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Garrett Rosenkrans (141)
Isaac Rosenkrans (391) Jacob H. Rosenkrans (392)
Joseph H. Rosenkrans (393) Bison S. Rosenkrans (394)
Edgar Rosenkrans (395) H. Ophelia Rosenkrans (396)
Jesse H. Rosenkrans (397) Catharine Maria Rosenkrans (398)
Horace Rosenkrans (146)
Euphemia Rosenkrans (399) Maria Louisa Rosenkrans (400)
Sarah Ann Rosenkrans (401) Samuel Rosenkrans (402)
Deboral Jane Rosenkrans (403) Horace Edgar Rosenkrans (404)
Mary Eliza Rosenkrans (405) Garrett Edward Rosenkrans (406)
Dr. Halsey Rosenkrans (149)
Fannie Rosenkrans (407) Lizzie Rosenkrans (408)
Casa Rosenkrans (409)  
Nelson Rosenkrans (155)
Frazier Rosenkrans (410) Althea Rosenkrans (411)
Celesta Rosenkrans (412) Adelaide Rosenkrans (413)
Mary Rosenkrans (414)  
David Rosenkrans (158)
Catharine Rosenkrans (415) Albert A. Rosenkrans (416)
Melvin Rosenkrans (417) Alice Rosenkrans (418)
Frances Rosenkrans (419) Bizer Rosenkrans (420)
Ira Rosenkrans (159)
Emma Rosenkrans (421) Fannie D. Rosenkrans (422)
Isaac Rosenkrans (161)
Eugene Rosenkrans (423) Wilbur Rosenkrans (424)
Ella Rosenkrans (425)  
Abram G. Rosenkrans (165)
George Rosenkrans (426) Everett Rosenkrans (427)
Jay Rosenkrans (428) William Rosenkrans (429)
John Rosenkrans (430)  
Dwight Rosenkrans (168)
Emily Rosenkrans (431) Eliza Rosenkrans (432)
Rebecca Rosenkrans (433) Ida Rosenkrans (434)
William D. Rosencrantz (176)
William D. Rosencrantz, Jr. (435) Mary Elizabeth Rosencrantz (436)
Reverend David W. Rosenkrans (181)
Primas Rosenkrans (437) Vincent Vergn Rosenkrans (438)
Zea Rosenkrans (439) Mary Emma Rosenkrans (440)
Zella Vertine Rosenkrans (441) Morna Priscilla Rosenkrans (442)
David Lynn Rosenkrans (443)  



Garrett Rosenkrans (141)

GARRETT ROSENKRANS and Mary Ann Hendershot had eight children.

391.  ISAAC ROSENKRANS, son of Garrett, (141), was born at Stillwater, New Jersey, March 3, 1836. While young he clerked in a store at Newton, and then engaged in business there with David R. Hull, under the firm name of Hull & Rosenkrans. About the year 1857, Isaac sold his one-half interest in the store to A.P. Rosenkrans (243), and was afterwards in the mercantile business at Stillwater and was hotel keeper. He married November 10, 1858, Sarah Elizabeth Bale, born November 18, 1839. Isaac died during the seventies, and his wife now lives at Andover, New Jersey. His children were Frank Walter, John B., Garrett and Edgar.

392.  JACOB H. ROSENKRANS, son of Garrett (141) was born in Stillwater July 22, 1837, married Alice Rymer about the year 1870, is a farmer and has been overseer of track hands on the railroad. His wife died leaving one son John. Jacob is now living at Marksboro, Warren County, New Jersey.

