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John Rosenkrans (118)
Helen P. Rosenkrans (304) Florana Lilly Rosenkrans (305)
Henry J. Rosencrans (306) Lucien I. Rosencrans (307)
Lucius H. Rosencrans (308) S. Amelia Rosencrans (309)
Milo M. Rosencrans (310) Otto G. Rosencrans (311)
Charick Rosencrantz (119)
Louisa Rosencrantz (312) John Jacob Rosencrantz (313)
Margaret Rosencrantz (314)  
Samuel S. Rosenkrans (120)
Helen Belinda Rosenkrans (315) Harriet Maria Rosenkrans (316)
Sarah Elizabeth Rosenkrans (317) Charles Melvin Rosenkrans (318)
Ann Moore Rosenkrans (319) Mary Louisa Rosenkrans (320)
Charles Jayne Rosenkrans (123)
C. Webb Rosenkrans (321) Name Unknown (322)
James Rosecrons (128)
James Rosenkrans (323) Phebe Rosenkrans (324)
Amy Rosenkrans (325) Benjamin Rosenkrans (326)
Daniel Rosenkrance (327)  
John Davis Rosenkrans (129)
Catharine Rosenkrans (328) John W. Rosenkrans (329)
Daniel Rosenkrans (330) Jesse Rosenkrans (331)
Elizabeth Jane Rosenkrans (332) Amanda Rosenkrans (333)
James Rosecrans (334)  
Josiah Rosecrans (130)
Lorin Rosecrans (335) Mortimer Rosecrans (336)
Catharine Rosecrans (337) Hannah Rosecrans (338)



John Rosenkrans (118)

JOHN ROSENKRANS and Mary Johnson had eight children.

304.  HELEN P. ROSENKRANS, daughter of John (118), as reported by her brother Henry J., of Kansas City, Missouri, was born in Walworth County, Wisconsin, 1838. Another member of the family reports that she was well educated and qualified as a school teacher and that while officiating as principal of one of the schools in Charles City, Iowa, married in Beloit, 1863, DeWitt C. Duncan, another teacher of Charles City, whose home is sometimes at Charles City and other times at Venita, Indian Territory. It is reported also that she has served as Superintendent of Public Schools, Floyd County, Iowa, and has been active also in Christian and benevolent work. A communication was received from her dated Venita, Indian Territory, in October 1899, expressing a willingness to aid in the accomplishment of the Rosenkrans History, in which she felt an interest.

Frank P. Sterling and Family

305.  FLORANA LILLY ROSENKRANS, daughter of John (118), was born in Walworth County, Wisconsin, 1840, and married 1861 Frank P. Sterling. They live at Helena, Montana, and, by request, she in November 1899, forwarded the following autobiography: I was educated in my native state, Wisconsin, completing my studies at the Female Seminary, of Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin, about 1859. Was married September 17, 1861, to Frank P. Sterling, of Elkhorn, Walworth County, Wisconsin, who had just enlisted in Company A, 10th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers, and who served in the Civil war more than three years. During my husbandís absence I enlisted in Government Service as Hospital nurse and served in that capacity for eighteen months. At the close of the war we went to Iowa to make our home, where our two sons were born. Fred J. Sterling born June 4, 1867, and Harry H. Sterling born February 8, 1871. We left Shellsburg, Iowa, for our present home, Helena, Montana, in 1874, and have resided here since that time. In 1876 Mr. Sterling was appointed by President Grant as receiver of public monies in the Helena Land Office and the following year was reappointed by President Hayes, serving in that capacity for the full term of four years. Upon his retiring from office he began the practice of law, before the Interior Department. That same year he was appointed Public Administrator of Lewis & Clarke County, and, in 1882, he was nominated and elected Probate Judge. Before the expiration of his term as Probate Judge he was admitted to the bar and licensed to practice in the courts of Montana. He is still engaged in the practice of his profession. Fred J. Sterling is employed in W.A. Clarkeís Bank, Butte, Montana, as exchange clerk. Harry H. Sterling is in Gun, Idaho, employed as clerk for the Helena & Frisco Mining Company. You enquired in regard to my name Lilly being spelled with two ellís. I was named for a young lady by the name of Florana Lilly, who was an intimate friend of my motherís, who resided in Dover, Ohio. I might add that, under and by virtue of an act of Congress approved August 2d, 1895, granting pensions to females who had served as nurses during the Civil war, I have been honored by being placed upon that list and am now drawing a pension of twelve dollars per month. Respectfully, Florana Lilly Rosenkrans Sterling." [Ed: Graphic is Frank P. Sterling And Family.]

