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Avert Rosenkrans (103)
Benjamin Rosenkrans (250) Margaret Maria Rosenkrans (251)
Phoebe Jane Rosenkrans (252) Jacob Rosenkrans (253)
Martin Rosenkrans (254) Sarah E. Rosenkrans (255)
Amanda Rosenkrans (256) John S. Rosenkrans (257)
Seeley Rosenkrans (258) Maria Rosenkrans (259)
Aquilla Rosenkrans (260) Celesta Rosenkrans (260)
Martha Alice Rosenkrans (262)  



Avert Rosenkrans (103)

AVERT ROSENKRANS and Mary Smith had four children, and by Mary Buss he had nine children.

250.  BENJAMIN ROSENKRANS, son of Avert (103), was born in Walpack, New Jersey, December 23, 1823. He was brought up to farming, and married Mary Ann Smith, daughter of Philip J. Smith, of Walpack. Some time after the death of his father-in-law, Benjamin purchased the Smith farm, near Flatbrookville, it being a part of the 1,210 acre tract purchased in part by his ancestor, Nicholas Schoonhoven, 1725. Benjamin was an ambitious, prudent farmer, and died 1874. His wife, Mrs. Mary Ann Rosenkrans, remained on the farm assisted by her son Philip till her death 1897. Benjaminís children are: Philip and Eugene.

251.  MARGARET MARIA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Avert (103), was born in Walpack, grew to womanhood, and died unmarried.

252.  PHOEBE JANE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Avert (103), born in Walpack, New Jersey, married John Swartwout, a farmer, who settled on a farm near Bushkill, Pennsylvania, where they still live. They have one daughter, Ruth Swartout, who was married to William Turner, and has a daughter Fannie.

253.  JACOB ROSENKRANS, youngest son of Avert, by his first wife, was born in Walpack, New Jersey, about 1830, While young he went to Lee County, Illinois, and there married Martha Stephens. He purchased a farm near Pawpaw, Illinois, on which he lived and farmed till within a few years, and having purchased another farm at Spencer, Clay County, Iowa, on which his son lives, he and his wife have recently gone there and live with him. Their children are: Mary and Frank.

Martin Rosenkrans

254.  MARTIN ROSENKRANS, eldest son of Avert (103) by his second wife was born in Walpack, New Jersey, September 11, 1840. After leaving the public school at Pompey, near his fatherís farm, he attended school at the Blairstown Academy, and also at Mt. Retirement Seminary, and taught school for some time. He eventually went to Princeton College; and graduated there 1867. He came to Newton and studied law, meanwhile teaching school part of the time at Stillwater, and still later assisting at the Newton Institute. March 21, 1871, he married Martha VanBlarcom, born May 16, 1848, a daughter of Samuel VanBlarcom and Eliza Gunderman, his wife, of Lafayette township, New Jersey. Martin studied law with Coult & Anderson, of Newton, and also with Captain Lewis VanBlarcom. He commenced practice at Newton 1870, and completed his law course 1873. He is still an Attorney and Counselor in Newton, and one of the leading lawyers of the place, whose office is near the Court House, He also owns and manages a farm of about 250 acres including the homestead of his late father-in-law. His children are, Lillian M., Addison P. and William.

255.  SARAH E. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Avert (103), was born in December, 1841. She married Martin Decker, a farmer in Walpack, and lived on the river road near Flatbrookville, He was born in 1837, and died 1892. Mrs. Sarah E. Decker was married December 1899 to Jonas S. Decker, ex-Surrogate of the county, and lives in Newton. Her children by her first husband are: Ralph Decker, born February 23, 1872, and Willard, born October 20, 1876. Ralph Decker, son of Sarah E., is a graduate of the Trenton Normal School and a school teacher. He married 1899 Mellie Stickney, daughter of Charles E. Stickney, of Deckertown, editor of the Wantage Recorder, and is teaching school at Deckertown. Willard Decker, son of Sarah E., attended school at Blair Hall, Blairstown, New Jersey, is a school teacher and now teaching at Branchville, New Jersey.

