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Dr. Simeon Rosenkrans (49)

Belinda Rosenkrans (113) Oliver Rosenkrans (114)
James Oliver Rosenkrans (115) Dr. Henry S. Rosenkrans (116)
Simeon Rosenkrans (117) John Rosenkrans (118)
Charick Rosencrantz (119) Samuel S. Rosenkrans (120)
Margaret D. W. Rosenkrans (121) Julia Maria Rosenkrans (122)
Charles Jayne Rosenkrans (123) Ann Catharine Rosenkrans (124)

Jacobus Rosenkrans (55)

Betsy Rosenkrans (125) Lena Rosenkrans (126)
Catharine Rosenkrans (127)  
Captain Daniel Rosencrants (59)
James (or Jacobus) Rosecrons (128) John D. Rosenkrans (129)
Josiah Rosekrans (130) Daniel Rosecrans (131)
Catharine Rosenkrans (132) Jacob Rosecrans (133)

John Rosecrans (62)

Abraham Rosecrans (134) Isaac Rosecrans (135)
Jacob Rosecrans (136) John Rosecrans (137)
Rebecca Rosecrans (138)  



Dr. Simeon Rosenkrans (49)

DR. SIMEON ROSENKRANS and Sarah Shoemaker, had twelve children.

113.  BELINDA ROSENKRANS, eldest child of Dr. Simeon, was born in Walpack, New Jersey, March 13, 1800. She married Daniel Nyce, probably of Sussex, while her father lived in Walpack, prior to his going to Steuben County. They lived for a time in Steuben County and moved to Michigan. Mrs. H.M. Bailey, of Cohocton, reports that some of their children went to Florida. Their names are given as: Sarah Elizabeth, Simeon, George, Hannah, Maria and Hiram, twins. It was reported also that a descendant of Belinda Nyce, Charles R., was living at Washington, Kansas.

114.  OLIVER ROSENKRANS, second child of Dr. Simeon, was born 1801, and died in infancy.

115.  JAMES OLIVER ROSENKRANS, son of Dr. Simeon, was born at the stone residence in Walpack, June 3, 1803. He married March 3, 1824, Susanna Vancampen, born November 6, 1805, daughter of James Vancampen and Cecelia Decker, who lived in the Colonel Abraham Vancampen stone residence at Shoemakers Ferry, eleven miles below. James was probably a grandson of Colonel Abraham. James Oliver was a farmer and settled on a farm at White Water, Wisconsin, where he died May 5, 1883. His wife Susanna died there September 1, 1892. Some of the family including his daughter Mary, who reported the above particulars, still live there. His children were: Sarah, Cecelia R., Simeon D., Anson C. and Mary.

116.  DR. HENRY S. ROSENKRANS, son of Dr. Simeon (49), was born in Walpack, New Jersey, 1805. David Hossack, his son, of Newark, New Jersey, reported that his father studied medicine in New York with Dr. David Hossack for whom he was named, and located at Hamburg, New Jersey, as a physician about 1825. He married Mary Sharp, of Wantage, 1829. Mary Sharp was born March 11, 1806, daughter of Joseph Sharp, a large land owner, of Wantage. In 1841 Dr. Henry S. went to New York City and there practiced medicine. In 1845 he came into possession of a farm in Wantage inherited by his wife where he moved and lived for a while. He sold the farm and moved to Newton and remained there about two years, then went to Newark and died May 20, 1868. His wife Mary died January 21, 1878. His children were: David Hossack, Joseph Sharp, Helen M., Mary Estelle and Sarah Elizabeth.

117.  SIMEON ROSENKRANS, son of Dr. Simeon, was born in Walpack, New Jersey, 1807. He married February 12, 1832, Mary Zimmerman, of Smithfield, Pennsylvania, opposite Walpack, on the Delaware, and 1834 moved to Steuben County, New York, on a farm at Avoca, near Cohocton, where his father settled a few years later. He succeeded well as a farmer and died May 22, 1872. His wife Mary outlived him, and is spoken of by Mrs. A.E. White (196) as a superior woman and a benevolent Christian, who greatly assisted the Presbyterian church of the place by contributions and gifts. Simeonís children were: Samuel, Louisa, and Henry.