Henry J. Rosencrans Mrs. Louisa Rosencrans and Blanche 

306.  HENRY J. ROSENCRANS, son of John (118), was born in Walworth County, Wisconsin, 1842, and lives at Kansas City, Missouri. In a report, dated December 7, 1897, he writes: "I might say that very little of my life since fifteen years of age has been spent at fatherís house, so that many things that pertain to his early life that I may have heard him speak of from time to time have escaped me. I was born in Walworth County, Wisconsin, 1842; married Miss H. Louise Warner, at Bloomington, Illinois, July 26, 1886. H. Louise Warner was born in Elgin, Illinois, April 14, 1861. We have one daughter Blanche L., born In Kansas City, Missouri, July 15, 1887. H.J. Rosencrans enlisted at Beloit, in 22nd Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, in August, 1862, and served during the war, returning to Waverly, Iowa, in August, 1865; crossed the plains to Helena, Montana, in 1866. Was engaged there in mining and merchandising until December, 1875, when sold out and returned again to Waverly. In fall, 1876, went to Southern Colorado and Northern Texas and engaged in cattle ranching, continuing in that business until fall of 1884. After marriage in 1886, made my home at Bloomington until March, 1897; moved to Kansas City where have lived since. One of the organizers of the Union National Bank in 1887, and its assistant cashier for some years. Still a director and to some extent engaged in the cattle business." As stated above, Henry J. Rosencrans and wife have one child, Blanche, whose picture appears with that of her mother. 

307.  LUCIEN I. ROSENCRANS, son of John (118), was born at East Troy, Wisconsin, April 21, 1847, went to Helena, Montana, 1872, and there married about 1880 Ida B. Wilson, of Helena, and lived there for years. In February, 1899, his brother Lucius H., reported that he was living in Idaho and had four daughters, whose names were not known.

308.  LUCIUS H. ROSENCRANS, son of John (118), twin brother of Lucien I., was born at East Troy, Walworth County, Wisconsin, April 21, 1847, and married April 17, 1882, Marcella L. Jenkins, of Waverly, Iowa. The following is his history as given by request dated, Albert Lea, Minnesota, February 15, 1899, "Dear Relative: Yours of recent date was received and contents noted, was much pleased in its perusal for I am much interested in our family history. I was born at East Troy, Wisconsin, April 21, 1847. My school days were spent in Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin, until the fall of 1864 removed to Waverly, Iowa. The spring of 1865 returned to Beloit and served three years apprenticeship to my trade, harnessmaker. Spring of 1868 removed again to Waverly and worked at my trade there until the spring of 1873. That spring I took a trip down through Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska, remaining down there until fall and then went to Helena, Montana, was in business there three years. The fall of 1877 removed my business to Fort Benton, Montana, which place I remained in until the fall of 1888. In the spring of 1882 I came back to Waverly, was married April 17, 1882, to Miss Marcella L. Jenkins, who was born November 10, 1855, at Garnavillo, Clayton County, Iowa. In May, l892, we returned to Fort Benton, Montana Territory. Our first child Elvira Pearl Rosencrans, was born at Fort Benton, Montana Territory, May 22, 1887. In October, 1887, owing to my wifeís poor health returned to Waverly, Iowa. Our second child, Erma Delen Rosencrans, was born June 27, 1880, and died September 1, 1889. Our third child Harold Ingersoll, was born April 20, 1891. In September 1892, we removed to Albert Lea, Minnesota, in which place we have resided since that date. My twin brother Lucian I. Rosencrans is somewhere in Idaho Territory. My oldest brother, Henry J., is still in Kansas City, Missouri My youngest brother, Milo M., is in Ogden, Utah. My oldest sister, Mrs. D.W.C. Duncan, is in Venita, Indian Territory, and next oldest sister, Mrs. F.P. Sterling, is in Helena, Montana, and my youngest sister, Mrs. J.C. Smalley, lives in Waverly, Iowa."

309.  S. AMELIA ROSENCRANS was born in Walworth County, Wisconsin, 1849, and married 1874 J. Calvin Smalley, formerly of Somerville, New Jersey, or its vicinity, and from there moved to where they now live. They have a daughter, Mrs. Louie R. Laird.

