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Daniel Rosecrans (131)
Crandall Rosecrans (339) Jacob Rosecrans (340)
Daniel Rosecrans (341) Deziah Rosecrans (342)
Parmenus I. Rosecrans (343) Catharine Rosecrans (344)
James Rosecrans (345) Elizabeth Rosecrans (346)
Judge Marmaduke P. Rosecrans (347) Name Unknown (348)
Jacob Rosecrans (133)
Lafayette Rosecrans (349) Crandall Rosecrans (350)
Lucinda Rosecrans (351) Josiah Rosecrans (352)
Stephen Rosecrans (353)  
Abraham Rosecrans (134)
Calista Rosecrans (354) Zerua Rosecrans (355)
Miranda Rosecrans (356) Mahala Rosecrans (357)
Maria Rosecrans (358) Elizabeth Rosecrans (359)
Almon Rosecrans (360) Sophronia Rosecrans (361)
Charles Rosecrans (362) Susan Rosecrans (363)
Isaac Rosecrans (135)
Diana Rosecrans (364) Sallie Rosecrans (365)
Catharine Rosecrans (366) John Rosecrans (367)
Dorsin Rosecrans (368) Mary T. Rosecrans (369)
Hiram Rosecrans (370) Rebecca Rosecrans (371)
Isaac Rosecrans (372) Crandall Rosecrans (373)
Lucy Ann Rosecrans (374) William Champlin Rosecrans (375)
Hulda M. Rosecrans (376) Newton Rosecrans (377)
Eliza Jane Rosecrans (378) Benjamin Rosecrans (379)
Russel Rosecrans (380) Philo Rosecrans (381)
Jacob Rosecrans (136)
Chester Rosecrans (382) John Wesley Rosecrans (383)
Alpheus Biglow Rosecrans (384) Jane Rosecrans (385)
Permelia Rosecrans (386) Emily Rosecrans (387)
Sarah Rosecrans (388)  
John Rosenkrans (137)
Son, Name Unknown (389) Daughter, Name Unknown (390)



Daniel Rosecrans (131)

DANIEL ROSECRANS and Thankful Wilcox had ten children.

339.  CRANDALL ROSECRANS, son of Daniel (131), was born in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, August 6, 1794. He was brought up on his fatherís farm in Kingston township, Delaware County, Ohio, where his father settled about 1808. Report says that Crandall was a Captain in the War of 1812, and was in General Harrisonís Brigade, though he was but twenty years of age when the war closed. About 1818 Crandall married Jemima Hopkins, daughter to Timothy Hopkins and Phebe Nesbitt, his wife. Fragmentary reports concerning Crandall say that he owned and lived on the farm formerly owned by his father, and that General William Stark, his son, was born on the farm, 1819; that about 1823, Crandall went to Homer, Licking County, Ohio, where he kept store. The Delaware County record shows that Crandall sold real estate to Daniel, Jr., in 1831, but we have no description of the property. In 1834 the Daniel Rosecrans farm was purchased by Jacob Rosecrans (136) and his son, Samuel L. Rosecrans (684), in 1894, owned and lived on the farm. Crandall died in 1849. His children were: Chauncy, General William Stark, Charles Wesley, Henry Crandall and Bishop Sylvester Harton.

340.  JACOB ROSECRANS, son of Daniel (131), was born in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, December 27, 1796. He grew to manhood in Delaware County, Ohio, and as reported by his son Crandall W. Rosecrans (668), married Sally Wells. He had nine children: William Henry Harrison, Deziah, LaFayette, Mary W., Sally Jane, Eliza, Lydia, Crandall W., Ormitta.

341.  DANIEL ROSECRANS, son of Daniel (131), was born in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, August 23, 1800; lived in Delaware County, Ohio, and, 1840, married Margaret Anderson. Nothing further is known of him except that he is mentioned in the will of his grandmother Catharine (59), and as a namesake of her husband was bequeathed $10.

342.  DEZIAH ROSECRANS, daughter of Daniel (131), was born in Pennsylvania October 22, 1802, and in Delaware County, Ohio, was married to a Mr. Wildman.

343.  PARMENUS I. ROSECRANS, son of Daniel (131), was born in Pennsylvania, February 12, 1805. He was reared in Delaware County, Ohio, and is said to have died in Cincinnati, 1854.