John Rosenkrans

118.  JOHN ROSENKRANS, son of Dr. Simeon, was born in the stone house near Walpack Centre, January 1, 1809. He kept store in his fatherís house for a short time, then moved his store to the village of Peterís Valley, three miles above. I used to hear my father, when I was a small boy, tell of an incident concerning Johnís clerk, whom, when he was going away, he told to salt the eggs in order to preserve them. Being inexperienced in preserving eggs and knowing but one way of salting them he removed the shells to the great surprise of his employer. A person still living, who remembers the store kept by John Rosenkrans, thinks the clerk was his own brother. After removing his store, to Peterís Valley (Bevans P.O.), which was one and a half miles from my fatherís house, John had the misfortune 1836 of losing the store and a quantity of money by fire. An old file of the Sussex Register, of Newton, New Jersey, February, 1836, contains the following item: "On February 16, the Storehouse of John Rosenkrants, at Peterís Valley was burned with all its contents including $700 or $800 in money." After the loss of his store 1836, John must have gone directly to Dover, Ohio, as he was married there 1837 to Mary Johnson, daughter of The Honorable Leverett Johnson, of Dover. His son, Henry J. Rosencrans, of Kansas City, Missouri, reports that his father from 1838-1853 lived in different places in Walworth County, Wisconsin, as merchant, farmer and grower of fruit trees and fruit. In 1853 he went to Beloit, Wisconsin, where his wife died 1854. In 1856 John married Mary Perkins, of Beloit, who died there 1864. He then moved to Clarksville, Iowa, and 1865 married Mrs. Mary A. Stewart, of Shell Rock, Iowa. In 1866 he moved to Waverly, where he died August 17, 1880. In December, 1897, Mary A., his widow, was still living at Waverly as reported by Henry J., who gives to his father the following tribute of praise. He says: "My father was a Deacon in the Congregational Church and always lived a very consistent life, and tried to inculcate the same principles in his children." Johnís children, all by his first wife, were: Helen P., Florence L., Henry J., Lucian I. and Lucius S., twins, S. Amelia, Miles M. and Otto G.

119.  CHARICK ROSENCRANTZ, son of Dr. Simeon, was born in Walpack, New Jersey, 1811. He married July 7, 1844, Maria Hopper, perhaps of Hohokus, New Jersey, where his uncle, Dr. Elijah RoseGrant, lived, and where his father had lived for a short time and himself also after marriage. Charickís son, John J., reports that he lived there 1845-1850 during which time his children were born. We are informed by another that he was a traveling agent or salesman for some time and then real estate agent. Mrs. H.M. Bailey (316), of Cohocton, New York, reports that Charick was accidentally killed by a team of horses at Poughkeepsie, October 25, 1860. His children were: Louis, John Jacob and Margaret. His widow Maria is yet living with her son John J. Rosencrantz at Cranford, New Jersey, aged 91 years.

Samuel S. Rosenkrans

120.  SAMUEL S. ROSENKRANS, son of Dr. Simeon (117), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, July 25, 1813. He went to Cohocton, Steuben County, New York, 1838, and there married September 10, 1840, Melissa Davis, born August 24, 1823. Melissa is a daughter of Daniel H. Davis, whose mother was a sister to Colonel Ethan Allen, of Revolutionary fame. Daniel H. Davis was born in Connecticut and came to Cohocton, where Melissa was born. After marriage Samuel S. Rosenkrans went to Jackson County, Michigan, as a farmer, but the climate not being suitable, he returned to Cohocton, where after the death of his father 1841 he purchased the homestead farm. In 1860 he sold it and engaged in hotel keeping in Cohocton, but eventually left the hotel and retired to his home at Cohocton, where he served the public for many years it is said, in positions of public trust. He died March 30, 1881. It is reported that he was a practical Christian but not a church member. With commendable love for her parents and pride in her grandfatherís family, Mrs. R.M. Bailey (316) writes as follows concerning them "I am a great lover of our own family, for with only one or two exceptions they are a family to be proud of. It was an acknowledged fact that my grandfatherís, Dr. Simeon Rosenkransí family, taking them one and all, was the handsomest and most intelligent family. The girls were more than ordinary handsome and the men fine specimens of manhood. My father, Samuel Rosenkrans, was a tall, well built man, of fine physique, and in his younger days a handsomer man was hard to find." Of her mother she says: "My mother, Mrs. Samuel Rosenkrans, was born in Cohocton, New York, August 24, 1823, and is still living in our old home in this village only about forty rods from my present home. She is now well along in years, being nearly seventy-four years old, and as well a preserved woman of her age as you probably ever saw, and the greatest happiness I know is in visiting her every day." Samuelís children were: Helen Balinda, Harriet Maria, Sarah Elizabeth, Charles Melvin, Ann Moore and Mary Louise.

