Seventh Generation

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James Post Rosenkrance, I

James P. Rosenkrance, 1895

James was born in Wantage Township, Sussex County, New Jersey on June 13, 1831.  He moved to Newton Center, Lackawanna County in 1850, and served as the Superintendent of Schools for two years.  In 1852 he moved to Dunsmore, PA, and was employed by the Pennsylvania Coal Company on the gravity railroad between Pittston and Hawley.  In 1853 he was promoted to Superintendent of Outside Repairs and moved back to Pittston.  He remained with the Pennsylvania Coal Company until it was taken over by the Erie Railroad Company in 1902, at which time, having worked for the coal company for over 50 years, he retired.

He spent many years in public service, some of them in elective office.  At various times he served as School Director, Tax Collector and Assessor, as well as  15 years on the Poor Board.  While in the latter position, he assisted in the removal of the dead during the smallpox epidemic of 1981-1982.  Until the coal company instituted mine hospitals and a first aid corps, he acted as a general physician to the injured men, making and administering his own medicines when necessary.

He married Rosanna D. Williams of New Columbus, PA, on June 2, 1860, the daughter of Daniel R. and Elizabeth Comstock Williams.  She was a descendant of Roger Williams, of Rhode Island, and her great-grandfather Comstock was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. She was born in Providence, now part of Scranton, on June 8, 1939.

He was not allowed to enlist for duty when the Civil War broke out because of a slight deformity in one leg. Instead, he served his country as a recruiting officer for the Wyoming and Lackawanna valleys.

He spent a lot of time in the fields and woods collecting rocks and minerals.  A large part of this collection was donated to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. He was a member of the Broad Street Methodist Church for many years, and served as Assistant Superintendent to the Hamtown Sunday School.  He became a member of the St. John's lodge of Masons in 1859.

He died on May 29, 1813, and was buried in the Pittston Cemetery.  His surviving children were Clarence D., of Pittston; Mrs. Althea Hamlin, of Exeter; James P. Rosenkrans, II, of Newburgh, New York; Mrs. William Slocum, of West Pittston, and Mrs. Dena R. Sears of Grand Bay, Alabama. Rosanna died on June 13, 1932, shortly after her 93rd birthday, and was also buried in the Pittston cemetery.

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