Part C (829 - 874)

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James Post Rosenkrance (642)
Clarence Daniel Rosenkrance (829) Althea Rosenkrance (830)
Lillian May Rosenkrans (831) James Post Rosenkrans, Jr. (832)
Rosa Dena Rosenkrans (833)  
Jesse Rosencrans (645)
William Rosencrans (834) Addie Rosencrans (835)
Lillie Rosencrans (836) Nellie Rosencrans (837)
Daniel Rosencrans (838)  
William H. Rosenkrance (646)
Minnie Rosenkrance (839) Jennie Rosenkrance (840)
William Rosenkrance (841) James Rosenkrance (842)
Nellie Rosenkrance (843) Sarah Rosenkrance (844)
Benjamin Rosenkrance (648)
Name Unknown (845) Name Unknown (846)
Name Unknown (847) Name Unknown (848)
Charles W. Rosencrance (649)
Jessie M. Rosencrance (849) Willie V. Rosencrance (850)
Eva S. Rosencrance (851) Charles S. Rosencrance (852)
Daniel R. Rosencrance (853) Benjamin F. Rosencrance (854)
Sarah J. Rosencrance (855) Carrie H. Rosencrance (856)
Lulu P. Rosencrance (857)  
General William Stark Rosecrans (657)
William Rosecrans (858) Adrian Louis Rosecrans (859)
Mary Louise Rosecrans (860) Lily Rosecrans (861)
Anna D. Rosecrans (862) Carl Frederick Rosecrans (863)
Charlotte Rosecrans (864)  
Charles Wesley Rosecrans (658)
Mary Emelda Rosecrans (865)  
Henry Crandall Rosecrans (659)
Ada Viola Rosecrans (866) Willena Rosecrans (867)
Menza Oveda Rosecrans (868) Adrian Dickey (869)
William Joseph Rosecrans (870) Henry Sylvester Rosecrans (871)
Crandall Rosecrans (668)
Jesse Grant Rosecrans (872) Berta Belle Rosecrans (873)
William Stark Rosecrans (874)  



James P. Rosenkrance (642)

JAMES P. ROSENKRANCE and Rosanna D. Williams have five children.

829.  CLARENCE DANIEL ROSENKRANCE, son of James P. (642), was born at Pittston, Pennsylvania, March 1, 1861. After leaving public school he entered Wyoming Seminary at Kingston, Pennsylvania, where he took a business course, and has been for several years train dispatcher and time keeper for the E.W.V.&T. Pennsylvania Coal Company, at Sebastopol, Pennsylvania. He married April 27, 1899, Nellie Elsworth, daughter of John Elsworth and Jane Lee. She was born at Ealoria, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, July 4, 1869. It is reported that he is a Free and Accepted Mason, and a member of the Odd Fellows.

830.  ALTHEA J. ROSENKRANCE, daughter of James P. (642), was born at Pittston, October 21, 1862, and married M.P. Hamlin, of Binghampton, New York, whose autobiography is as follows:


"The subject of this sketch descends from James Hamlin or Hamblin, a Puritan who was driven out of England on account of his religious opinions. He settled at Barnstable, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 1639. Thomas Hamlin, the great grandfather of Mahlon P. Hamlin, emigrated to New Jersey, and made settlement as a tenant of James Alexander, in what is now Hunterdon County, on the Bloomsbury Mountain about midway between Bloomsbury and Little York. Subsequently he made settlement in Greenwich township, now Warren County. Samuel Hamlin, great grandfather of Mahlon P. Hamlin, son of Thomas Hamblin, settled in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, near Light Street. His son Mahlon is the grandfather of Mahlon P. Hamlin. Daniel Hamlin, son of Mahlon, born near Light Street, Pennsylvania, December 17, 1841, is the father of Mahlon P. Hamlin."