121.  MARGARET D.W. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Dr. Simeon, was born in Walpack, New Jersey, August 18, 1815. She married in Steuben County, New York, March 18, 1841, Paul C. Cook, born September 16, 1792. He served as County Clerk for some years and died at Bath July 11, 1865. She died without issue and she and her husband were buried in the Grove Cemetery at Bath.

122.  JULIA MARIA ROSENKRANS, born in Sussex County, New Jersey, February 16, 1817, married March 3, 1842, Daniel Raymond, of Steuben County. They lived at Cohocton till 1855, then went to Michigan, near Tecumseh. Mrs. Melissa D. Rosenkrans (120), and her daughter, Mrs. H.M. Bailey (316), who have furnished information concerning Dr. Simeonís family report that from Tecumseh the family moved to Sorento, Florida, where Julia Maria died October 27, 1822. They had four children born at Cohocton, Amzi Cook Raymond born July 13, 1843, and went to Idaho, there married Mary Lamb and had three children: Ray, Harry and Irving, Francis D. Raymond born November 1, 1851, married at Sorento, Florida, Barbara Pitt, who bore him three children: Ira M., Charles and Inez Gertrude, reported as living at N. Yokima, Washington. Irving Raymond, born in Steuben County, New York, January 28, 1853, married at Tecumseh, Michigan, Sarah Gilbert, went to Florida and died November 12, 1891. Ida M. Raymond, born July 22, 1855, remained single and when reported lived at 6146 Hanover Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

123.  CHARLES JAYNE ROSENKRANS, son of Dr. Simeon, was born in New Jersey 1820. He married at Cohocton Catharine Raymond. He was a harness maker by trade and moved to Tecumseh, Michigan, and there died 1876. He had children, C. Webb and Edward.

124.  ANN CATHARINE ROSENKRANS, twelfth and last child of Dr. Simeon Rosenkrans (117) and Sarah Shoemaker, was born in Walpack, New Jersey, September 3, 1823. At Cohocton she married Andrew W. Moore, a merchant of Lebanon Corner, New York, April 13, 1844. She died at Utica, May 12, 1861, and was buried at Cohocton. Her son, and only child, Charles Henry Moore, born November 16, 1847, married Lucy Cook, of Wayne, New York. He lives at Bath, according to reports, and has one son Charles Moore, in a printing office, at Washington, D.C.

Jacobus Rosenkrans (55)

JACOBUS ROSENKRANS and Maria Hornbeck had three children.

125.  BETSY ROSENKRANS, daughter of Jacobus, was born at Rosetown, Pennsylvania, about 1771 and married Manuel Brink. No further records.

126.  LENA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Jacobus, or James (55), was born at Rosetown about 1773, married February 17, 1791, Martynus Cole, father of Jacobus Cole, the father of Judge Martin Cole, of Montague. Martynus Cole is said to have built the first frame dwelling in Montague, the others at that time having been built of logs or stone.

127. CATHARINE ROSENKRANS, born at Rosetown, Pennsylvania, about 1775, married Daniel Decker and secondly Crissey Bull. Her children by D. Decker were: Lena and Roanna. The latter married John D. Everitt, of Sandyston, and had children, Caty Jane, Daniel, Isaac, Martin, Robert and Allen. Caty Jane Everitt married John B. Layton, father of Joseph E. Layton, of Branchville, New Jersey, and of Daniel Davis Layton, of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. Catharineís children by C. Bull were: Rosenkrans C. Bull, Hannah, who married Henry Mott, of Milford, and Maria, who married Eli Vanlnwagen, of Port Jervis.

Captain Daniel Rosencrants (59)

CAPTAIN DANIEL ROSENCRANTS and Catrina Cole had six children.