256.  AMANDA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Avert, was born in Walpack, New Jersey, and married Daniel S. Smith, a farmer, who lives near Flatbrookville, on the farm once owned by Nicholas Schoonover, grandson of Nicholas Schoonhoven, who purchased there, 1725, maternal great great grandfather of Amanda. This is the farm on which was built the first Walpack church, the ground for which was presented by Thomas Brink and Nicholas Schoonhoven, 1737, and recorded in this book in connection with the name of Major Benjamin Rosenkrans (47). Amandaís children are Sereno, Victor, Chester, Clinton, Justin, Preston and Floyd. Sereno Smith married Anna Posten, lives in Newark, New Jersey, and clerks in a store. Victor Smith born December 22, died January 23, 1880. Chester R. Smith is a school teacher, now teaching at Montague, New Jersey. Clinton Smith, born July 21, 1876, married December 28, 1898, Anna Cole, daughter of Dayton Cole, and Eveline Shay, of Walpack Center. Justin Smith, born March 11, 1878, died November 5, of the same year. Preston Smith, born December 2, 1880, died February 8, 1881. Floyd D. Smith is clerking in a store at Dingmanís Choice, Pennsylvania

257.  JOHN S. ROSENKRANS, son of Avert (103), was born in Walpack, March, 1846. December 10, 1873, he married Mary A. Schooley, born March 14, 1852. She is a daughter of John Schooley, late of Sandyston, New Jersey, whose father was Levi Schooley, of Stillwater. John S. Rosenkrans owns and lives on the homestead farm in Walpack at the junction of the river and the ridge roads below Shappanack. Mrs. Mary A. Rosenkrans kindly reported names and records of the family and of relatives in that vicinity. Their children are: Maud, Cora and Everett S.

258.  SEELEY ROSENKRANS, son of Avert (103) was born in Walpack in 1848. He was a school teacher for many years, teaching in New Jersey and Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. In 1882 he married Emma Lantz, born 1851, daughter of John Lantz, of Branchville, New Jersey. After marriage Seeley engaged in the mercantile business in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. He took an active part in the establishment of the State Normal School in that place, which was opened in 1893; was chairman of the first Board of Managers, and holds that position at the present time. He is still in the mercantile business in East Stroudsburg. His children are: Edna L. and Carl.

259.  MARIA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Avert (103), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, and married Albert Lanterman, son of Abram, late of Blairstown, New Jersey. Albert and Maria settled at Mandan, Morton County, North Dakota, about twelve miles from Bismarck. He there engaged extensively in sheep raising and wool production, bringing in sheep from the farther west and leasing them to the farmers about him, receiving an annual share of the wool product and of the lambs. When the partnership with his brother William A. was dissolved the firm owned about 32,000 sheep. Mr. Lanterman recently visited New Jersey, the main object of his visit being the sad mission of accompanying the remains of his eldest sister Retta to Blairstown for interment. He also accompanied from the west the remains of his brother-in-law, James Hartley Staley, after his death at Fisher, Minnesota, 1891, whose remains were also buried at Blairstown. Mr. Lanterman and wife have one child, Everitt, evidently named for his grandfather Rosenkrans.

260.  AQUILLA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Avert (103), married Enos Freeman, a jeweler engaged in business at Blairstown, New Jersey.

261.  CELESTA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Avert, born in Walpack, New Jersey, married the The Honorable L. Milton Wilson, ex-postmaster and merchant at Blairstown, New Jersey, and at one time represented his county, it is said, "with much ability and rare integrity," in the State Legislature. Their children are: Roscoe, Alice and Edith.

262.  MARTHA ALICE ROSENKRANS, the thirteenth and last child of Avert (103), was born in Walpack, Sussex County, New Jersey, and lives at Blairstown, Warren County, New Jersey.


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