344.  CATHARINE ROSECRANS, daughter of Daniel, was born probably in Pennsylvania May 2, 1807. She married in Delaware County, Ohio, Ebin Crawford, of whom nothing further is known.

345.  JAMES ROSECRANS son of Daniel (131), was born June 14, 1809, probably in Delaware County, Ohio, and there married Elizabeth Clemens about the year 1866. He was a farmer and settled at Alida, Ohio, where his children were born, and in 1883 moved to Clear Lake, Iowa, where his brother, Judge Marmaduke P., then lived. He died there 1889. His wife and some of the family are still living there and family items of interest have been kindly furnished by his daughter, Grace Isabel (673). The children of James Rosecrans and Elizabeth are: Henry Crandall, Emmet LeRoy, Ida May and Grace Isabel.

346.  ELIZABETH ROSECRANS, daughter of Daniel (131), was born in Delaware County, Ohio, August 29, 1815, and report says she married Gideon Saums, of whom nothing further is known.

Judge Marmaduke P. Rosecrans

347.  JUDGE MARMADUKE P. ROSECRANS, son of Daniel (131), was born in Delaware County, Ohio, March 28, 1822, he married April 4, 1844, Lucy Green, of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, born January 16, 1825. On September 1, 1849, he in company with his nephew, Henry Crandall Rosecrans (670), as the latter informs me by letter, went from Delaware County, Ohio, to Iowa on horseback and eventually settled at Clear Lake, as a farmer and a lawyer. Henry Crandall had served in the Mexican war and had a land warrant, which he located at What Cheer, where he still lives. Judge M.P. Rosecransí name was given to the writer by Omer L. Rosenkrans, of Milwaukee, 1893, and through correspondence with the Judge I first discovered the connection existing between Captain Daniel and General William Stark Rosecrans, the name and family of the former having been found recorded at Newton, New Jersey, in the will of Captain Danielís widow Catharine (59). Judge M.P., according to reports, was a man of strict integrity and was unanimously elected Treasurer of Clear Lake for twenty-one years in succession and to the end of his active life. He was very zealous for the good character and fair name of the Rosenkrans family in which he felt a pride. In a letter of June 5, 1893, he says: "Our family as far as I know have not been noted as very bad criminals and this makes me proud of them for a good name is better than riches. When I find a relative that behaves himself and tries to be a man I will never go back on him, whether he wears rags or is bespangled with diamonds." He further says in another letter: "I would like to have you visit me sometime if you can and in true Rosecrans style, I will try to make your visit a pleasant one." He was a Lay Judge of the County Courts. He departed this life at Clear Lake September 16, 1894. May his body "rest in hope" and he be found among "the spirits of just men made perfect," in the great day that is coming. His children were: Charles Theodore, Juliet Inez, Edgar J., Alice Cary, Flora, Elizabeth, Harry Marmaduke and William I.

348 Another child of Daniel and Thankful, making ten children has been spoken of, who probably died young.

Jacob Rosecrans (133)

JACOB ROSECRANS married Sarah * * *. Secondly Rachel Hogden, and had five children.

349.  LAFAYETTE ROSECRANS, son of Jacob (133), died in California.

350.  CRANDALL ROSECRANS, son of Jacob, was reported 1894 as married and living at Pagetown, Morrow County, Ohio, having children whose names were unknown.

351.  LUCINDA ROSECRANS, daughter of Jacob (133), was reported as married to a Mr. Larkin, of Delaware County, Ohio.

352.  JOSIAH ROSECRANS, son of Jacob, by his second wife, was living in Delaware County, Ohio.

353. STEPHEN ROSECRANS, son of Jacob, by his second wife, was reported as still living (1893) in Delaware County, Ohio.

Abraham Rosecrans (134)

ABRAHAM ROSECRANS and Susan Patrick had ten children.

354.  CALISTA ROSECRANS, daughter of Abraham, was born in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania , 1805, and died in Ohio about 1820.