393.  JOSEPH H. ROSENKRANS, son of Garrett (141), was born Stillwater, New Jersey March 29, 1839. He married November 8, 1864, Emma C. Johnson, born November 15, 1845. Joseph was a carpenter and builder, and settled in Stillwater, near the Bonny Brook farm, where be died June 24, 1899. He acted as Justice of the Peace for a time. His children are Laura Malla, Maurice R., William McClellan, Marian, Harry Clay, Lizzie S., Floyd, Eveline, Gertrude E. and Raymond G. The following obituary appeared in the Sussex Register, of June 28, 1899: "After a long and painful illness, Joseph H. Rosenkrans departed this life at 1 pm Saturday last (June 24, 1899.) He was a man well known in the county, having spent his life in this township. He had considerable mechanical skill and followed the business of contractor and builder for many years. Among the buildings erected by him are: A.P. Rosenkransís store and dwelling, Walpack Centre school house, the school house at Mt. Holly, and his own dwelling. He was a man well informed on current events and of strong determined character, and a life long Democrat. He held the office of Justice of the Peace for several terms. Mr. Rosenkrans was about 60 years of age. Besides his wife, four sons and four daughters, he leaves an aged father and three brothers and two sisters to mourn his loss. His remains were interred by those of his son Harry in the family plot in the Stillwater Cemetery."

394.  BISON S. ROSENKRANS, son of Garrett (141), was born in Stillwater, April 12, 1841. He was a soldier in the war of the Rebellion and after his return home married Euphemia Schoonover. He is mainly employed as overseer of work on the track of the railroad, and lives at East Stillwater, near the railway depot. His children are: Norna and Augustus.

395.  EDGAR ROSENKRANS, son of Garrett (141), was born in Stillwater, New Jersey, December 2, 1842. He was a telegraph operator on the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railway, for a number of years at different stations and was eventually 1892, made operator and depot agent at Andover, New Jersey, where he still resides holding that position. He married Thirza Gardner Birdsall, of Brooklyn, December 15, 1880. His children are: Elizabeth Hutchinson and Ray Locke. Mrs. Edgar Rosenkrans is a daughter of Eli Birdsall, a retired sea captain, whose wife was Eliza Scott.

396.  H. OPHELIA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Garrett, was born September 30, 1845, married Alfred Stiff, and lives at Andover, New Jersey.

397.  JESSE H. ROSENKRANS, son of Garrett, was born March 24, 1849, and died young.

398.  CATHARINE MARIA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Garrett (141), was born October 9, 1854, and married Smith Simpson, a hotel keeper at Hamburg, New Jersey, and has one child, Graey, born August 2, 1876.

Horace Rosenkrans (146)

HORACE ROSENKRANS and Maria Ingersoll had eight children.

399.  EUPHEMIA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Horace, was born on her fatherís farm near Elgin, Illinois, February 29, 1840, and died February, 1844.

400.  MARIA LOUISA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Horace, was born near Elgin, August 30, 1841, married October 28, 1863, Marquis D. Hendrickson, and has three children, Harry Everett, born January 9, 1865, Minnie Louisa, born December 25, 1869, and Willard Vincent, born March 5, 1874. Harry E. Hendrickson married January 23, 1890, Lucille Creed and has a child, Oliver Dale born April 24, 1892. Minnie L. Hendrickson, married June, 1887, Henry Clay Banks and has three children, Edith Miriam, born November 24, 1889, Donald Clay, born July 30, 1892, and a son whose name is unknown, born November 17, 1896. Millard Vincent Hendrickson is reported as living 1896.

401.  SARAH ANN ROSENKRANS, daughter of Horace (146), was born near Elgin, March 28, 1843, married January 3, 1871, Joshua Egleston, has one child, Henry Jay, born January 24, 1873.

402.  SAMUEL ROSENKRANS, son of Horace, was born May 8, 1845, and died in infancy.

403.  DEBORAL JANE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Horace, was born April 8, 1847, and married William H. Woodworddale. No children.

404.  HORACE EDGAR ROSENKRANS, son of Horace (146), was born March 14, 1849, married November 4, 1873, Mary Egleston, has three children: Edith M., Howard G., and Horace S.

405.  MARY ELIZA ROSENKRANS, born February 26, 1851, died in infancy.

406.  GARRETT EDWARD ROSENKRANS, last child of Horace (146), was born on the farm December 20, 1852, died June 5, 1894.

Dr. Halsey Rosenkrans (149)

DR. HALSEY ROSENKRANS and Ann Eliza Hale had three children.

