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Dorsin Rosecrans (368)
Leander Walker Rosecrans (690) Dorsin Rosecrans, Jr. (691)
Louisa Rosecrans (692)  

Hiram Rosecrans (370)

Edward Rosecrans (693) Tyrus Rosecrans (694)
Mary Ann Rosecrans (695) Adeline Rosecrans (696)
Almaida Rosecrans (697) William Rosecrans (698)
Miles Rosecrans (699) Emily Rosecrans (700)
Charles Rosecrans (701) Frances M. Rosecrans (702)
Unnamed (703)  
Isaac Rosecrans (372)
Mary E. Rosecrans (704) Angeline Rosecrans (705)
William Henry Rosecrans (706) James Emery Rosecrans (707)
Crandall Rosecrans (373)
Daughter, Name Unknown (708) Almond W. Rosecrans (709)
Crandall A. Rosecrans (710)  
William Champlin Rosecrans (375)
Lucinda Celesta Rosecrans (711) Philo Judson Rosecrans (712)
William Estus Rosecrans (713) Chauncy Thomas Rosecrans (714)
Newton Rosecrans (377)
Matthew Russell Rosecrans (715) Charles Philo Rosecrans (716)
Alvin S. Rosecrans (717) Adolph Rosecrans (718)
Lucy Rosecrans (719) Caroline Rosecrans (720)
William Henry Rosecrans (721) Adelaide Rosecrans (722)
Fred Rosecrans (723)  
John Wesley Rosecrans (383)
Allen Rosecrans (724)  



Dorsin Rosecrans (368)

DORSIN ROSECRANS and Phebe Beach had four children.

690.  LEANDER WALKER ROSECRANS, son of Dorsin (368), was born in Ogle County, Illinois, September 27, 1835, and became a carpenter. He married September 30, 1860, Mary E. Winebrenner, of Franklin Grove, Illinois, and apparently lived there for a time, and subsequently at Marshalltown, Iowa, and Chicago, Illinois; also at DesPlaines and Chicago again, where he now lives. His children were born at the above mentioned places and are: Jennie Belle, Frank Walker, Clifford Calvin, Maud and Mahala.

691.  DORSIN ROSECRANS, Jr., son of Dorsin (368), was born in Ogle County, 1839, was in the war of the Rebellion, and as a soldier died at Memphis, Tennessee, 1863.

692.  LOUISA ROSECRANS, daughter of Dorsin, was born 1841, and married Guilford Wood, at Franklin Grove, as reported by Frank Walker, son of Leander W. She is now living at Burlington, Kansas.

Hiram Rosecrans (370)

HIRAM ROSECRANS and Lovina Page had eleven children.

693.  EDWARD ROSECRANS, son of Hiram Rosecrans (370), born at Rockford, Illinois, died single.

694.  TYRUS ROSECRANS was a soldier of the Rebellion and died in the army.

695.  MARY ANN ROSECRANS died unmarried.

696.  ADELINE ROSECRANS married Alfred Beech, about 1870, and is said to have died in Dakota, 1882. Mrs. Beech, when reported, was living in Ogle County, Illinois. Her children were: Fred Beech, then living; and Frances, departed.