355.  ZERUA ROSECRANS, daughter of Abraham (134), was born in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, on the Susquehanna, near Tunkhannock, 1806, and married in Delaware County, Ohio, Benjamin Taylor, of Fredericktown, Knox County, that state, and died soon after marriage. Benjamin Taylor was proprietor of a wool carding establishment, justice of the peace, and associate judge of the county courts. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor had one daughter, Josephine who married William Horner, of Burlington, Iowa, and had two daughters, Willie and Flora. Willie Horner married J.C. McConnell, of Burlington. Flora Horner married William D. Kirk, President of the Capital Bank, of St. Paul, Minnesota, and has a son Charles.

356.  MIRANDA ROSECRANS, daughter of Abraham (134), was born in Pennsylvania, 1809, and married Benjamin Taylor, of Fredericktown, Ohio, widower of her sister Zeruah. She had one son Adolphus, and died about 1870. Adolphus Taylor, son of Miranda was a dentist at Fort Madison, Iowa; married and died, 1877, leaving two or three children.

357.  MAHALA ROSECRANS, daughter of Abraham (134), was born in Delaware County, Ohio, 1811, the year that her father moved there from Wyoming County, Pennsylvania. At the age of thirteen Mahala left her fatherís home, as reported by her son-in-law, J.G. Mott, and attended school, graduating at the Granville Seminary in 1832. She began teaching public school at twenty-one, and taught about five years, when she married November 20, 1836, John H. Winterbotham, born in Connecticut November 20, 1812. In reply to a letter of inquiry concerning her fatherís family, Mr. J.G. Mott, son-in-law, reported that Mr. Winterbotham had recently died, and sent his obituary clipped from a newspaper, which in part reads as follows: "The funeral of the late John Humphrey Winterbotham was held at 11 oíclock this afternoon (February 10, 1895), from the house of Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Mott.

There was a large number of personal friends of Mr. Winterbotham and the family present, and also about twenty members of the G.A.R., in whom the deceased had at all times manifested a deep interest. After the services the remains were silently conveyed to Greenwood Cemetery where they were tenderly laid to rest. John H. Winterbotham was born in Humphreyville, Connecticut, November 20, 1812, being in his eighty-third year. When about fourteen years of age, he came west with his parents, John and Rachel, and located on a farm in Delaware County, Ohio. On November 20, 1836, he was married to Miss Mahala Rosecrans, of Fredericktown, Ohio.

A few years later, he moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he engaged in the manufacture of agricultural implements. In 1853, he established an agricultural implement works at Fort Madison, Iowa, where he was located for a number of years. Later he established the Fort Madison National Bank, of which he was President for several years. July, 1866, he came to Michigan City, but retained his interest in the bank at Fort Madison. Upon locating here he engaged in the manufacture of cooperage, and his name has ever since been associated with that industry in Michigan City. A few years later he established another cooperage factory at Joliet. He also became financially interested in Chicago, and in 1872, was elected to the Indiana Senate, and re-elected in 1876, serving both terms with honor and distinction.

Beside the aged widow, who has been the long companion of the deceased through all these years, there are three children, viz. : Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Mott and Joseph Winterbotham, the oldest son, John Russell, having died about three years ago." Mahalaís children were: Annie S., born in Knox County, Ohio, December 28, 1837. John Russell, born February 1, 1843, and died January 31, 1893. Rue, born in Knox County, Ohio, October 28, 1845, and Joseph, born at Columbus, August 18, 1851. Annie S. Winterbotham married Abraham Baldwin, who was financially connected with her father and in 1895 lived in Chicago. Rue, daughter of Mahala, born 1845, married John Greenville Mott, who was also connected with the business interests of her father at his death, and, as we learn from the obituary, was living at the Winterbotham homestead, Michigan City, Indiana, their parents living with them. Mr. Mott has kindly made a lengthy report of the descendants of Abraham Rosecrans and Susan Patrick, and as before stated, sent the above obituary to the writer. Their youngest son, Joseph, at the time of his fathers death, 1895, was unmarried, and attending to their business affairs at Joliet, Illinois.

358.  MARIA ROSECRANS, daughter of Abraham (134), was born in Delaware County, Ohio, about 1813, married Joel Stevens, of Delaware County and died a few years later leaving some children of whom nothing is especially known.

359.  ELIZABETH ROSECRANS, daughter of Abraham (134), twin sister of Maria, born in Ohio 1813, married Jonathan Dillitt, of Knox County, Ohio. He died and she married William Roberts, of Knox County.