"The subject of this sketch is the eldest child of Daniel and Josephine (Porter) Hamlin, born at Light street, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, May 21, 1861, married at Pittston, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, April 15, 1885, to Althea J. Rosenkrance, daughter of James P., and Rosanna D. (Williams) Rosenkrance. She was born at Pittston, Pennsylvania, October 21, 1862. At the age of five years he removed with his parents to Pittston, Pennsylvania. where he attended the public schools until sixteen years of age, when he entered the Wyoming Valley Paper Mills of that place (his father being superintendent) for the purpose of learning the business, where by careful attention to the details he obtained a practical knowledge of the business. Subsequently he took charge of the mill at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, for the Wilkes-Barre Paper Manufacturing Company, remaining in their employ until the fall of 1890, when he removed to Binghamton, New York, and assumed control as superintendent of the Mills for the Bayless Pulp and Paper Company, which position he now holds."

"Always a Republican until the Presidential election of 1896, when be became fully convinced of the extent of corruption within the party, and being satisfied of the destructive tendency of the Legislation proposed by the party leaders he refused to longer affiliate with that party and since has practically withdrawn from politics. Children born to Mahlon P., and Althea J. (Rosenkrance) Hamlin: Norma L., born at Pittston, Pennsylvania, March 28, 1887; Rosa J., born at Pittston, August 21, 1888; Daniel R., born at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, July 6, 1890; Lorena J., born at Binghamton, New York, March 20, 1892; Paul M., born at Binghamton, June 5, 1894; Susan A., born at Binghamton, July 14, 1896; James P., born August 20, 1897; Ruth, born October 19, 1899."

Lillian May Rosenkrans

831.  LILLIAN MAY " ROSENKRANS ", daughter of James P. (642) was born at Pittston, Pennsylvania, March 11, 1866. She attended the public school at that place and also the High school at West Pittston, from which she graduated, since which she has been at home with her parents in Pittston. The writer called on the family of James P. (642) in 1893, and from them received information concerning his fatherís family after which Miss Lillian M. made report by letter concerning the descendants of her grandfather Daniel, and has recently made a still more extended report of them. Thus she has furnished the principal portion of the information received concerning the family, though some of the members whose names and addresses she has given have recently made personal reports of their immediate families. She has also in answer to the prospectus received regarding "The Rosenkrans Family," forwarded orders for six copies of the book. A complimentary likeness is here presented.

832.  JAMES P. "ROSENKRANS," JR., son of James P. (642) was born at Pittston, Pennsylvania, June 23, 1879. After leaving the public school he entered the Scranton Commercial College, where he completed a business course, after which he went to Newburgh, New York, and there clerked in a tea store for Jones Brothers, of Scranton. In January 1898, he became manager of one of their stores at Albany, New York, and is now in their employ at Youngstown, Ohio.   Continuation  

833.  ROSA DENA "ROSENKRANS," daughter of James P., was born December 29, 1880. She graduated from the public high school June 8, 1898, and in September of same year, entered the State Normal School at Westchester, Pennsylvania. On account of ill health she was compelled to leave the school and returned home.

Jesse Rosencrans (645)

JESSE ROSENCRANS and Sarah H. Casterlin had five children.

834.  WILLIAM ROSENCRANS, son of Jesse (645), was born at Unionville, New York, February 9, 1868, and is a druggist at Unionville. He married Florence Schoonover, daughter of George E. Schoonover and Electa Christie, born at Unionville, October 8, 1868. He is said to be a Presbyterian. No family.

835.  ADDIE ROSENCRANS, daughter of Jesse, (645) was born in Unionville, New York, September 20, 1870, is married and lives in Paterson, New Jersey. Her husband is a blacksmith. No children.

836.  LILLIE ROSENCRANS, born February 14, 1874, died.

837.  NELLIE ROSENCRANS, born June 22, 1880 is in the post office at Unionville.

838.  DANIEL ROSENCRANS, born February 22, 1882, died February 17, 1887.

William H. Rosenkrance (646)

WILLIAM H. ROSENKRANCE (646) and Nellie Green had six children.

839.  MINNIE ROSENKRANCE, daughter of William H. (646) was born January 23, 1869, in Pittston, Pennsylvania, and married William E. Grier, born September 3, 1868, son of Thomas E. Grier and Leticia Farren. He is a shipping clerk in a knitting mill at West Pittston, and is reported to be an Episcopalian.

