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Abram Rosenkrans (106)
Henry Rosenkrans (277) Hiram Rosenkrans (278)
Martha Rosenkrans (279) Andrew H. Rosenkrans (280)
Alvin C. Rosenkrans (281) Priscilla C. Rosenkrans (282)
Mary Jane Rosenkrans (283) Nicholas Rosenkrans (284)
Elijah A. Rosenkrans (285) Lester W. Rosenkrans (286)
Ida E. Rosenkrans (287)  

Elijah Rosenkrans (107)

Mary V. Rosenkrans (288) Hortense Rosenkrans (289)
Sylvia Augusta Rosenkrans (290)  



Abram Rosenkrans (106)

ABRAM ROSENKRANS and Lydia Henry had five children, and by Elizabeth Bennett he had six children.

277.  HENRY ROSENKRANS, son of Abram (106), was born in Walpack, Sussex County, New Jersey, March 26, 1829. His parents removed to Luzerne County, in 1839, but he remained in Sussex and lived with his grandfather, Benjamin Rosenkrans, till the age of eighteen, when be joined his parents in Pennsylvania in 1847. November 14, 1852, he married Martha Hart, of Pittston, born April 17, 1835. He was a carpenter and in 1853 went to Pawpaw, Illinois, where his father and relatives had gone. In 1859 he moved to Pikeís Peak, Montana, where he died September 9, 1859. His wife died there July 18, 1880. His children were: Oscar P., Frances Lydia and Priscilla M.

278.  HIRAM ROSENKRANS, son of Abram (106), was born in Walpack, New Jersey, March 9, 1831. He was eight years of age when his father moved to Pennsylvania and remained with his uncle Elijah Rosenkrans, in Walpack, till he grew to manhood, then joined his father in Pennsylvania and went with him to Illinois. At Pawpaw he married Mary Jane Town and was one of the first of the family to proceed on to Marble Roc, Floyd County, Iowa, where, report said, he was for some time quite extensively engaged in raising cattle and other stock. He eventually went into the mercantile business at Marble Rock, having a hardware store, and at last report was still engaged in that business. His children, as reported by others, are: Marietta, Alvin and Martha.

Mrs. Martha (Rosenkrans) Runyon

279.  MARTHA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Abram (106), was born in New Jersey March 9, 1833, married April 22, 1852, in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, John Litts, born March 8, 1826. He was a farmer and went to Lee County Illinois, and died at Pawpaw, March 30, 1868. Mrs. Martha Litts afterward married Reverend W.C. Runyon, a farmer. She is a church member and lived at Pawpaw. She visited the writer in Scranton, 1885, among other relatives there and has communicated recently. She had one son by her first husband, named Alton Litts, born November 22, 1853, and died October 2, 1865. She has also a daughter by her second husband, Lydia Runyon, born January 3, 1864, who married January 31, 1885, Joseph Baker, a painter at Pawpaw, Illinois. 


Andrew H. Rosenkrans and Family
Stock Farm of A.H. Rosenkrans, Pawpaw, Ill.

280.  ANDREW H. ROSENKRANS, son of Abram (106), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, March 10, 1835. He was four years of age when his father moved to Pennsylvania and twenty when he moved to Illinois. Andrew H. married October 15, 1863, Lydia Mitten, of Pawpaw. He has been a farmer who has succeeded well and become an extensive farmer and breeder of stock. In 1865 he began to purchase land, beginning with eighty acres, and added to his possessions till he now owns 646 acres, being more than a mile square, including a lot in Pawpaw for a home, on which he has recently built and now lives. His land is divided into three farms, one of which contains a driving course for the training of horses. His land is prairie, very productive and easy of cultivation, paying well for the time and labor in producing crops. It is reported that the purchasing price of his lands exceeds $30,000. His chief products seem to be timothy seed, corn and oats. He once wrote to the writer about making market for one thousand bushels of timothy seed besides corn and oats. Andrew H. has furnished information concerning many of the descendants of his father Abram, and of other relatives. He occasionally returns to the scene of his early home in Pennsylvania visiting among his relatives and twice visited the writer while living in Scranton, 1868 to 1885. His children are: Anson and Byron M., both farmers near Pawpaw, living on his farms, connected by telephone. [Ed: Graphics are (left) Andrew H. Rosenkrans and Family and (right) Stock Farm of A.H. Rosenkrans, Pawpaw, Illinois.]

281.  ALVIN C. ROSENKRANS, son of Abram (106), is the last child born in Sussex County, New Jersey, born June 14, 1837. He accompanied his father to Pennsylvania and still later to Illinois, and was there married, 1865, to Cynthia Town, of Shabona. Like others of the family, he proceeded on westward, till he reached Floyd County, Iowa, and there settled on a farm near Marble Rock, where he still lives. His children are: Forest and Guy, the latter being departed.