697.  ALMAIDA ROSECRANS, born at Rockford, Illinois, died single.

698.  WILLIAM ROSECRANS, born at Rockford, Illinois, died single.

699.  MILES ROSECRANS went to the war and never returned.

700.  EMILY ROSECRANS died unmarried.

701.  CHARLES ROSECRANS also died unmarried

Mrs. F.M. (Rosecrans) Bales O.K. Bales

702.   FRANCES M. ROSECRANS, the tenth child of Hiram (370) and Lovina, was born at Rockford, Illinois, November 1, 1855, and married O.K. Bales, now a merchant at Dexter, Iowa. She was married at Victor while living with her aunt, Lucy Ann Drummond. We had the pleasure of communicating with Mrs. F.M. Bales before her death, 1898, and received from her and her husband all the information we have obtained concerning the family of her father Hiram. In a letter dated September 26, 1897, she says: "I am the only living, child of Hiram and Lovina Rosecrans. I was born November 1st, 1855, and married O.K. Bales October 31, 1872. We have five children living, and one, Minnette, dead. The names of the living are: Rose Viloma, born September 15, 1874, Emmer S., born November 14, 1875, Mary Gertrude, born May 13, 1883, Mildred and Minnette, twins, born November 8, 1892. Minnette died December 16, 1894, and Frances Rosecrans born February 24, 1896." She further says: "My mother died in 1862, and father died at Marquoketa . In 1866 was taken by my fatherís half sister, Lucy Ann Drummond, and know very little of my fatherís family. There were eleven children: Edward, Tyrus, Mary Ann, Adeline, Armada, William, Miles, Emily, Charles, Frances M., and one child not named, who died only a few months old. I can remember no dates of either births or deaths, but Tyrus and Miles were in the late war and both died or were killed while there. Adeline married Alfred Beech, of Ogle County, Illinois. She has been dead fifteen years. She left two children: Fred, now grown, and Frances, who died five years later. My mother died when I was quite young, and I can only remember her. I was then brought to Victor, Iowa by one David Camfield, and taken to my fatherís sister, Lucy Ann Drummond. Our family was badly and promiscuously scattered. I married young and was taken away and never knew but little of the family." In the last one jointly with her husband, February, 1898, she says: "Should you ever be so fortunate as to pass through this section, the best country on earth, would be much pleased to have you visit us." The next intelligence received from there was an obituary taken from the Dexter Sentinel, of April 29, 1898, which is as follows: "A mantle of sadness seemed to overshadow our town when it was known that Mrs. O.K. Bales could not recover from her illness, and the suppressed sigh, the hushed, eager inquiry only indicated the sympathy felt for this family by the community. Mrs. Bales had been sick for about two weeks with pneumonia and everything within human power was done to restore her to health, but all was of no avail, and she passed away very quietly on Saturday night shortly after midnight, surrounded by her husband and children, and a number of loving friends. Frances M. Rosecrans was born in Rockford, Illinois, November 1, 1855, and was married to O.K. Bales at Victor, Iowa, October 31, 1872, and they have resided at Dexter since 1890. Mrs. Bales united with the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1868, and transferred her membership to the church of this place and remained a consistent member until her death. She was one of the charter members of the Eva Ann Rebekah Lodge, and the first sister charter member that death has taken from the Lodge. Mrs. Bales was an ideal wife and mother, and her whole life was affectionately devoted to the interest of her husband and children. No sacrifice was too hard for their comfort, the interests of her home being to her above everything else, and unless her family was fully provided for no attraction would take her from home. What was for their good was her desire, and what would advance the welfare of her loved ones was her happiness. The funeral services were held at her residence Monday afternoon attended by a large number of friends and conducted by her pastor, Reverend C.L. Baxter, whose remarks were helpful and encouraging. The interment was made in the Dexter Cemetery. The large number of floral offerings were very beautiful. Beside the sorrowing husband, five children are left to mourn the loss of their best earthly friend. They are Mrs. E. Watts, Emmer S., Miss Gertie, Mildred, five years old, and Frances. The sympathy of the entire community is extended to the bereaved ones. May this affliction bring our hearts more in subjection to the will of Him who doeth all things well."


"To our friends, We desire to thank all for the many acts of kindness shown to us in our late bereavement. May it be many years before any of you are called upon to pass through the same experience, is our wish and should the time come we wish all to know we will gladly extend the helping hand.

O.K. Bales and Children,"

703.  The eleventh and last child of Hiram Rosecrans died young.

Isaac Rosecrans (372)

ISAAC ROSECRANS and Euphemia McBurney had four children.

