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Nicholas Rosenkrans (102)
Caroline Rosenkrans (241) Teresa A. Rosenkrans (242)
Anson P. Rosenkrans (243) Layton Rosenkrans (244)
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Nicholas Rosenkrans (102)

NICHOLAS ROSENKRANS and Lydia Layton had seven children, and by Mary Smith he had two children.

241.  CAROLINE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Nicholas, was born on the James Brink farm, on Flat Brook, April 21, 1822, and died at three years of age. She was buried at the old Shappanack burial ground at the Delaware, on the Rosenkrans homestead.

Mrs. T.A. (Rosenkrans) Durling and Grandchildren, Lillie T. Durling, Edna M. Durling Mrs. Mary F. Hopper

242.  THERESA A. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Nicholas (102), was born in a log house on her fatherís farm in Walpack, Sussex County, New Jersey, May 12, 1824. Her mother died when she was young, and the cares of the household devolved mainly upon her till her father married again. While living at Centerville with her brothers, A.P. and Allen, she married March 2, 1854, Amzi A. Durling, a miller, then owning and operating the flouring mill near Centerville. Amzi A. came from a family of millers, and followed the occupation of a miller during life. His parents were John Durling and Leonora Northrup. After marriage he was engaged in that business successively at the following places: Centerville, New Jersey, Wurtsboro, New York, Morristown, New Jersey, Hohokus, Boonton, Allamuchy, LaFayette and Port Oram. After his son, Edgar L., began the milling business at Morristown, he superintended the mill while he lived and died there June 3, 1896.

Daniel F. Hopper Edgar L. Durling

Teresa A. became a member of the M.E. church while young, and has always been zealous in the cause of Christianity and temperance. She is now living in Morristown with her daughter Mary, and kindly cared for by her son, Edgar L. Durling, ex-Sheriff of Morris county. Her children are: Rodman P., Mary F., Edgar L., Anson R. and Esther T., who was born October 31, 1862, and died in infancy. Rodman P. Durling, eldest child of Amzi A. and Teresa A., was born at Layton, New Jersey, December 21, l854, and married March 3, 1880, Alice Bird, of Port Oram, Morris County, born March 12, 1862. He lives in Morristown and superintends the mill and milling business of his brothers Edgar L. He and his wife are members of the M.E. Church at Morristown, and he is active in church work. His children are Amzi F., Ira S., Luther T., Edna M., Anson A. and Edgar L. (twins) and Russell C. The twins died the year they were born, and the others are still living with their parents. Mary F. Durling, daughter of Teresa A. (242), was born at Layton, New Jersey, May 20, 1856, and married at LaFayette, December 23, 1876, Whitfield T. Hopper, of that place, a school teacher, born January 17, 1833. He died October 8, 1880. Mrs. Hopper, as previously stated, is living with her mother in Morristown. She is a dressmaker and church member. Her children are Walter A. Hopper, born September 21, 1877, who died in infancy, and Daniel A. Hopper, born at LaFayette December 2, 1878. Daniel A. Hopper, after leaving the public school at Morristown, studied as an architect there and afterward attended the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York , where he graduated June 22, 1899. He is artistic by nature and is now in the employ of an architect in New York City. The report of his grandmotherís family and descendants has been given by him. Edgar L. Durling, son of Teresa A. and Amzi A., was born at Layton, New Jersey, May 22, 1858. He was inclined to the milling business in early life, and learned it with his father at the Culver & Huston mill in LaFayette, New Jersey, and was subsequently employed as a miller in Deckertown. While at Port Oram, in the mill with his father he leased the Hopler mill, at Morristown, and conducted a large business there, purchasing oats and other grain by the car load and delivering to the trade and private customers at Morristown. The mill was old and the mill dam weakened so that it gave way producing a flood, which nearly washed away his dwelling and barn and other property. He then contracted for the building of a steam mill at the railway near the depot where he now conducts an extensive business, grinding feed and selling oats, feed, flour, hay, etc. October 10, 1895, he married Lue Lisensmith, of Morristown, born January 7, 1873. He has held several positions of public trust since living there, and was elected Sheriff of the county in 1896, his term of office having expired recently. He had a son Norman L., born June 23, 1897, who died in October following. In the fulfillment of his official duties he has had the unpleasant task of hanging one man. According to public report, he has done much in improving the Court House and cell apartments, rendering the Court House an honor to the city, and convenient and satisfactory to the public, and more comfortable for its inmates. Anson R. Durling, son of Teresa (242), was born at Layton, Sussex County, New Jersey, March 29, 1860. He was remarkably active and ambitious when yet a small boy and has retained that character to the present. While young he was with the writer in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a part of the time as foreman in conducting the bottling business. When not in Scranton he assisted his brother Edgar L., in the milling business at Morristown. January 4, 1883, while in Scranton, he married Flora DeGraw, of Scranton, born in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, March 24, 1864. Anson R. moved to Morristown soon after marriage and engaged in the hack business, keeping conveyances to meet the trains at the depot and to convey patrons about the city in shopping, viewing the scenery of the city, etc. He and his wife are both members of the Presbyterian church of Morristown, and have two promising daughters: Etta, born June 27, 1888, and Freda, born November 17, 1895.