128.  JAMES, OR JACOBUS ROSECRONS, eldest son of Captain Daniel Rosencrants, was baptized at Minisink, New Jersey, November 25, 1766. He was taken by his parents to the Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania, 1767, and returned with his mother after his fatherís capture by the Indians, to New Jersey, 1776. After his fatherís death and the close of the war he returned with his mother and the other children to Wyoming. When the place was disposed of by his mother they all returned to Sussex County, New Jersey, where he married Mary Walling, about 1797 and settled in Wantage. His home was near the State line, in the vicinity of Unionville, New York, and was probably the former home, of his parents, Daniel and Catharine. James dealt in real estate, and from the land records, as well as the church, we have gathered a portion of his history. He was married three times, and had children by two of his wives. His second wife was Mary Loring and his third Sarah Roy. He lived in Sussex County all his life, while his brothers left the county, and all except John D., went to Delaware County, Ohio, as well as his sister Catharine. In 1803 James purchased land of James Walling. In 1805 he and his wife Mary sold real estate to H. Coykendall and to P. Vansickle. In 1816 to Jacob Rosenkrans, his brother. In 1818 James and Sarah Roy, his third wife, sold to Joseph Chandler, in 1830 to John Roy, and 1834 to Jane Post. From the above records it is evident that his second wife Mary Loring died between 1816-1818. The time of Mary Wallingís death was probably soon after the birth of Benjamin, her last child, 1804. James made a will 1831 and added a codicil 1833, and died 1836, appointing as executors John Bonnell and Andrew Wilson. His wife, Sarah Roy, was still living, as he bequeathed to her among other things "the choice of the rooms in the house, one cow, two beds and bedding, and a sufficiency of household goods to set out her room, and the old bay mare and harness and wagon, together so long as she should remain his widow." The farm he deeded to and divided between his two sons, giving to Benjamin "the north part sixty-seven acres according to a given survey, and to Daniel the south part eighty acres subject to the widowís dower." The will of James, which is dated May 30, 1831 is signed "James Rosecrants" and witnessed by Andrew Wilson, James Pool and Dewitt C. Wilson. The codicil dated November 20, 1833, is signed "James Rosecrons" and witnessed by W.J. Wilson, Caleb Pittsley and Daniel Wilson. The will was proved at Newton before Grant Fitch, Surrogate, June 15, 1836, and recorded Book C., p. 182. He was a member of the Orange Baptist Church, Minisink township, Orange County, New York. His children by Mary Walling were James, Phebe, Amy and Benjamin. By Mary Loring, Daniel.

129.  JOHN D. ROSENKRANS, son Captain Daniel (59), was born in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, October 5, 1769. After his fatherís capture by the Indians in 1776 he with the rest of the family returned to Sussex County and when grown to manhood near the State line he married Elizabeth Whittaker, born 1774, and as informed by his daughter, Mrs. Amanda Joslyn, located on a farm in Minisink Township, Orange County, New York, near Westtown. In 1819 he left there and settled on a farm near Batavia, Genesee County, where he died January 10, 1851. His wife died September 14, 1853. His children were: Catharine, John W., Daniel, Jesse, Elizabeth J., Amanda and James.

130.  JOSIAH ROSEKRANS, son of Captain Daniel (59), was born in Wyoming Valley, 1771. Following the fortunes and the removals of his mother he was raised mainly in Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey, but with the majority of his fatherís family moved to Delaware County, Ohio. But little definite knowledge has been gained concerning him but Mr. C.P. Dwinnell, of Potter, Delaware County, Ohio, reported 1893 that Josiah raised a family of children in Ohio among whom were Lorin, Mortimer, Catharine and Hannah, that he lived in Delaware County, but went to Kalamazoo County where he died. Mrs. Amanda Joslyn, of Batavia, New York, reported 1893 that Josiahís son Lorin once visited at her fatherís house while on his way to New Jersey and that his brother Mortimer was at West Point Academy, taken sick and started for home and died at Detroit before reaching home.