360.  ALMON ROSECRANS, born about 1815, was a lawyer and died in Kansas.

361.  SOPHRONIA ROSECRANS, daughter of Abraham (134), was born in Ohio about 1816, and married Joel Stevens, widower of her sister Maria. Nothing further is known of them.

362.  CHARLES ROSECRANS, born in Delaware County, Ohio, about 1818, married Mary Carney, and lived as a farmer near Charleston, Coles County, Illinois, where he died about 1887. His children are Mahala and Charles.

363.  SUSAN ROSECRANS, daughter of Abraham and Susan Patrick, born in Delaware County, Ohio, about 1821, married John Rice, of Delaware County. In 1895 she was in poor health, living at Morley, Michigan. Her children are: William Rice, and another son and daughter whose names are not known, all living near Morley.

Isaac Rosecrans (135)

ISAAC ROSECRANS and Mary Taylor had nine children, by Hulda Agerd he had four children, and by Lucy Taylor five children.

364.  DIANA ROSECRANS, daughter of Isaac (135), was born In Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, January 27, 1804. In Delaware she married William White, a farmer. In 1834, they moved to the location of Ashton, Illinois, and still later to Victor, Iowa. They had twelve children as follows: Isaac, born March 14, 1824, and died in Africa, Delaware County, Ohio, January 20, 1897. William Wesley White, born September 26, 1825, a farmer, married Harriet Stephens, and died at Eden, Miller County, Missouri, March 29, 1897, where his widow still resides. Had children Almeda and Vanilla. Mary Jane White born August 24, 1827, married Duran Harrison, and secondly William Novinger. She died at Kirkville, Missouri, August 21, 1890. Frelinghuysen White, born May 11, 1830, a farmer, married Mary Eliza Barber, and at last account was living at Grand Mound, Clinton County, Iowa. Arza Brown White, born September 30, 1831, a farmer and carpenter was a soldier in 1862; married and lost his wife, and lived at Willow Springs, Missouri, where he died December 9, 1897. John Emery White, born February 14, 1834, a farmer and mason, married Lydia A. Page, in Ohio, about 1848, and died at Eskridge, Kansas, October 15, 1899.

Gardner Wilcox White, seventh child of William and Diana, was born March 9, 1836, near Ashton, Illinois. He served as a soldier of the Civil War 1863-1864; married August 22, 1868, Lucinda Celesta Rosecrans (711), of Victor, Iowa, born August 22, 1851. She was a daughter of William C. Rosecrans (362). G.W. White moved from Victor, lowa, 1892, to Winfield, Cawley County, Kansas, and is a merchant there. Mr. White has the old family Bible of his father-in-law, who still lives with him, and has given the family records of many of the descendants of Isaac Rosecrans (135). A recent letter reports him in ill health. His children are Viola Adel, born September 22, 1870, and married June 15, 1897, L.E. McNeal. Mabel Corrella White, born October 14, 1877; Armedian White, son of Diana (364), was born December 22, 1838; was a farmer and a soldier, 1862. He married Mary Burtnett, of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and lives at Africa, Ohio. He had a daughter Josephine, who died at Cleveland, 1891. Dena Catharine White, daughter of Diana, born February 7, 1840, married Joseph Phillips, and died in Kingston, Delaware County, Ohio, June 24, 1867. She had her second husband, Allen Osborn, widower of her sister Rose W. No children. Rebecca Ureta White, daughter of Diana, was born March 24, 1842, married a Mr. Staley and died July 15, 1868. No children. Wilbur White, son of Diana, born May 31, 1844, was a farmer and soldier, 1863-1864. He died 1864, in a hospital in New York Harbor. Rose Withy White, the twelfth and last child of Diana and William, born July 12, 1847, married Allen Osborn. She had no children, and died June 5, 1864, at Kingston, Delaware County, Ohio.

365.  SALLIE ROSECRANS, daughter of Isaac (135), was born in Pennsylvania, July 25, 1805, and in Delaware County, Ohio, married Cornelius Vansickle. Nothing further is known of her.

366.  CATHARINE ROSECRANS, daughter of Isaac (135), was born in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, September 17, 1806, and married in Delaware County, Ohio, Ebenezer Chase.