310.  MILO M. ROSENCRANS, son of John (118), was born in Walworth County, Wisconsin, 1851, and married 1880, Effie Scott, of Waverly, Iowa. He lives at Ogden, Utah, and has two children whose names are unknown.

311.  OTTO G. ROSENCRANS was born at Beloit, Wisconsin, 1853, and died 1854.

Charick Rosencrantz (119)

CHARICK ROSENCRANTZ and Mary Ann Hopper had three children.

312.  LOUISA ROSENCRANTZ, daughter of Charick (119), is supposed to have died young.

313.  JOHN JACOB ROSENCRANTZ, son of Charick (119), was born at Hohokus, New Jersey, May 1, 1849. He is married but his wifeís name is not known. He lives at Cranford, New Jersey, being a traveling salesman for James Talcott, New York, a commission merchant, selling ladies garments. He informed me in 1899 that the sons of Dr. Elijah RoseGrant, and his own father changed their name to Rosencrantz, after witnessing the play of Hamlet in New York, adopting the orthography of the Rosencrantz soldier mentioned in Hamlet. He has three sons: Willard C., Wade B. and John S. John Jacob Rosencrantzís mother, Mrs. Mary Ann, lives with him aged 91 years, and is said to be very active in mind and body.

314.  MARGARET ROSENCRANTZ, child of Charick, is reported by name but nothing further is known concerning her, except that she is departed.

Samuel S. Rosenkrans (120)

SAMUEL S. ROSENKRANS and Melissa Davis had six children.

315.  HELEN BELINDA ROSENKRANS, born October 14, 1841, died at Cohocton April 12, 1846.

316.  HARRIET MARIA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Samuel S. (120), was born May 1, 1843, in Jackson County, Michigan, where her parents lived for a short, time. She married February 11, 1864, at Cohocton, New York, John Walden. After marriage they moved on a farm at Salem, Michigan, but on account of ill health returned 1869 and located on a farm at Perry, New York, where Mr. Walden died April 9, 1873. January 9, 1894, Mrs. Harriet M. Walden married B. Franklin Bailey, who in 1897 was proprietor of Hotel Bailey, Cohocton, New York, but has since then exchanged his hotel for a farm near Spring Water, New York. Harriet M. Bailey by her first husband had one dauhter, Maggie Mae Walden, born in Salem, Michigan, September 16, 1868, and died in Cohocton, February 12, 1869. Mrs. Bailey has in connection with her mother, furnished information concerning the descendants of her grandfather, Dr. Simeon Rosenkrans, whose history, as they are widely scattered, has been somewhat difficult to obtain.

317.  SARAH ELIZABETH ROSENKRANS, daughter of Samuel S. (120), was born at Cohocton, New York, February 9, 1845, and married September 4, 1862, Robert F. Bullard, of Springwater, and when reported lived at Perry, New York. Sarah Elizabeth has a son, Charles Albert Bullard, born March 15, 1869, who married Mae married Fenderson, of Corning, August 4, 1895, a lumber dealer, at Elmira, New York, in company with Jones & Done.

318.  CHARLES MELVIN ROSENKRANS, son of Samuel S., was born at Cohocton, December 28, 1848, and died February 19, 1853.

319.  ANN MOORE ROSENKRANS, born February 5, 1851, died April 11, 1856.

320.  MARY LOUISA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Samuel S. (120), was born at Cohocton September 29, 1857, married October 28, 1875, George Peck, of Avoca, New York, and when reported lived in Jersey City, New Jersey, a conductor on the Pullman cars running from Jersey City to Chicago. She had a son, Floyd Onsted Peck, born May 9, 1876, died at Cohocton, February 21, 1897.

Charles Jayne Rosenkrans (123)

CHARLES JAYNE ROSENKRANS and Catharine Raymond had two children.

321.  C. WEBB ROSENKRANS, son of Charles Jayne (123), is reported to have lived with his father at Tecumseh, Michigan, but a letter addressed to him there in February 1899, was returned uncalled for.


James Rosecrons (128)

JAMES ROSECRONS and Mary Walling had four children and by Mary Loring he had one child.

323. JAMES ROSENKRANS, son of James (128), was born in Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey, about the year 1798, and married an Alexander, whose history is unknown.