131.  DANIEL ROSECRANS, son of Captain Daniel (59), was born in Wyoming County (then Luzerne) Pennsylvania, 1173. After his fatherís capture in 1776 he was brought by his mother through the wilderness to New Jersey, then to Wyoming again and back to Sussex where in Wantage, near the State line, he grew to manhood. At age of twenty, as reported by Mrs. Lily Rosecrans Toole (855) of Helena, Montana, he returned to Luzerne County and married 1793 Thankful Wilcox, at WilkesBarre. She reports that he went to Delaware County, Ohio, 1808, purchased a farm and in connection with his farming practiced medicine. The land records of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, as reported by Mr. O.J. Harvey, historian of the Nesbitt family, show that Daniel Rosecrants purchased of D. Stadford for $700, 170 acres of land on Horseshoe Neck in the district of Tunkhannock adjoining lands of John Rosecrants. March 15, 1802, and the Ohio land records as reported by J.P. Wintermute of Delaware show that he purchased land in Kingston township, Delaware County, Ohio, of Joseph Patrick, June 20, 1816. The first record may be at the State capitol. He eventually sold the farm in Delaware County and moved to Licking County, where he died 1849, his wife having died there 1840. Daniel sold land to Daniel Rosacrans, Jr., 1825, and to a Mr. Austin 1832. The farm on which he first settled was afterward owned by his son Crandall and on that farm Crandallís son, General William Stark Rosecrans was born 1819. In 1834 the farm was purchased by John Rosecrans, son of Isaac (135), and Johnís son Samuel L. Rosecrans owned and lived on it in March 1895 when a letter was received from him. He says "the farm owned by Daniel contained 92 acres. I have no deed back of the one given to my father in 1834." Daniel probably sold to his son Crandall, who lived on it 1819. Danielís children were: Crandall, Parmenus, Jacob, Daniel, James, Judge Marmaduke P., Elizabeth, Deziah, Catharine and another not named, who probably died young.

132.  CATHARINE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Captain Daniel and Catharine Cole, was born in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, about 1775. She was brought up in Wantage township, Sussex County, New Jersey, and there married Paul Stark by whom she had eight children. After his death she married Edward Culver, and moved to Delaware County, Ohio. Her children by her first husband as reported by Mr. C.P. Dwinnell, of Potter, Ohio, were: Almond, Nathaniel, George, Sarah, James, Henry, Paul and Phebe, and by her second husband, Stephen Culver. She lived near Sunbury, Delaware County, and in 1793, all her children were said to have departed this life except Stephen.

133.  JACOB ROSECRANS, son and youngest child of Captain Daniel (59), was baptized at Minisink Dutch Reformed Church, Sussex County, New Jersey, June 1, 1777. This was soon after the return of his parents from Pennsylvania, after his fatherís capture, 1776. From the Sussex land records and from Ohio we learn that Jacobís wife was named Sarah, but her family name has not been learned. It is said that Jacob had a second wife named Rachel Hogden, and had children: LaPayette, Crandall, Lucinda, Josiah and Stephen; that Jacob after living in Delaware County removed to Morrow County and died there. Jacob remained in Sussex County longer than any of his brothers except James, and was one of the executors of his motherís estate as named in her will. He purchased land of Martin Ryerson in Wantage, New Jersey, 1809, and of his brother James, 1816. Jacob and Sarah sold land to Jacob Vansickle, 1816, and to Stephen Arnold, Jr., September 20, 1817. This seems to have been his last sale in Sussex, and he probably went to Ohio soon after, being the last of the family to go there and the third Jacob Rosecrans known in Delaware County, Ohio. Mrs. Lily R. Toole, of Montana, daughter of General W.S. Rosecrans, in writing from her fatherís ranch, near Los Angeles, Califirnia, in 1894, says concerning the family in Ohio: "My father remembers his Uncle Jake, and in addition recalls two middle aged men when he was a boy, Jersey Jake and Taylor Jake, the latter having married in the Taylor family." Mr. C.P. Dwinnell, of Delaware County, Ohio, in a letter, 1895, also speaks of three Jakes who formerly lived in that county, "little Jake, Taylor Jake and Jersey Jake," who were thus nicknamed in order to distinguish them. Little Jake was probably the son of Daniel Rosecrans and Thankful Wilcox; Taylor Jake, who married Poly Taylor, was the son of John Rosecrans, and Maria Rosa, and Jersey Jake, recently from New Jersey, was the son of Captain Daniel Rosencrants and Catharine, of Revolutionary days, whose adventures and experiences in 1776 were strange and startling.

John Rosecrans (62)

JOHN ROSECRANS and Maria Rosa had five children.

134. ABRAHAM ROSECRANS, son of John (62), was born in Orange County, New York, about 1771, where his father was a soldier of the Revolution. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, John and Rebecca followed in the footsteps of their father John. They accompanied him to Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, and to Delaware County, Ohio. We have not the date of Abrahamís purchase in Pennsylvania, but the WilkesBarre records show that he sold land on Horse Shoe Neck, Putnam township, Luzerne County (now Wyoming) to James Stark for $180, May 1, 1807. About the year 1805, Abraham, while living in Pennsylvania, married Susan Patrick and as reported by his daughter Mrs. Mahala Winterbotham, of Michigan City, through her son-in-law, Mr. John G. Mott. He moved to Ohio, 1811, where she was born the same year. We have not learned the Christian name of Susan Patrickís father, but in 1816, Daniel Rosecrans (131) purchased land of one Joseph Patrick, in Delaware County, who was probably her father. Abraham purchased in Ohio of his father, 1812, having moved there as before stated in 1811. He lived there forty years, a wilderness life at first, and 1851 removed to Illinois, locating on a farm near Charleston, Coles County, where he died 1861. His children, as reported by Mr. John G. Mott, of Michigan City, were: Calista, Zerua, Miranda, Mahala, Maria, Elizabeth, Almon, Sophronia, Charles and Susan.