840.  JENNIE ROSENKRANCE, daughter of William H., born at Pittston, February 22, 1870, married December 7, 1898, James Campbell, a brakeman, and has a child, Nellie.

841.  WILLIAM ROSENKRANCE, son of William H. (646) was born in Pittston, Pennsylvania, June 22, 1871, and married December 26, 1892, Teresa G. Martin and keeps a livery stable at Pittston. He is reported as an Episcopalian and has a son Willie Hudson, born October 25, 1897.

842.  JAMES ROSENKRANCE, son of William R. (646) was born October 23, 1872, and married April 29, 1896, Rachel Linford, born January 1877. He is a farmer, and has a child, Eleanor, born March 22, 1897.

843.  NELLIE ROSENKRANCE, daughter of William H., was born at Pittston, May 4, 1874, and lives with her sister, Mrs. Minnie Grier, at West Pittston, Pennsylvania.

844.  SARAH ROSENKRANCE, the last child of William H., was born April 11, 1879, died December 11, 1881.

Benjamin Rosenkrance (648)

BENJAMIN ROSENKRANCE (648) and wife, living in the far West, have four children.

845.  BENJAMIN ROSENKRANCE, Date and place of birth unknown.

846.  ALTHEA ROSENKRANCE, Date and place of birth unknown.

847.  MAY ROSENKRANCE, Date and place of birth unknown.

848.  LILLIAN ROSENKRANCE, Date and place of birth unknown.

Charles W. Rosencrance (649)

CHARLES W. ROSENCRANCE (649) and Sarah J. West have nine children.

849.  JESSIE M. ROSENCRANCE, daughter of Charles W., born in Pittston, Pennsylvania, May 29, 1871, married January 19, 1891, Frank Siglin, a blacksmith born October 4, 1869. They have two boys, Benjamin J. Siglin born December 29, 1892, and Charles F. born December 4, 1898.

850.  WILLIE V. ROSENKRANCE born July 22, 1873, died.

851.  EVA S. ROSENKRANCE born May 10, 1875.

852.  CHARLES S. ROSENKRANCE born August 22, 1877, is a coal heaver.

853.  DANIEL R. ROSENKRANCE born January 28, 1879, is a plumber.

854.  BENJAMIN F. ROSENKRANCE born April 4, 1880 is a pattern maker.

855.  SARAH J. ROSENKRANCE born December 20, 1881, died September 4, 1888.

856.  CARRIE H. ROSENKRANCE was born August 19, 1888.

857.  LULU P. ROSENKRANCE was born October 9, 1889.

General William Stark Rosecrans (667)

GENERAL WILLIAM STARK ROSECRANS and Annie Eliza Hageman had seven children.

858.  WILLIAM ROSECRANS, son of the General, was born about 1845 and died in infancy at West Point, New York.

Adrian Louis Rosecrans, Priest

859.  ADRIAN LOUIS ROSECRANS, son of General William Stark (657), as reported by his sister, Mrs. Lily R. Toole, was born at Newport, Rhode Island, and was educated for the priesthood. He became a priest at the age of twenty-four, and was a member of the Paulist community, "an American Association of literary priests," said to be located at St. Paulís Church, 59th St. and 9th Avenue, New York. He died in New York at twenty-six years of age.

860.  MARY LOUISE ROSECRANS, daughter of General William Stark (657), was born at Newport, Rhode Island, and raised in Ohio. She became a nun at the Ursuline Convent, St. Martinís, Brown County, Ohio, where she died aged 26 years.