367.  JOHN ROSECRANS, son of Isaac (135), was born in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, June 3, 1808; married in Delaware County, Ohio, Jane Vansickle, by whom he had three children. His wife died and he married Mary Landon, by whom he had two children. John purchased, 1834, the Daniel Rosecrans (318) farm in Kingston, Delaware County, Ohio, once owned by Crandall, the father of General William Stark Rosecrans, and on which his son Samuel L. was living, 1895.

368.  DORSIN ROSECRANS, son of Isaac (135), was born in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, near Tunkhannock, March 2, 1810. He lived in Delaware County, Ohio, and there married Phebe Beach, about 1833. He died at Springfield, Illinois, in the spring of 1841. His wife was born in Newark, New Jersey. His children were Mahala, Leander W., Dorson, Jr., Louisa.

369.  MARY T. ROSECRANS, called "Polly," daughter of Isaac (135), was born in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, August 1, 1812, and was taken by her parents to Ohio the same year. While living in Delaware County, she married May 31, 1832, Augustin Wigton. She died in Ohio January 8, 1860. Her children were William Edwin, Mary B., Charles H, and Catharine. William Edwin Wigton was born October 11, 1835, married Antonette Martin, June 14, 1853, and died July 26, 1856. He was a portrait artist, and had a son Frederick whose address, in 1893, was Eldara, Iowa. Mary E. Wigton was born April 25, 1837, and married May 11, 1860, Lumis A. Royce, an attorney-at-law recently living in Omaha, Nebraska. She reported information concerning her motherís family and her own. She has three children. Charles F. Royce, born March 17, 1861, married October 15, 1889, Kate L. Kerr. He is a newspaper man, being telegraph editor of the Chicago Tribune, 1893. Mr. and Mrs. Royce seem to have left Omaha recently, as a circular letter sent to them October, 1899, was returned uncalled for. Eleanor Rice was born January 3, 1863, married November 4, 1896, Dr. Robert A. Blackburn, of Doniphan, Nebraska, where she was living 1894. LeRoy Royce, son of Loomis A., was born December, 1870; married October 31, 1894, Frances I. Beans. He is a house decorator in Omaha, Nebraska. Charles H. Wigton, son of Mary T. (369), born August 6, 1839, married Frances Marie Drummond, daughter of Samuel and Lucy Ann. She was born September 8, 1844. They lived at Ponca, Nebraska, and at last report was on a farm at Vanmeter, near DesMoines, Iowa, having children: Edward E., Lucy B., and Lewis, killed by cars, Bert, Elna, Walter and Philip. Catharine Wigton, daughter of Austin and Mary T. (369), was born January 22, 1842. and married September 14, 1858, Lewis G. Canedy, a farmer living at Friendsville, Illinois, and has six sons, whose names have not been reported.

370.  HIRAM ROSECRANS, son of Isaac (135), born July 6, 1813, in Delaware County, Ohio; married Lovina Page; was a miller, and resided at Rockport, Illinois, afterward at Marquoketa. Hiramís wife died, 1862, and his eleven children became scattered, some going to the war and others among their relatives. His daughter, Mrs. Frances M. Bales, reported that she was taken at the age of seven years and raised by her aunt Lucy Ann Drummond, of Victor, Iowa. After the death of his wife, Hiram married a widow Douglas, and died at Marquoketa, 1886. His children were all by his first wife, only two of whom were married. They were: Edward, Tyrus, Mary Ann, Adeline, Almaida, William, Miles, Emily, Charles, Frances M. and an infant.

371.  REBECCA ROSECRANS, daughter of Isaac (135), was born in Delaware County, Ohio, June 13, 1815, and married Henry Roe. Mrs. Mary E. Cox (704) reports that Rebecca had children, two of whom, Eliza and William Henry, were then living in Elgin, Illinois.

372.  ISAAC ROSECRANS, son of Isaac (135), and last child by his first wife was born in Delaware County, Ohio, November 5, 1816, married in Ogle County, Illinois, October 7, 1841, Euphemia McBurney born March 24, 1820. His daughter, Mrs. Mary E. Cox, reported that her father lived for a time in Illinois, and moved to Iowa, where he died, March 22, 1880. His wife was still living 1897. His children were Mary E., Angeline, William Henry and James Emery.