704.  MARY E. ROSECRANS, daughter of Isaac, (372) was born September 7, 1842, married May 10, 1866, Christopher Cox, a farmer recently living on a stock ranch at Elwood, Nebraska, raising cattle and hogs. In searching out the large family of Isaac Rosecrans, (135) I was at first referred to his daughter, Mrs. Lucy Ann Drummond, of Victor, Iowa, and through her son, Albert N. Drummond was directed to Mrs. Mary B. Cox and others for information. To a letter of inquiry she promptly responded giving information concerning her own family and others, especially of her grandfather, and his three wives and eighteen children, the dates of whose births were then unknown to me, though afterwards reported by G.W. White, of Winfield, Kansas, and others. In her second letter to her "Forty-second Cousin," in answer to inquiries she said: "There were eighteen children born to my grandfather and his three wives, nine by the first, as you have them, four by the second wife, their names, Crandall, Lucy Ann, William and Huldah, and five by the third wife, their names: Newton, Eliza Jane, Russell, Benjamin and Philo." Mary E. Coxís children, ten in number are as follows: George E. Cox born April 15, 1867 was a farmer and stock raiser at Elwood, Nebraska, then unmarried. Clement L. Cox, born January 19, 1869, married May 12, 1896, Amy Stoughton, a farmer at Aberdeen, Mississippi. Etta, born March 26, 1872, died in infancy. Lela E. Cox, born March 1, 1873, married October 28 , 1895, Francis Drummond, a farmer at Elwood, Nebraska, Emma J. Cox, born May 12, 1874, married September 14, 1895, Otto Schroeder, a lumber merchant of Elwood, Nebraska, Armina, daughter of Mrs. Mary E. Cox was born May 8, 1876, and died September 26, same year. Roy A., was born August 3, 1877, and Inez L., March 14, 1879. Gertrude was born August 20, 1880, and Earl, the youngest, March 8, 1882.

705.  ANGELINE ROSECRANS, daughter of Isaac, (312) was born August 7, 1845, and married September 22, 1864, S. McLain. She died September 10, 1865.

706.  WILLIAM HENRY ROSECRANS, son of Isaac, (372) was born August 31, 1854. About the year 1881 he married Jennie M. Cleveland, born May 24, 1865, who is reported to be a distant relative of ex-President Cleveland. William H. is a farmer living at Elwood, Nebraska, having six children: William Arthur, Myrtle Adra, Elna Jay, Nellie Edith, Charles Isaac, and Fred Clifford.

707.  JAMES EMERY ROSECRANS, son of Isaac, (372) was born February 12, 1857, and lived in Nebraska. He went to Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi, November, 1805, and there married December 16, 1896, Lydia Maria Nesby, born at Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, July 6, 1874. Her parents went to Nebraska, 1882, and February, 1896, to Aberdeen, Mississippi. In a letter dated February 13, 1898, in answer to one of mine, he writes as follows, "I came to Mississippi. November 28, 1895. My reason for coming south is, we have been having poor crops in Nebraska for past few years and thought to better myself and try a warmer climate. As for the system of farming they have none. Itís just one old mule and a Cary plow. Then they are ready to make a crop. Peanuts, cotton and sweet potatoes are the main crops. No, I have not purchased any land and do not expect to, as we donít like the country, as it is very unhealthy here. We expect to go back to Nebraska soon. The climate here is mild. We donít have any snow but rain instead. The flowers are in bloom nearly the year around, while the cedars and pine trees are quite pleasant. You can hear the frogs and crickets singing every month in the year. I have been in the sawmill business for the past two years. Aberdeen is in Monroe County. It is a city of 7,000 population. There are six white churches in Aberdeen and four colored churches. As for schools they are hard to beat. In Aberdeen there are two large white school buildings and one colored school. No, the colored people do not go to the same church or school. They are not allowed at the white church or school. We attend the Presbyterian church. The ministerís name is G.F. Ashmore. James E. reported nothing as to having children, and directed that hereafter he should be addressed at Elwood, Nebraska.

Crandall Rosecrans (373)

CRANDALL ROSECRANS and Emily Canfield had three children.

708.  A daughter of Crandall, whose name is not given was born 1849, and died at the age of seventeen years.

709.  ALMOND W. ROSECRANS, son of Crandall, (373) was born on a farm near Ashton, Illinois, September 5, 1851. He was reared there and married, August 8, Westanna E. Glenn, of Ashton. In answer to a letter of inquiry concerning his family and the farm there, on which his grandfather Isaac died, under date of September 7, 1897 he says; "I am in receipt of yours of August 30. I am very glad indeed to hear from you, and that you are engaged in hunting the Rosecrans record, The old Rosecrans place, which is about three miles from Ashton, is now owned by William Hunt. My fatherís home was in Illinois up to 1856, when he moved to Iowa, and lived in Powsheik County. I think he died about thirty-five years ago. I will be very glad indeed to furnish you all the information I possibly can, and shall be more than pleased to know more of my descent. I had no idea that I was a direct descendant of the illustrious Aneke Jans." As seen by his letter head he was a merchant doing business under the firm name of "A.W. Rosecrans & Company, Retail Dealers of Everything, Ashton, III." He had one son, Glenn Crandall, born January 22, 1890.