Anson P. Rosenkrans Mrs. Glorvina M. Rosenkrans

243.  ANSON P. ROSENKRANS, eldest son of Nicholas (102), named for Anson Potwine, once a merchant of Newton, was born in Walpack, Sussex County, New Jersey, near the Sandyston line, March 28, 1826. He was brought up on the farm and taught school for a time. In 1850 he was in Port Jervis forwarding farmers products to commission merchants in New York and in the meantime clerked in the store of VanFleet & Godfrey. After the death of his father near the close of that year be lived on the farm for one year and as administrator of his fathers estate sold the farm at public sale. In 1852 he engaged in the mercantile business with Alanson A. Kinner, at Centerville, and in 1853 with the writer under the firm name of Rosenkrans Brothers. While thus engaged in the mercantile business there, he married 1853 Glorvina M. Young, born August 5, 1826. She was a daughter of Colonel Peter Young, of Sandyston, whose wife was Jennettie Brink, daughter of James Brink and Arreantie Rosenkrans (54). Arreantie was the daughter of Herman Rosenkrans and Arreantie Oosterhout and Hermanís father was Dirk, the son of Harmon Hendrick (1). About the year 1855 Anson P. left that place and engaged in the mercantile business at Flatbrookville and in 1857 purchased of Isaac Rosenkrans (391) in Newton his interest in the store of Hull & Rosenkrans and in company with David R. Hull conducted a large mercantile business there for many years under the firm name of Hull & Rosenkrans. At the close of the Civil War, 1865, Anson P. sold out his interest in the store and store property to Mr. Hull and in 1866 he and the writer, under the firm name of A.P. & A. Rosenkrans, engaged in the mercantile business in Newton, which they continued for two years. In 1868 Anson P. settled on a farm in Sandyston township, it being the homestead of his father-in-law, Colonel Peter Young. He subsequently conducted a store at Hainesville and still later, in company with his son-in-law, H.A. Depue, at Port Jervis, New York, and afterward at Stillwater, Sussex County, New Jersey. While in Sandyston his wifeís health failed and she was for several years an invalid and a great sufferer. She died on the farm June 12, 1880, and was buried at Hainesville cemetery December 23, 1882. He married Berthena Pierson, of Stillwater, born May 16, 1852, daughter of Jonathan E. Pierson. A.P. Rosenkrans is not a politician seeking office, but has been a zealous Republican since the days of Lincoln, and firmly believes that the welfare of the Nation depends upon the success of that party. He is now in the mercantile business and P.M. in Stillwater, New Jersey. He and his wife are both members of the Presbyterian church. His children, all by his first wife, are Lester L., Georgie and Elijah C.

Layton Rosenkrans

244.  LAYTON ROSENKRANS, son of Nicholas (102), was born in Walpack, Sussex County, New Jersey, April 21, 1828. When grown to manhood on the farm, he undertook to learn the cooperís trade, but became partially paralyzed, and was obliged to relinquish it. He assisted the writer in a store at Centerville for a time, and afterwards in the city of New York. He lived in the west and subsequently in Scranton for a long time and February 11, 1873, married Mary Ann Sivers, of Fairdale, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, born August 12, 1850. Soon after marriage, he bought a home near Fairdale, on the Wyalusing, where he still resides, He has no children, but in 1893 adopted a little girl from Philadelphia named Lillian, born January 8, 1893. She was received from a charitable institution in Philadelphia which provides homes for the homeless.


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