407.  FANNIE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Dr. Halsey, as reported by Mrs. Jennie R. Hawes (154) married Theodore B. Hays and is living at San Antonio, Texas, and has children, some being departed.

408.  LIZZIE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Dr. Halsey (149), married H.R. Bilter and lives at Eola, DuPage, County, Illinois. She has four children, names not known.

409.  CASA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Dr. Halsey (149), married Thomas OíNeil, who has recently died. She lives at Post Looaca, Texas and has six children.

Nelson Rosenkrans (155)

NELSON ROSENKRANS and Harriet Wheeler had five children.

410.  FRAZIER ROSENKRANS, son of Nelson (155), was born March 14, 1840. He was a soldier in the war of the Rebellion. He enlisted in 44th New York Regiment, September, 1861, was wounded at the battle of the Wilderness May 8, 1864, taken prisoner and died In a rebel prison at Savannah, Georgia, October 20, 1864.

411.  ALTHEA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Nelson (155), was born, January 2, 1843, married November 23, 1864, George Bush, a farmer who went West and settled at Stockbridge, Michigan

412  CELESTA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Nelson, born in Yates County, New York, September 12, 1844, died at Penn Yan, New York, November 3, 1889.

413.  ADELAIDE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Nelson (155), was born July 23, 1847, married January 22, 1868, Cassius N. McFarren, a merchant at Penn Yan, New York. She died there June 11, 1890.

414.  MARY ROSENKRANS, daughter of Nelson (155), was born in Yates County, New York, October 22, 1852, married June 26, 1879, Emory J. Tompkins, a grape grower of Hammondsport, New York.

David Rosenkrans (158)

DAVID ROSENKRANS and Mary Hill had six children.

415.  CATHARINE ROSENKRANS, daughter of David (158), was born in Steuben County, New York, 1844, went with her father to Illinois, 1855, and died 1863.

416.  ALBERT A. ROSENKRANS, son of David (158). was born in Pultney, Steuben County, New York January 23, 1846. He was married April 23, 1874, in the township of Algonquin, McHenry County, Illinois, to Elizabeth Kindrew, born there February 9, 1856. He is a farmer living three miles from Algonquin where he settled after marriage, and reported by letter May 4, 1899. He has six children: Mary Helen Elizabeth, Katie Belle, Mary L., David LeRoy, Albert Verl and Minnie Grace.

417 - 420.  MELVIN ROSENKRANS, ALICE ROSENKRANS, FRANCE ROSENKRANS, and BIZER ROSENKRANS, children of David (158) are reported only by name.

Ira Rosenkrans (159)

IRA ROSENKRANS and Fannie Townsend had one child and by Sarah Elizabeth Hubbell he had one child.

421.  EMMA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Ira and Fannie, was born April 2, 1855, and married Dora Haight while living at Burdette, New York. She died December 12, 1886.

422.  FANNIE D. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Ira (159), was born February 15, 1861, and while living in Schuyler County, New York, married, September 25, 1895, George A. Spear, of Syracuse. They live at Cazenovia, Madison County, New York.

Isaac Rosenkrans (161)

ISAAC ROSENKRANS and Ann Eliza Bush had three children.

423.  EUGENE ROSENKRANS, Son of Isaac (191), born in Steuben County, New York, June 26, 1861, married June 19, 1895, Jessie Drake, of Westfield, Pennsylvania. He moved to Trenton, New Jersey, 1896, and is an agent or collector of some kind at Trenton, as reported by himself, 1899. No children.

424.  WILBUR ROSENKRANS, son of Isaac (161), born at Pultney, New York, October 27, 1866, married October 23, 1899 Sevena Draper. He is a farmer living at Pultney, New York, whose address is Prattsburg. No children.

425.  ELLA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Isaac, born August 26, 1871, died January 12, 1874.

Abram G. Rosenkrans (165)

ABRAM G. ROSENKRANS and Sarah Brailey had five children.