Crandall A. Rosecrans

710.  CRANDALL A. ROSECRANS, son of Crandall, (373) was born near Ashton, Illinois, September 13, 1854. In answer to a letter of inquiry October 27, 1898. we learn that he is in the hardware business wholesale and retail under the firm name of "Allerton Clarke Company, Manufacturers and Manufacturersí Agents of Telephones, 118 Lake St., Chicago." After receiving the prospectus of "The Rosenkrans Family," and giving an order for a copy of the book, he says: "I also wish to congratulate you on the apparent thoroughness of the work." He reports that his wifeís maiden name was Olive E. Haney, and that they have a son, Crandall Zachariah.

William Champlin Rosecrans (375)

WILLIAM CHAMPLIN ROSECRANS and Sarah Elizabeth Reed had four children.

711.  LUCINDA CELESTA ROSECRANS, daughter of William C. (375), was born at Victor, Iowa, August 22, 1851, and married August 22, 1868, Gardner Wilcox White, born March 9, 1836, son of Diana, (364). (See history of Gardner W. White, 364).

712.  PHILO JUDSON ROSECRANS, son of William C. (375), was born at Victor, Iowa, April 23, 1854. He married January 3, 1877, Matilda J. Risley, and is probably a farmer, recently living at Ruthven, Palo Alto County, Iowa. His children are: Estella May, Ellis, Eva, Mabel, Willie and Vincent J.

713.  WILLIAM ESTUS ROSECRANS, son of William C. (375), born at Victor, Iowa, November 14, 1858, and married September 5, 1886, Florence Cornwell. He has a son Earl, born September 1, 1887.

714.  CHAUNCY THOMAS ROSECRANS, son Of William C., was born at Victor, Iowa, September 9, 1872. He married October 30, 1895, Rose Compton, and 1897, was living at Bridgewater, South Dakota. He had one child, William, born January 11, 1897, who died the next month.

Newton Rosecrans (377)

NEWTON ROSECRANS and Sara Augustina Garcia had nine children.

715.  MATTHEW RUSSELL ROSECRANS, son of Newton (377) was born at Mesilla, New Mexico, 1859. He was brought up at Silver City, where his parents subsequently lived, and married 1887, Josefa Acosta. His brother, Charles P., at Silver City, reports that he was a translator. His father was an American and his mother a Mexican. He died June 22, 1896. His children were William, Natalie, Ernest and another whose name is not given.

Charles Philo

716.   CHARLES PHILO ROSECRANS, son of Newton (377), was born at Mesilla, New Mexico, December 22, 1861. At the age of fifteen he accompanied his parents to Silver City. According to letters received from him which contain all the definite knowledge we have of Newtonís family, Charles Philo seems to have lived in California at one time, as he was married there and two of his children were born there. In answer to a letter, he wrote from Gila, New Mexico, July 17, 1897, as follows: "Dear Relative: ó Your kind favor, of the 28th ultimo, reached me at Silver City, while there on a trip from this point. I was agreeably surprised to inform myself of the contents of your letter; more so in fact because it is about the second letter I have ever received from near or distant relatives in the East. My father, Newton Rosecrans, was born in Delaware County, Ohio in 1827 (1830). His father, whose given name I never learned, moved from there to Illinois sometime in the thirties. Father left Illinois, in company with his half brother, Leroy S. Taylor, in 1847, and went to California during the gold excitement there. He remained there I think three or four years and came to New Mexico, locating at Mesilla, on the Rio Grande, where he married my mother, Sara Augustina Garcia, a native of Chihuahua, Mexico. There were nine children born, named as follows: Matthew Russell, Charles P., Alvin S., Adolph, Caroline, William Henry, Adelaide, Lucy and Fred. Father died at Silver City, New Mexico, on the 21st of June, 1883. Of my motherís relatives I did not know any except my grandmother, who has been dead four or five years. Mother is still alive. You have been informed that a son of Newton went to New York to study for the priesthood, but this is erroneous, as I am the one that went East, and attended school at Boston and not in New York. All the family reside in Silver City, New Mexico, excepting myself, who am located at the above given point. I am engaged here as bookkeeper for several cattle companies. My brothers follow mining principally. In a later communication from him dated Gila New Mexico, August 15, 1897, he says:

Mrs. Florence Mae Rosecrans

"Dear Sir and Relative: I beg to acknowledge receipt of your favor of the 27th ultimo, and must express my thanks to you for the valuable information given therein. I certainly have acquired more of my fathers family history from you than from any other source. I received a communication from a cousin of ours, C.A. Rosecrans, of Ashton, Lee County, Illinois, several years ago, etc. You may possibly by addressing C.A. Rosecrans, of Ashton, ascertain the locality wherein our fatherís family lived." Charles P., in the above letter gave information also concerning his brothers and sisters and his own family. He married at San Jose, California, September 30, 1893, Florence Mae Tessler, born at Allegheny, Sierra County, California, 1876. Since receiving the above reports from Charles Philo living at Gila, whose Post Office address was Cliff, New Mexico, he has had some sad and startling experiences where he lived, as given in the following letter dated Silver City, March 26, 1899:

"Dear Sir: I have your kind letter of the 4th inst. before me, which was forwarded from Cliff, New Mexico, my former Post Office address. I left there about one year ago. I received your letter which you state I did not answer, which is true. Shortly after I received it, and before I could answer it, I was caught in a flood, which washed away my house, also the store and office of my former employers. The floor came down about three A.M., one mile wide, and six feet deep, and caught me in bed. I was fortunate enough to get in a tree where I stayed until daylight, when the high water had subsided. My family at the time were in San Jose, California, otherwise had they been with me we would all have been drowned.

I lost all of our former letters and also all letters from relatives to my father that dated back a good many years. Well, to make a long story short, I saved only my night shirt and hat, which I from force of habit, in leaving the house always put on. After speaking of family pictures, etc., he further says since leaving my position, I have engaged in business as you will note by card on letter head. Mother lives with us; all the family being here now. Dolph, who has been away for several years, and William Henry, who had enlisted in the Rough Riders, have returned." From the card mentioned, we learn that he is in the grocery business under the firm name of Rosecrans & Gillett." His children are Adrience and Alvin Tessler. 

717.  ALVIN S. ROSECRANS, son of Newton, (377), was born March 1, 1863, is a silver miner unmarried and living at Silver City.

718.  ADOLPH ROSECRANS, son of Newton, (377) was born 1865 is unmarried and has recently lived at Pierce, Arizona. He returned to Silver City, 1899, and enlisted in the 34th Infantry of Volunteers in August 1999 and went to Manila. When last heard front he was at Tarlac, under Lieutenant Dorrington, as a scout, and interpreter for the company.

719.  LUCY ROSECRANS, born at Mesilla, 1887 died in infancy.

720.  CAROLINE ROSECRANS, born 1869 died at five years of age.

721.  WILLIAM HENRY ROSECRANS, son of Newton, (377) was born Mesilla, New Mexico, 1872, and is a silver miner in Silver City. He joined the rough riders to go to Cuba during the Spanish war, but his company was held at Lexington, Kentucky, and in Georgia, and never reached the scenes of conflict in which the Rough Riders became famous in Cuba.

722.  ADELAIDE ROSECRANS, born 1876, lived at Silver City.

723.  FRED ROSECRANS, the youngest of Newtonís children born at Silver City, 1881, was with his brother Charles Philo near Cliff at one time and is now living in his native town.

John Wesley Rosecrans (383)

JOHN WESLEY ROSECRANS and wife named Hopkins had one child.

724.  ALLEN ROSECRANS, son of John Wesley (383) was born in Delaware County, Ohio, and reported by his aunt, Mrs. Permelia Stockwell (386), in 1893, as living in Illinois, but has not been found by the writer.


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