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James Oliver Rosenkrans (115)

Sarah Rosenkrans (291) Cecilia Rosenkrans (292)
Simeon Rosenkrans (293) Anson C. Rosenkrans (294)
Mary Rosenkrans (295)  
Dr. Henry S. Rosenkrans (116)
David Hosack Rosenkrans (296) Joseph Rosenkrans (297)
Helen M. Rosenkrans (298) Mary Estelle Rosenkrans (299)
Sarah Elizabeth Rosenkrans (300)  
Simeon Rosenkrans (117)
Samuel Rosenkrans (301) Louisa Rosenkrans (302)
Henry Rosenkrans (303)  



James Oliver Rosenkrans (115)

JAMES OLIVER ROSENKRANS and Susan VanCampen had five children.

291.  SARAH ROSENKRANS, daughter of James Oliver, was born March 8, 1828, and is living at Whitewater, Wisconsin, where her father lived.

292.  CECELIA ROSENKRANS, daughter of James Oliver (115), born May 1, 1831, married June 22, 1854, Augustus C. Kinner, who died June 29, 1863. She died at the home of her son, Dr. Edward Kinner, at Gaytown, Virginia, May 18, 1892. Cecelia had four children: Mary K., Dr. Edward, Herbert and Harriet. Mary K. Kinner married Walter Landsdale and lives at Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Dr. Edward Kinner is a physician practicing at Gaytown, Virginia. Herbert, her second son, married Jennie Fox and is a lawyer of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harriet, the youngest, married Herbert Henderson and lives at Santa Paula, California.

293.  SIMEON D. ROSENKRANS, son of James Oliver (115), was born October 4, 1836; married Mary Welch, January 1, 1857; and was farming at Sugar Creek, Wisconsin, where she died May 20, 1894. Simeon D. when last heard from was living with his son Walter at Helena, Montana. His children are: Frank, Walter, Carrie, Hattie, Laura and Harvey.

294.  ANSON C. ROSENKRANS, son of James Oliver (115), was born April 4, 1840 married March 28, 1867, Ella Smith, born 1844, and lives on a ranch at Berry Essa, near San Jose, California, fifty miles from San Franscisco. In a letter dated June 9,1897, he reports that he raises on his ranch apricots, peaches, plums and a variety of cherries. He sent me a card announcing his daughter’s recent wedding and closed his letter with a postscript saying that "the latch string" hangs out for me in case I shall ever visit California. Long life and happiness to him and his family. His children are: E. Jay, another son whose name is not deciphered, Blanche Marie, and Henrietta Smith, departed.

295.  MARY ROSENKRANS, daughter of James Oliver (115), was born August 13, 1845. She remains unmarried and is a dress-maker, living at White Water, Wisconsin. Since she answered a letter addressed to her father, 1893, he having died previous to that date, we have had reports from her receiving the information above given concerning her fathers family.

Dr. Henry S. Rosenkrans (116)

DR. HENRY S. ROSENKRANS and Mary Sharp had five children.

296.  DAVID HOSACK ROSENKRANS, son of Dr. Henry S., was born at Hamburg, Sussex County New Jersey, October 3, 1830, and was named for Dr. David Hosack, of New York City, with whom his father studied medicine before marriage. David H. lives in Newark, where his father spent his last days and died 1878. In a letter of January 4, 1899, he says that he is a traveling engineer for different locomotive companies, putting up and delivering locomotives at their destination. Said he had then just returned from California, and expected in a few days to go to New Orleans. His residence was 65 New Street, Newark.

297.  JOSEPH ROSENKRANS, son of Dr. Henry (116), was born at Hamburg, August 10, 1832. It is reported that he was an excellent violinist and a soldier in the Civil War, and died May 30, 1868.

298.  HELEN M. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Dr. Henry, born in Hamburg, 1834, died August 13, 1857. In the county records we find that Dr. Henry S. Rosenkrans administered on the estate of Helen M. Rosenkrans September 24, 1858.

299.  MARY ESTELLE ROSENKRANS was born 1836, and died May 6, 1857. Her father also administered on her estate September 24, 1858.

300.  SARAH ELIZABETH ROSENKRANS, born August 20, 1846, lives with her brother David H., in Newark, New Jersey.

Simeon Rosenkrans (117)

SIMEON ROSENKRANS and Mary Zimmerman had three children.

Mrs. H.A. Rosenkrans and Family
Samuel Rosenkrans' Residence, Albany, IllINOIS
Samuel Rosenkrans

301.  SAMUEL ROSENKRANS, son of Simeon (117), was born at Springfield, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, February 15, 1834. His father moved to Avoca, near Cohocton, New York, the year of his birth. Samuel there married March 6, 1859, Harriet Amelia Armstrong, born January 22, 1836. He lived in Steuben County, New York, till 1870, when he located at Alban, Illinois, and in company with Early & Armstrong, as reported by Mrs. H.A. Rosenkrans, engaged extensively in the mercantile business, dealing in stock and farmers produce, shipping to Chicago and Milwaukee. He eventually purchased the interest of his partners and closed up the business, purchasing five or six hundred acres of land near Albany, and dealing heavily in hogs and corn, and as many a man has done, speculated a trifle too much at the Board of Trade in Chicago. He also kept a dairy of fifty cows at one time and made butter extensively. He had four children, and therefore divided his land into four farms, one for each child, and before his death commenced erecting buildings upon them, which his widow, Mrs. Harriet A. Rosenkrans, has completed. She was also conducting a millinery business when her husband died, and as an enterprising woman, has done canvassing of some kind since his death. Samuel’s children are Mary P., James H., Harriet L. and Myron S. [Ed: Graphics are (left, top) Samuel Rosenkrans, (right) Mrs. H.A. Rosenkrans and Family, and (left, bottom) Samuel Rosenkrans’ Residence, Albany Illinois.]

Louisa Rosenkrans   Henry Rosenkrans

302.   LOUISA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Simeon (117), was born February 11, 1839, and died at Cohocton, August 29, 1866.

303.  HENRY ROSENKRANS, brother of the above, was born January 9, 1843, and died May, 1865.


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