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Allen Rosenkrans (245)
Carrie Rosenkrans (531) Lucy T. Rosenkrans (532)
Allen E. Rosenkrans (533) Layton W. Rosenkrans (534)
Minnie Rosenkrans (535) Luke D. Rosenkrans (536)
Lorenzo D. Rosenkrans (247)
Frank H. Rosenkrans (537) M. Victor Rosenkrans (538)
Charles Irving Rosenkrans (539)  



Allen Rosenkrans (245)

ALLEN ROSENKRANS and Charlotte Tuttle had two children and by Mary Catharine Wintermute he has four children.

Mrs. Carrie (Rosenkrans) Riker   Allen C. Riker

531.   CARRIE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Allen (245), was born at Layton, Sussex County, New Jersey, February 23, 1853. She married in Scranton, Pennsylvania, October 22, 1879, Hiram E. Riker, born January 10, 1852. He is a son of Norman Riker, formerly living in Scranton, and now on a farm near Nicholson, Pennsylvania. Hiram E. before marriage was driving a delivery wagon for a grocery firm in Scranton and subsequently engaged in the livery business. He is now in the hack business in Scranton, living on Monroe Avenue. Their children are: Sterling A. born September 14, 1881, Chester N., born January 31, 1884, Allen C., named for his grandfather, was born June 16, 1886, and Robert H. born November 20, 1893. 


Mrs. Lucy T. (Rosenkrans) Keller

532.   LUCY T. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Allen (245), and Charlotte, was born in New York City on the east corner of Broadway and 32nd St., where the writer was then living and engaged in the grocery trade, February 1, 1860. She was named for her grandmother, Lucy Tuttle. When but three days old she with her mother was carried from the house on a bed at night to escape a fire in the adjoining building, which was extinguished. Living with her parents in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Lucy married February 28, 1881, Jefferson M. Keller, born at Chillicothe, Livingston County, Missouri, December 5, 1851. His father was John Keller, born in France, and married Elesta Miller, at Lebanon, Pennsylvania, after which he settled at Chillicothe, Missouri, as carpenter and carver. Jefferson M. Keller was a carver also, and chief workman in the finishing shop of Finn Brothers, contractors and builders, in Scranton. He was a good workman and noted for the amount of work which he could do as a carver. He belonged to the State Militia at Scranton and while camping out one summer was prostrated by a sunstroke, which resulted in softening of the brain, causing insanity and death September 7, 1896. He had secured for himself a home at 701 Quincy Avenue, opposite the Taylor Hospital, where Lucy T. now resides. She is a member of the Reformed Episcopal church to which her husband also belonged and over which when they became members Reverend D.N. Stearns, the noted Bible teacher and evangelist, was pastor. Lucy T. has been an active church worker and before her husband’s death paid for a Bible reader at a foreign Christian Mission. Lucy’s children are: Arthur Jefferson born August 26, 1883, Elesta born November 17, 1886, and died March 16, 1888, and Charlotte M., born January 18, 1894. 

Allen E. Rosenkrans

533.  ALLEN E. ROSENKRANS, son of Allen and Mary Catharine, was born at No. 12 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania, September 15, 1873. At twelve years of age he accompanied his parents to Newton, New Jersey After leaving the public school he graduated at the New Jersey Business College of Newark 1894. Before his graduation was completed he was offered a position in the pay roll office of the Edison Electric Light Company of East Newark, which he accepted at the close of the term and remained there till the spring of 1896. He then accepted a position offered him in the Sussex Shoe Factory, at Newton as shipping clerk and assistant bookkeeper. In April, 1898, he became the principal bookkeeper which position he still holds living with his parents in Newton. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, ex-Secretary of the Christian Endeavor Society of the Church and now secretary of the county organization and teacher in the Sabbath School.

Layton W. Rosenkrans

534.  LAYTON W. ROSENKRANS, son of Allen (245), was born at 12 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania, July 11, 1875. He graduated at the Newton Public School 1893, after which he attended the State Normal School one year at East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, then entered upon a two years term at the Trenton Normal School, and graduated 1896 six months before the end of the term, teaching school in the meantime at Pattenburg, New Jersey. In September, 1896 he took a school near Westwood, Bergen County, New Jersey, where he is still teaching his fourth year. He is a member of the Newton Presbyterian church and of the Society of Christian Endeavor.

Minnie Rosenkrans

535.   MINNIE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Allen, was born in Scranton, April 23, 1877, and died on Vine St., Scranton, with pneumonia April 16, 1885. She was buried in the cemetery at Newton, New Jersey.

Luke D. Rosenkrans

536.  LUKE D. ROSENKRANS, son of Allen (245), was born at No. 12 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania, September 16, 1880. He was named for Luke the Evangelist and Physician. He graduated at the public school in Newton, 1896, after which he attended one year the English and Classical School kept by Misses Pierce and Rosenkrans in Newton. In February, 1898, he entered the Trenton Normal School. Luke is something of an athlete, the champion runner of the school and captain of the football players. He is a member of the Newton Presbyterian Church.

Lorenzo D. Rosenkrans (247)

LORENZO D. ROSENKRANS and Amelia Retalic had three children.

537.  FRANK R. ROSENKRANS, son of Lorenzo D., was born August 9, 1862. He assisted his father in the livery business from boyhood, and when his father died, 1884, continued the livery business at the old stand in the rear of the post office, Newton, having an office on Spring, Street. He has raised some valuable trotting horses, among which is "Nutcoast," once quite famous. He is engaged also in the general delivery business in connection with his livery.

538.  M. VICTOR ROSENKRANS, son of Lorenzo D. (247), was born in Newton May 15, 1867. He pursued a course of study in pharmacy in New York, and now conducts a drug store in Newton.

539.  CHARLES IRVING ROSENKRANS, son of Lorenzo D., was born in Newton, and died in January, 1879, aged three years, 6 months and four days.


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