Mrs. Lily Rosecrans

861.   LILY ROSECRANS, daughter of General William Stark (657), was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and while living with her parents in Washington, D.C., was married May 7, 1890, to Joseph Kemp Toole, first Governor of the State of Montana, and still living at Helena. Governor Joseph K. Toole was born in Savannah, Georgia, 1832, son of Judge Edwin Toole, born in Shelby County, Kentucky, and Lucinda Shepperd Porter. Governor Tooleís grandfather was Daniel Toole, of Kentucky, who married Elizabeth Brunner. His great grandfather was William Toole, of Virginia, whose brother, it is said, was a soldier of the Revolution, and, in accordance with the custom of the time, wore buckled shoes, black stockings and knickerbockers." Governor Toole, the husband of Lily Rosecrans Toole, is a lawyer by profession; has been Stateís Attorney, delegate from the Territory of Montana, and Member of the State Constitutional Committee. In answer to a letter of inquiry, dated Montana, June 18, 1893, Mrs. Toole says:

Governor J.K. Toole

"Your letter of May 24 has remained unanswered longer than intended, as I am greatly pleased to hear anything about the ancestors of our family. I enclose you the names of my fatherís parents and grandparents, am sorry to say that I cannot tell that of his great grandfather, but from all I can gather, I am inclined to think it was Jacob."

"I have seen a facsimile of a letter from Jacob Rosecrans, who was living at the time in Pennsylvania, and was an old man. I think the date was early in the century or near the close of the last. He speaks in the letter of his son having gone to settle in Ohio." (See letter of Jacob 25.) She further says: "I am very much interested on the subject, and will be glad to answer any questions I can, and thankful for any information you can give me."

In a letter from Los Angeles, California, March 2, 1894, she says: "I am visiting my father and brother, C.F. Rosecrans, with whom my father now makes his home, on their ranch about seven miles from Los Angeles, on the Redondo Railway. This salubrious climate has done wonders for my father, who, though not strong enough to attend to business, is able to walk, drive himself, and enjoy a great many things. I have talked with him about your letter and questions. He is greatly interested, and has given me what particulars he could remember.    *     *     *     I should be very pleased to receive the book you mention of "Church History," and still more pleased if you can give me the name of my fatherís great grandfather, the husband of Catharine. I enclose answers to your questions, but am sorry my husband is not here for me to give you particulars about him and his family. (Received afterwards.) My father sends you his regards and congratulations on having taken in hand a work so fit to be done."

In answer to a letter giving her the name of the captive husband, Captain Daniel Rosecrants (59), she says: "I write now especially to tell you that Daniel, the captive husband of Catharine, has another descendant, who bears the name of Joseph Porter Toole, born December 2, 1896. He is named for his father, and Toole grandmother, who was Lucinda (Shepperd) Porter, born in Shelby County, Kentucky. Her father was Transportation Master in the army in the war of 1812, and was killed in the battle of the river Raisin. My husbandís father, Judge Edwin Toole, lives with us, and is now in his ninetieth year, having all his faculties and enjoying as a rule good health. When I was in Washington, before my marriage, one afternoon at a large reception, a prominent woman who had just been talking to the Danish Minister, came to where I was standing with my father, General Rosecrans, and said: The Danish Minister just asked me the name of that man, (indicating my father) with the striking profile. He says he is the image of portraits of the Rosenkranz family in Denmark. The Danish Minister also told me that the Rosenkranz family in Denmark was one of the most distinguished in his country."

The next letter from her announced the death of her father, and of her eldest child. She says: "I have not written before this owing to sad events in our family. The newspapers told you of my fatherís death, but none of them stated the immediate cause of it. We lost our oldest boy, Rosecrans, named for papa, on the 20th of February. He died from croup in San Francisco. My father was devoted to the child, and was expecting a visit from him. They told him the little fellow was ill and took three days to prepare him for the worst, but when the blow really came it was more than he could bear. He remained perfectly rigid for eleven minutes, and they thought he was paralyzed. Then making apparently an heroic effort to control himself, he rallied and even spoke several times of the child. The next day, however, there was a complete physical, and for the first time, mental collapse. He did not appear to recognize any one and he remained in that condition about a fortnight, though he was entirely conscious before his death and his end was very peaceful. There are three of us left, my brother Carl Frederick, my sister, Anna and myself," The remaining children of Governor and Lily Rosecrans Toole, are Edwin Warren, born October, 1892, and Joseph Porter, born December 2, 1896.