373.  CRANDALL ROSECRANS, first child of Isaac (135), by his second wife, Huldah Agerd, was born in Delaware County, Ohio, September 21, 1818, lived with his father on the farm near Ashton, Illinois, and married Emily Canfield, lived on a farm, near Ashton till 1856 when he moved to Powsheik County, Iowa, and died 1862. Crandallís children were a daughter born 1849 and died 1866, Almond W. and Crandall A.

Mrs. Lucy A. (Rosecrans) Drummond

374.  LUCY ANN ROSECRANS, daughter of Isaac (135), was born in Delaware County, Ohio, June 22, 1820, and married November 23, 1843, near Ashton, Illinois, Samuel Drummond, a farmer. They lived in Ogle County, till after the birth of their second child, Albert Newton, 1850, as he informed me, when they moved and settled at DesMoines, Iowa, where Samuel died, December 17, 1891. Lucy Ann Drummond died at the home of her daughter at VanMeter near Des Moines, August 10, 1899. As previously stated Lucy Ann took and raised Frances M. Rosecrans, daughter of her brother Hiram. Her children were: Frances Marie Drummond born in Ogle County, Illinois, September 1844, and married Charles H. Wigton, recently living at Ponca. Nebraska, and now at Des Moines, Iowa. Albert Newton Drummond, son of Samuel and Lucy Ann, was born in Ogle County, Illinois, November 8, 1850. He is

William Champlin Rosecrans

 still single and has been bookkeeper for Hughes & County, Grain, Lumber, Coal and Lime Dealers at Guerncy, Iowa. In April, 1899 they had discontinued their business and Albert Newton was doing business there in the same line as that of his former employers. As Albert Newtonís mother has but recently died and was a leading member of the family he has been enabled to furnish much information concerning the family and descendants of his grandfather Isaac, which he has done, furnishing many names.

375.  WILLIAM CHAMPLIN ROSECRANS, son of Isaac (135), was born in Delaware County, Ohio, October 20, 1824. At the age of ten years he went with his parents to Ogle County, Illinois, and there married Sarah Elizabeth Reed born January 9, 1831. William C. was a farmer living at Victor, Iowa, till April, 1892, when he with his son-in-law G.W. White moved to Winfield, Kansas, where he was still living in feeble health, November, 1899. He is the only surviving son of Isaac, and is said to resemble him very much, more than did any of the other sons. His picture is here presented. William C. ís children were: Lucinda Celesta, Philo Judson, William Estus and Chauncy Thomas.

376.  HULDA M. ROSECRANS, thirteenth and last child of Isaac (135) by his second wife, Hulda Agerd, was born in Delaware, County, Ohio, August 28, 1828. She married May 17, 1840, in Ogle County, Illinois, Squire P. Ferguson. They lived there till 1869 when they moved to Marshalltown, Iowa, where Mr. Ferguson was engaged in the mercantile and manufacturing business, and died May 7, 1874. They had four children: Candacy E., Jennie R., Julia A. and Clinton C. Candacy E. Ferguson was born in Ogle County, near Ashton, Illinois, March 12, 1850, married September 13, 1868, James G. Trotter born in Lochgelly, Scotland, June 20, 1838, came to this country 1847, and moved to Marshalltown, Iowa, 1874, where in 1897 he was City Clerk and had been Secretary of the School Board for many years. Their children are: Maggie Trotter born December 12, 1870, and married Arthur N. Parrett. Walter F. Trotter, born March 27, 1872, and Jay "Rosencrank" Trotter, born September 10, 1874. Mrs. Candacy E. Trotter has furnished information and under date of February 28, 1898, reported that her great grandfather, John Rosecrans (62) while living in Orange County, New York, was a soldier of the Revolution under Captain Rosa, probably his father-in-law, and consequently the great great grandfather of Mrs. Trotter. It was in Colonel Johnsonís regiment. Jennie R. Ferguson, daughter of Hulda M. (376), was born at Ashton, Illinois, August 20, 1851, and at Marshalltown, Iowa, married April 6, 1873, Frank Arnold, moved 1874 to Vrankleeke Hill, Ontario County, Canada, where they were living 1894. They have a son Ernest F. Arnold who has communicated but not recently. Julia A. Ferguson was born at Ashton, Illinois, May 4, 1854, and married at Marshalltown, Iowa, September 7, 1873, John G. Mosgrove born in Canada January, 1850. He enlisted in Company H, 34th Illinois Infantry, 1863, at 13 years of age, probably a drummer boy, and served during the war. John G. Mosgrove is in the manufacturing business in Illinois, and has two children, Musetta, born November 3, 1874, and Roy H. Mosgrove born at Hot Springs, Arkansas, July 22, 1878, working when reported, with his father in the factory at St. Louis. Clinton C., son of Hulda M. (376), was born at Ashton, Illinois, October 21, 1861, is with his father in a factory in St. Louis, Missouri.