426.  GEORGE ROSENKRANS, son of Abram G., was born near Howell, Michigan, March 15, 1861, married March 22, 1885, Leonetta Owens, is a farmer at Reed City, Osceola County, Michigan, and at last report his mother was living with him. His children are: Chalmer, Wayne, Dora and Harry.

427.  EVERETT ROSENKRANS, son of Abram G. (165), was born near Howell, Michigan, December 8, 1862, married July 3, 1883, Florence Britton, is a lumberman living at Brighton, Michigan. His children are Maud and Rex.

428.  JAY ROSENKRANS, son of Abram (165), was born May 6, 1867, and died May 17, 1872.

429 - 430.  WILLIAM ROSENKRANS, born September 5, 1871, and JOHN ROSENKRANS, born July 14, 1875, sons of Abram G. (165), are both painters living at Brighton, Michigan.

Dwight Rosenkrans (168)

DWIGHT ROSENKRANS and Angeline Bule had two children, and by Mary Martin he had two children, as follows:

431 - 434.  EMILY ROSENKRANS, born near Howell, Michigan, May 30, 1878, ELIZA ROSENKRANS, born November 20, 1879, REBECCA ROSENKRANS, born April 14, 1887, and IDA ROSENKRANS, born October 3, 1888.

William D. Rosencrantz (176)

WILLIAM D. ROSENCRANTZ and Mary Caroline Warner have two children:

435 - 436.  WILLIAM DAYTON ROSENCRANTZ, JR., son of William Dayton Rosenkrantz, was born at Hohokus, New Jersey, February 16, 1882, and MARY ELIZABETH ROSENCRANTZ, his daughter, was born September 12, 1885.

Reverend David W. Rosenkrans (181)

REVEREND DAVID W. ROSENKRANS and Emily Stratton had six children, and by Sarah Alice Trumbull he had one child.

437.  PRIMAS ROSENKRANS, son of Reverend David W., was born June 23, 1854, at Portland, Wisconsin, and died in infancy.

438.  VINCENT VERGN ROSENKRANS, son of Reverend David W., (181), was born at Columbus, Wisconsin, September 4, 1855, and educated at Thayer College, Kiddon, Missouri. On June 25, 1883, soon after going to Nebraska, he married at Belle Prairie, Morrison County, Minnesota, Minnie Sunderlin, a teacher in the City School of Little Falls, Minnesota. Vincent Vergn is farming on a cattle ranch at Dorsey, Nebraska, and when reported was Superintendent of the Presbyterian Sunday School, also leader of the church choir. His children are: Harold V. and Marian.

439.  ZEA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Reverend David W., was born at Columbus, Wisconsin, November 30, 1857, and died in infancy.

440.  MARY EMMA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Reverend David W. (181), and Emily, was born at Columbus. Wisconsin February 22, 1859. She was educated at the State Normal School, St. Cloud, Minnesota, and married at Belle Prairie, Minnesota, Cyrus H. Farrand. She died at Little Falls, Minnesota, December 20, 1893. She had six children, of whom four sons and one daughter were living 1899, four of them being with their grandparents, the Farrands, in Morrison County, Minnesota, and the youngest, William Cyrus, with his grandfather, Reverend D.W. Rosenkrans, at Dorsey, Nebraska

441.  ZELLA VERTINE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Reverend David W., was born at Columbus, Wisconsin, December 20, 1860, and died March 21, 1866.

Mrs. Morna P. (Rosenkrans) McElhany

442.  MORNA PRISCILLA ROSENKRANS, was born at Hamilton, Caldwell County, Missouri, November 19, 1870, was educated at Gates College, Negleh, Nebraska, and married June 29, 1892, Coral L. McElhany. She has children: Eldridge and William V. 

443 DAVID LYNN ROSENKRANS, son of Reverend David W. (181) and Sarah Alice, his second wife, was born July 10, 1874, at Hamilton, Missouri, and died at Dorsey, Nebraska, July 29, 1889.


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