Anna D. Rosecrans

862.  ANNA D. ROSECRANS, daughter of General William Stark (657), was born near Wheeling, West Virginia, and remained with her father during his public life at Washington, and also in his retirement, on his ranch near Los Angeles, California. She still makes her home there with her brother, Carl Frederick, spending a portion of her time with her sister at Helena, Montana. She is engaged in writing her fathers history, which she commenced before his death. The first communication received from her was dated Los Angeles, California, January 20, 1898, which in part is as follows: "My sister, Mrs. Toole, writes me from Montana that you would like a good photograph of my father, so I send you one, taken in civilian dress, which we have always thought an excellent likeness of him. I am glad of the opportunity thus given me of telling you how interested I have been in your genealogical work about the family and it is especially valuable to me as I am collecting data of all kinds with a view of writing my fatherís life. My father is a very great invalid, and has been so for five years, but the genial climate of Southern California is prolonging his life. He has been pleased to read your information so kindly furnished us through my sister, and I know it would be a pleasure to him to meet you. Perhaps this event may take place some day, should you, like so many eastern people come to take a peep at far famed California. If so you will know where to find us. With kind wishes, etc., Anna D. Rosecrans."

863.  CARL FREDERICK ROSECRANS, son of General William Stark, (657), was born at Cincinnati, Ohio, about the beginning of the Rebellion. He married Lillian McMannus, whose father is said to have been General McMannus, of Milwaukee. He is living on the Rosecrans ranch on the Redondo railway seven miles from Los Angeles. He is the only surviving son of the General and has two children, Carmelita and William Stark, the latter being the only living male descendant of the General bearing the name.

864 CHARLOTTE ROSECRANS, youngest child of General William Stark (657), was born at Yellow Springs, Ohio, and died in infancy.

Charles Wesley Rosecrans (658)

CHARLES WESLEY ROSECRANS (658) and Mary Runnels had one child.

865.  MARY EMELDA ROSECRANS, daughter of Charles Wesley (649), was born in Ohio, and became a Dominican nun, called Sister Mary Emelda, and when reported was living at Galveston, Texas.

Henry Crandall Rosecrans (659)

HENRY CRANDALL ROSECRANS and Elizabeth Dickey had six children.

866.  ADA VIOLA ROSECRANS, daughter of Henry Crandall (659), died young.

867.  WILLENA ROSECRANS, daughter of Henry Crandall (659), died young.

868.  MENZA OVEDA ROSECRANS, daughter of Henry Crandall, was born at What Cheer, Iowa, August 15, 1853. She was educated at St. Maryís Convent, Brown County, Ohio, and married about 1884, Richard Burke, editor of the What Cheer Reporter. When reported in 1894, she was Superintendent of Public Schools. The children of Richard Burke and Menza Oveda are: Harry, born May 23, 1885, Tom, born March 11, 1887, William, born October 1, 1888, John Nugent, born October 26, 1890, and Mary Elizabeth, born January 1, 1893.

869.  ADRIAN DICKEY ROSECRANS, son of Henry Crandall (659), was born at What Cheer, Iowa, November 14, 1855. He married Zetta Dean. In 1894 he was a telegraph operator.

870.  WILLIAM JOSEPH ROSECRANS, son of Henry Crandall, was born January 8, 1861, was clerk in the post office at What Cheer.

871.  HENRY SYLVESTER ROSECRANS, son of Henry Crandall (659), was born at What Cheer October 18, 1865. He married Grace Bosland and in 1894 was foreman in the office of the What Cheer Reporter, published by his brother-in-law. Has two children.

Crandall W. Rosecrans (668)

CRANDALL W. ROSECRANS (668) and Lile Corey have three children.

872.  JESSE GRANT ROSECRANS, son of Crandall W. (668), as reported by the latter 1898 was born 1872 and married in 1897.

873.  BERTHA BELLE ROSECRANS was born in 1874.

874.  WILLIAM STARK ROSECRANS was born 1875 and living on the farm with his father near Broadway, Ohio.


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