went to teaching, finally taking a course at the New Jersey State Normal School, and is now principal of the Grammar School at Leonia, New Jersey. In July, 1878, he was married to Hattie C. Carmer, who bore him one daughter, Dorothy Q., who graduated from the New Jersey State Normal School in 1899, and is at present a teacher at Tenafly, New Jersey. [Graphics are: (left) Lester L. Rosenkrans, and (right) Mrs. Hattie L. Rosenkrans.]

529.  GEORGIE ROSENKRANS, (formerly written Georgiana), daughter of Anson P. (243), was born at Flatbrookville, New Jersey, January 5, 1856. While her father was living at Hainesville she married December 1878, Harry Ashaeld Depue born at Hainesville, 1852. He is a son of Samuel, son of Deacon John Depue, of Sandyston. He was brought up on a farm and after leaving school there attended school at Stanhope, New Jersey, under the tutorship of Professor Cope. After marriage he engaged in the mercantile business with his father-in-law at Port Jervis, New York, and still later at Stillwater, New Jersey. He eventually conducted the business there alone and purchasing a building lot erected a new store building in which he kept store for a short time. He sold the store and property to his father-in-law and engaged in the grocery business in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Returning from Wilkes-Barre, he purchased a home in Newton and for several years was salesman in the hardware store of W.W. Woodward. In 1896, he went to Knoxville, Tennessee, and engaged in the laundry business in company with his brother Herbert, who was conducting an extensive business in that city. Georgie and H. Ashaeld are both members of the Presbyterian church and she is an active church worker. While living in Newton she assisted in the primary department of the Presbyterian Sabbath school. They have two sons: Harry Depue, born at Stillwater, New Jersey, July 2, 1884, and Ray born October 1886.

530.  ELIJAH C. ROSENKRANS, son of Anson P. (243), was born in Newton, New Jersey, March 16, 1864. He was brought up to farming and married December 29, 1886, Laura D. Morris born November 28, 1866, daughter of Samuel Morris, of Sandyston. Since marriage he has lived on his fatherís farm in Sandyston, where he still resides. His children are: Alvin C., Bessie G. and Lila Mildred.


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