282.  PRISCILLA C. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Abram (106), by his last wife, was born in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, January 3, 1840. She was married July 4, 1857, to Isaac Harding, and lived at Pawpaw, where she died September 18, 1858, leaving one son, Clark R. Harding.

283.  MARY JANE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Abram (106), was born in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, February 28, 1842, and married Jacob Miller. They moved to Marble Rock, Iowa, where Mary Jane died leaving four children ó Anna, Amy, Jennie and Franc. Anna Miller, born November 17, 1863, married Henry Smith, a farmer near Marble Rock; Amy Miller, married P. Jordon, and lives at Clinton, Iowa; Jennie married Lew Schrader, a farmer near Marble Rock and has several children. Franc Miller married Alexander Wilson, a farmer, near Marble Rock and has one son.

284.  NICHOLAS ROSENKRANS, named after the writerís father, was born in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, December 9, 1843. The following is his autobiography received by letter from Marble Rock, dated June 22, 1897; "My name in full is Nicholas Rosenkrans. I am first son of Abram Rosenkrans and Elizabeth Rosenkrans. I was born in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, December 9, 1843, where I lived until at the age of ten, I with my parents, moved to Lee County, Illinois. There I resided until the fall of 1867, when, in company with my parents and some friends, I emigrated to Floyd County, Iowa, where I have ever since resided, pursuing principally the occupation of farming. Emaline Rosenkrans, formerly Emaline A. Comstock, was born in Clinton County, New York, March 22, 1840; was, married to Nicholas Rosenkrans December 31, 1868. We have never had any children. Wishing you abundance of success with your genealogy, and that I may some day have the pleasure of visiting you, I remain very respectfully, Nicholas Rosenkrans." (Come on Nicholas).

285.  ELIJAH A. ROSENKRANS, son of Abram (106), was born in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, January 6, 1846. Living at Marble Rock, Iowa, he married Franc Bissel, born July 16, 1853. His wife, said to have been a good musician, died November 2, 1886. Elijah A. was the first of the family to engage in the mercantile business at Marble Rock, in company with John Durland, during the sixties, in the old town of Aureola. His father Abram eventually bought Durlandís interest in the store and under the firm name of Elijah A. Rosenkrans & Company, the business was conducted till Abramís death, 1889. Elijah A. then carried on the business as administrator till his own death October 17, 1891. His son Harry B. Rosenkrans then succeeded them in the mercantile business. Elijah A. ís children were Bertha, Grace and Harry B.

286.  LESTER W. ROSENKRANS, son of Abram (106), was born in Pennsylvania, January 19, 1850. While living at Marble Rock he married December 31, 1874, Mary Z. Cheadle, born April 18, 1854. She died without issue February 19, 1877. June 16, 1878, Lester W. married Sarah L. Blace, born April 1, 1858. He was a farmer till twenty-two years of age and in 1872 commenced clerking in the store for his father and brother and also learned the jewelry business. When he reported, June 1897, he was working at his trade and also conducting a small grocery store. He had a home in the town of Marble Rock and a farm of 84 acres one mile away. He had two children by his second wife, Archie B, and Floyd A., the former having died 1883.

Mrs. Ida E. (Rosenkrans) Stetler Dr. T.H. Stetler Orla N. Stetler


Residence of Dr. T.H. Stetler, Pawpaw, Ill.

287.  IDA E. ROSENKRANS, youngest child of Abram (106), was born in Pennsylvania October 31, 1853. She was married December 31, 1870, to Dr. Thomas H. Stetler, born in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, August 6, 1847. He became a practicing physician at Pawpaw, Illinois, many years ago and is still practicing his profession there. Dr. and Mrs. Stetler have one daughter, Orla N., born February 4, 1886.

Elijah Rosenkrans (107)

ELIJAH ROSENKRANS and Amanda M.F. Van Sickle had three children.

288.  MARY V. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Elijah (107), was born at Flatbrookville, Sussex County, New Jersey, and married September 16, 1888, at Port Jervis, New York, W.H. McCollum, foreman of construction work in the eastern district for a telephone company located at 253 Broadway, New York City. He superintends the establishing of telephones in twelve states of the Union. He lives at 9 Hollywood Avenue, East Orange, New Jersey, and with his wife recently visited Newton. They have two children: Mellet May McCollum, born November 19, 1889, and W.H. McCollum, Jr., born June 13, 1891.

289.  HORTENSE ROSENKRANS was born at Flatbrookville July 26, 1870, and died at Newton June 18, 1882.

290.  SYLVIA AUGUSTA ROSENKRANS was born in Walpack, Sussex County, New Jersey, was a typewriter, died at Jersey City and was buried in Newton cemetery.


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