324.  PHOEBE ROSENKRANS, daughter of James, was born in Wantage, New Jersey, about 1800, and married Jacob Vansickle. Nothing further is known of them.

325.  AMY ROSENKRANS, daughter of James, was born in Sussex County New Jersey, about 1802; married Denman Hardin, and disappeared from the records.

Benjamin Rosenkrans
(From an old picture.)
Mrs. Susan M. Rosenkrans (From an inferior picture.)

326.  BENJAMIN ROSENKRANS, last child of James (128) and Mary, was born in Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey near the New York State line, July 4, 1804, and married April 28, 1827, Susan M. Havens, of Wantage, born April 26, 1809. As noticed in connection with his fathers will, Benjamin, in connection with his brother Daniel, received one half of his fatherís farm in Wantage, near Unionville, but in 1848 moved to Luzerne County, now Lackawanna, Pennsylvania. An account is given of him and his family in the history of the Newton Baptist Church, of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, from which we have copied an account of his grandfather, Daniel (59), captured by the Indians. We also copy from that publication the following concerning Benjamin : "Deacon Benjamin Rosenkrans, was born in Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey, July 8, 1804. He was married by Elder Zelotus Grenell to Susan M. Havens, April 28, 1827. He continued to live at the place of his birth until March 18, 1848, when he purchased a farm in Newton Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, where he now resides (1873). He was baptized by Elder Silas Finn and united with the Newton Baptist Church April 13, 1850, and was ordained Deacon in 1851, and still holds the same relation to the church. The writer (Reverend C. Sherwood) having been somewhat acquainted with this good man for a number of years since he became united with the Newton Baptist Church, has often heard him remark that he had spent the flower of his days in sin. Although he always considered himself a strictly moral man he did not know that he would ever have been led to see his sinful course if it had not been for the prayers of his wife, and her Christian influence over him. His wife, Susan M., was born in Wantage, New Jersey, August 26, 1809, and was baptized by Elder Grenell and united with the Orange Baptist Church, Orange County, New York, in 1830. They had five children four of whom were very worthy members of the Baptist Church. Deacon Benjamin Rosenkrans died in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, August 23, 1873." The writer called on Mrs. Susan M. Rosenkrans, his widow, July 7, 1893, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Julia A. Casterlin, in Scranton. She was then 83 years of age and well preserved in mind and body and a letter from her daughter in 1898, said she was still living. Recent reports from the family say that she died December 7, 1898, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Joseph Casterlin, at Orange, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, at the advanced age of 89 years. Benjaminís children were: Louis H., Julia A., Mary E., Phebe J., Linn D. and Ira D. [Graphics are: (left) Benjamin Rosenkrans (From an old picture), and (right) Mrs. Susan M. Rosenkrans (From an inferior picture).]

327.  DANIEL ROSENKRANCE, son of James (128) by his second wife Mary Loring, was born in Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey, March 29, 1808, and married Jane Post, of Wantage, born July 28, 1806, daughter of Henry Post and Nellie VanHowtin. He received by will of his father one half of his fatherís farm, which he sold to Ephraim Doty and bought another, one mile from it on which he lived the remainder of his life, dying June 11, 1891. The writer once met him about the year 1861 at Chester, New York. His wife died September 14, 1886. Daniel is said to have been a man of much decision of character and of uprightness. His children were: John M., James P., Nellie M., Sarah Jane, Jesse, William H., Susan M., and Charles W.

John Davis Rosenkrans (129)

JOHN DAVIS ROSENKRANS and Elizabeth Whitaker had seven children.

328.  CATHARINE ROSENKRANS, daughter of John D. (129), was born near Westtown, Orange County, New York, October 6, 1769. She accompanied her parents to Batavia, New York, 1819, and there married John Decker. As reported by her sister, Mrs. Amanda Joslyn, her children were: Julia Ann, Levi, Jesse, Nelson, Maria, Martha and Henry.

329.  JOHN W. ROSENKRANS, son of John D. (129), was born in Orange County, New York, February 8, 1799, lived in Genesee County, at Batavia, and married Polly Edson. He had five children, two of whom were still living at the time of receiving the report, 1894, Dr. James E. and Edwin L.

330.  DANIEL ROSENKRANS, son of John D. (129), was born in Orange County, New York, May 2, 1801, married Pauline Berry, was a farmer and died March 28, 1873. No children.