377.  NEWTON ROSECRANS, son of Isaac (133) and first child by Lucy Taylor, his third wife, was born in Delaware County, Ohio, in the fall of 1830. At the time of the gold excitement in California 1847, Newton went there and remained several years digging gold. Henry Crandall Rosecrans (659), who was there also in 1851, reports that Newton was with him a while in California while digging gold. He eventually left there and came back as far as Messilla, New Mexico, on the Rio Grande River, and there followed mining silver. While living there 1858, he married Sara Augustina Garcia, a Mexican lady of Chihuahua. In 1876 Newton moved to Silver City where he followed mining and died June 21, 1883. His wife is still living with her son, Charles Philo, a merchant at Silver City. Newtonís children were: Matthew Russell, Charles Philo, Alvin S., Adolph, Lucy, Caroline, William Henry, Adelaide and Fred.

378.  ELIZA JANE ROSECRANS, youngest daughter of Isaac (135), was born in Delaware County, Ohio, about 1832, married John Drummond at Ashton, Illinois, and moved to Centre Point, California, where she died 1863. Her children are said to be: Lucy, born at Ashton, 1856, Arthur Weed and Walter.

379. BENJAMIN ROSECRANS, son of Isaac (135), was born about 1834 and died young.

380.  RUSSELL ROSECRANS, son of Isaac (135), was born about 1836, in Ogle County, Illinois, and report says that he was married and died about one year after marriage.

381.  PHILO ROSECRANS, the eighteenth and last child of Isaac (135), was born in Ogle County, Illinois, on his fatherís farm three miles from Ashton about the year 1838. Mrs. Mary E. Cox (704) who has reported concerning the last four children named, says that Philo like Benjamin died young. He being the last of the 18 children is an especial representative of the largest single family known in the history of the whole family.

Jacob Rosecrans (136)

JACOB ROSECRANS married a Hillman and secondly Polly Taylor and had seven children.

382.  CHESTER ROSECRANS was born about 1813 and lived in Delaware County, Ohio.

383.  JOHN WESLEY ROSECRANS, son of Jacob (136), was born in Delaware County, Ohio, about 1815. His sister Permelia reported 1894 that he married a daughter of Timothy Hopkins, sister to the wife of Crandall Rosecrans (329) and in 1893 had a son Allen living somewhere in Illinois. After much inquiry the writer has been unable to find him.

384.  ADOLPHUS BIGLOW ROSECRANS, son of Jacob (136), was born about 1817 and lived in Delaware County, Ohio.

385.  JANE ROSECRANS, daughter of John Wesley, is also reported but only by name.

386.  PERMELIA ROSECRANS, daughter of Jacob (136), was born in Delaware County, Ohio, 1821. She married James Stockwell, a farmer and in 1893 was living at Sunbury, Delaware County, and made a brief report of her grandfather John, and others in a letter dated November 20, 1893, but did not give much concerning her brothers and sisters, nor of her own family, since which time nothing has been heard from her. She had four children: Estella, Iva, May and a son, all dead but the first named. Estella Stockwell married a Mr. Watson and was then living in Columbus, Ohio. She had two children, Iva Watson and Mary.

387 - 388.  EMILY ROSECRANS and SARAH MARIA ROSECRANS, daughters of Jacob (186), are reported only by name.

John Rosenkrans (137)

JOHN ROSENKRANS and wife had two children.

389 - 390A son who was a soldier in the Civil War, and in the hospital at Columbus, Ohio, and a daughter.


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