135.  ISAAC ROSECRANS, son of John (62), was born in Orange County, New York, January 22, 1782. The baptisms of his fatherís family have not been found in the church records, but reports from his descendants in the West have been received concerning his family and especially from his grandchildren, Mrs. Mary E. Cox, (699) of Elwood, Nebraska, and from G.W. White (364), of Kansas. At the close of the eighteenth century, as before stated, Isaac with his father and his brothers went to Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, and about the year 1803 married Mary Taylor, and purchasing land there commenced the clearing of a farm and the rearing of a family and Isaac, the brother of Abraham, raised a much larger one than did Isaac, the son of Abraham. Isaac had three wives and eighteen children and lived in the several states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois. According to the Luzerne County records, Isaac on June 20, 1806, in company with his brother John Jr., purchased of John Arnold 300 acres of land on the Susquehanna, Putnam township, adjoining lands of John Rosecrants, his father, for which they paid $770 and the next year, July 7, 1807, Isaac purchased his brotherís one-half interest for $385. But his father went to Ohio and purchased land in Delaware County, 1810, being the first of the name to purchase in that county. Isaac was the second, buying there 1811 and moving the following year. He purchased of Stanberry & Dayton, March 1, 1811. Mary Taylor, his first wife, was born March 10, 1782, and died in Ohio November 20, 1816, leaving nine children. In 1817 he married Hulda Agerd, born March 18, 1792. She died 1828, leaving four children. In 1829 he married Lucy Taylor and 1834 or 1837 left Ohio and located on a farm near Ashton, Ogle County, Illinois, with a family of at least fifteen children. Abraham and Isaac kept well together in the journey of life in going from New York to Pennsylvania, to Ohio and to Illinois, in which state he was buried. Isaac died 1852 on a farm three miles from Ashton. Almond W. Rosecrans (709), a grandson and merchant in Ashton, reported 1897, that the Isaac Rosecransí farm was then owned and occupied by one William Hunt. His children by his first wife were: Diana, Sallie, Catharine, John, Dorsin, Mary T., Hiram, Rebecca and Isaac. By his second wife; Crandall, Lucy Ann, William Champlin and Huldah M. By his third wife: Newton, Eliza Ann, Russell, Benjamin and Philo.

136.  JACOB ROSECRANS, son of John (62), was born in Orange County, New York, about 1783, and married 1812. In 1798, with his father and his brethren in Pennsylvania he purchased 260 acres of land in Hanover Division, Luzerne County, which he claimed 1802, it being government land. Thence he went to Ohio, but of the time we have no record. Mrs. Permelia Stockwell (386), of Sunbury reported something concerning him, but the information received is very scant. The name of his first wife is said to have been Hillman, who had a son George. His second wife was Polly Taylor, and as noticed in connection with Jacob (133) was called Taylor Jake. His children by his second wife were Chester, John, Wesley, Alpheus Bigalow, Jane, Permelia, born 1821; Emily and Sarah Maria.

137.  JOHN ROSECRANS, son of John (49), was born in Orange County, New York, 1785; purchased 300 acres on the Susquehanna, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, in company with Isaac, 1806, and sold to Isaac 1807; went to Delaware County, Ohio, thence to Terre Haute, Indiana, about 1820 where he died leaving two children, a son and a daughter. Mr. John G. Mott, of Michigan City, reports that Mrs. Mahala Winterbotham says that John Rosecrans, her uncle, went to Terre Haute when she was a little girl and died there, leaving two children. His widow married again. A son of his was a soldier in the war between the States, and in a hospital in Columbus, Ohio, where he was visited by Mahalaís sister.

138.  REBECCA ROSECRANS, daughter of John (49), married and is said to have had a daughter Eliza and a son William Henry living in Elgin, Illinois, 1894.


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