331.  JESSE ROSENKRANS, son of John D. (129), was born in Orange County, New York, near Westtown, August 29, 1803. While living in Genessee County, near Batavia, married Betsy Hart and in 1823 settled in the town of Candor. A letter of inquiry addressed to him at that place 1893 received the following reply from his adopted daughter, Miss Lucy Adams, of Elmira, New York. "My Dear Sir, Mr. Jesse Rosenkrans died one year ago last April and as I can not answer all the questions, I have taken the liberty of sending your letter to a younger sister, Mrs. Samuel Joslyn, who I am positive will gladly give you any items of information possible." Mrs. Joslyn answered a letter of inquiry and has given most of the information received concerning the family of her father. Received at the same time a slip from a newspaper concerning Jesseís death, which reads as follows: "Jesse Rosecrance, one of the oldest residents of the town of Candor, died at Candor last Friday (April 22, 1892) aged 89 years. He was born in the township of Minisink, Orange County, in 1803, and removed with his father to Genessee County in 1819. In 1823 he came to Candor, where he engaged in the manufacture of edge tools. He was a justice of the peace of the town of Candor from 1841 to 1853. He removed to Elmira in 1853, where he resided until a few years ago, when he returned to Candor." Jesse had no children except the adopted daughter mentioned above.

332.  ELIZABETH JANE ROSENKRANS, daughter of John D. (129), was born June 16, 1811, in Orange County, New York, and at Batavia, Genessee County, where her parents lived. she married Eli Fish, a shoemaker by trade, who lived at Daws, Genessee, County, New York. He died September 14, 1853. Mrs. Fish was still living at Daws, 1894, and in connection with her sister, Miss Amanda Joslyn, of Batavia, reported by letter concerning her father and her grandfather, Captain Daniel, and also her own family. Her children, of whom two had died, were Charles, Eli, Elizabeth and Louise.

333.  AMANDA ROSENKRANS, daughter of John D. (129), was born in Orange County, New York, December 12, 1814, and at Batavia, New York, married Samuel B. Joslyn, a gunsmith of that place. As stated elsewhere, she has furnished most of the information concerning the descendants of her father, John D. Rosenkrans. In a letter, August 3, 1993, 111 Bank Street, Batavia, she says that she was only four years of age when her father went from Orange County to Batavia; that she and her husband lived for a time at Youngstown, where her uncle Daniel (131), of Ohio, once visited them. She said also that her cousin Lorin from Ohio, son of Josiah, once visited them at her fatherís house, while on his route to New Jersey. She has no children and at last account was still living at Batavia.

334.  JAMES ROSECRANS, son of John D. (129), was born in Orange County, New York, August 1, 1818, married September 30, 1847, Elvira Ann Heath, of Clarence, Erie County, New York, born January 21, 1825. James is a farmer and seems to have lived in Erie County, New York, immediately after his marriage and till after the birth of his son, 1852, but subsequently settled on a farm near Owasso, Shiawassee County, Michigan, where he still resided 1893. In answer to a letter Mrs. James Rosecrans wrote as follows; "James being but one year old at the time his people moved from Orange County to Western New York, he has but little personal knowledge of his grandfather and his family and he cannot recall historical incidents relating to the information you are seeking of them. She further says, "James was married at Clarence, Erie County, New York, to Elvira Ann Heath, September 30, 1847. I was born January 21, 1825, in Merrimac County, New Hampshire. Our only child, Orlando Parker, was born at Newsted, Erie County, New York, in 1852.

Josiah Rosecrans (130)

JOSIAH ROSECRANS and wife had four children.

335.  LORIN ROSECRANS, son of Josiah (130), was probably born in Sussex County, New Jersey, and subsequently lived in Delaware County, Ohio, where many of his relatives had settled. He once visited New Jersey as reported by Mrs. Joslyn (333) and also at her fatherís in Batavia.

336.  MORTIMER ROSECRANS, son of Josiah, lived in Delaware County, Ohio; was sent to West Point Military School, and as report says, was taken sick on his way home and died at Detroit, Michigan.

337.  CATHARINE ROSECRANS, daughter of Josiah, lived in Delaware County, Ohio, and probably died there.

338.  HANNAH ROSECRANS, daughter of Josiah, also lived in Delaware County, Ohio.


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