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Reverend Joseph Rosenkrans (89)
William T. Rosenkrans (208) Eliza Johnson Rosenkrans (209)
Mary Rosenkrans (210) Joseph H. Rosenkrans (211)
Levi DeWitt Rosenkrans (90)
Harriet Rosenkrans (212) Jane Rosenkrans (213)
Flora Rosenkrans (214)  
Levi Rosenkrans (92)
Samantha Rosenkrans (215) Hamilton S. Rosenkrans (216)
Elmina L. Rosenkrans (217) Harriet E. Rosenkrans (218)
Ellen J. Rosenkrans (219) John A. Rosenkrans (220)
John Rosenkrans (93)
Chester Rosenkrans (221) William Rosenkrans (222)
Joseph Rosenkrans (223) Jemima Rosenkrans (224)
Abram Rosenkrans (94)
William Hastings Rosenkrans (225)  
Aaron Rosenkrans (95)
Cynthia Louisa Rosenkrans (226) Sarah Helen Rosenkrans (227)
Adeline Rosenkrans (228) Charles T. Rosenkrans (229)
Henry H. Rosenkrans (230)  
Elijah Rosenkrans (97)
Elijah Rosenkrans (231)  
Joseph Rosenkrans (98)
Aubert D. Rosenkrans (232) Josephine Lesette Rosenkrans (233)
Mary Helen Rosenkrans (234) George Byron Rosenkrans (235)
John B. Rosenkrans (100)
Daniel Rosenkrans (236) Daniel H. Rosenkrans (237)
Alfred Rosenkrans (238) Everson Rosenkrans (239)
Jacob H. Rosenkrans (240)  



Reverend Joseph Rosenkrans (89)

REVEREND JOSEPH ROSENKRANS and Eliza Thompson had four children.

208.  WILLIAM T. ROSENKRANS, son of Reverend Joseph, was born September, 1843, he remained unmarried and died in Denver, Colorado, March 26, 1887. His brother, J.H. R., reports that he was connected with him in the sheep and cattle raising in Colorado before his death.

209.  ELIZA JOHNSON ROSENKRANS, daughter of Reverend Joseph, was born November 24, 1845. She is living with her mother at No. 5 Price Place, Syracuse, New York. The above family items were received mainly from her.

210.  MARY ROSENKRANS was born October 24, 1848, and died August 27, 1880.

211.  JOSEPH H. ROSENKRANS, son of Reverend Joseph (87), born December 22, 1855, married February 21, 1887, Mirriam Dorcas Robinson. He sailed around Cape Horn prospecting twenty-five years ago, and subsequently settled at Haigler, Nebraska, where he owns a home. He also owns two ranches at Willow Creek, Arapahoe County, Colorado. The following brief report was received from him, dated Willow Creek Ranches, Colorado, March 9, 1900: I was educated at the Onondaga Academy, Onondaga Valley, New York, went around Cape Horn in a sailing vessel to California in 1875-1876; returned east and kept a country store for three years; returned to the west again, winter of 1882-83, and in spring of 1883 started ranching at this point, breeding sheep and cattle and feeding cattle and sheep fat for Omaha and Chicago markets, which is a different business from breeding. My brother William was head of the firm until be died in spring of 1887, since which time I have done business alone with varying success." His children are Margaret, William Thompson and Joseph Robert.

Levi DeWitt Rosenkrans (90)

LEVI DEWITT ROSENKRANS and Evylin Picket had three children.

212 - 214.  HARRIET ROSENKRANS, JANE ROSENKRANS and FLORA ROSENKRANS, daughters of Levi DeWitt Rosenkrans, have departed this life. Their history is unknown.

Levi Rosenkrans (92)

LEVI ROSENKRANS and Mary Jane Leach had six children.

215.  SAMANTHA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Levi, was born at Ann Arbor, Michigan, April 4, 1832, married March 16, 1864, Dr. H.G. Fay, and died September 12, 1873.

Hamilton S. Rosenkrans

216.  HAMILTON S. ROSENKRANS, son of Levi (92), born in Steuben County, New York, November 21, 1834, married October 2, 1863, Helen M. Davis, of Cohocton, born January 30, 1840. Helen M. is a daughter of Daniel H. Davis, whose mother, born in Connecticut, was a sister of Colonel Ethan Allen. Hamilton S. lived on the homestead farm of his father, at Wayland, which originally included a large portion of land on which the village is located. Besides farming he was a speculator and dealer in hay, straw, feed and other articles, a man who traveled considerably, having a large circle of acquaintances and friends. He took an active interest in the family history, and furnished many names and items of the family for this work. He died at Wayland, December 15, 1897. After his death the following obituary clipped from a newspaper was forwarded by a friend: Hamilton S. Rosenkrans, who died at Wayland on Wednesday, December 15th, was born in Hammondsport on November 21, 1836. He had occupied the homestead in Wayland since 1877, being extensively engaged in farming, lumbering and manufacturing. He had served his people there in the capacities of town clerk, justice of the peace, assessor, and supervisor three terms. Since the incorporation of Wayland village he has been president and trustee, and also the president of the board of education." Mrs. Helen M., widow of Hamilton S. Rosenkrans, still lives in Wayland, and is a sister of Mrs. Melissa D., of Cohocton, widow of Samuel S. Rosenkrans (120). Hamiltonís children were: Moynoral H., Luzerne Davis, Merton J., Lee Verne, Jennie June and Hattie Irene.

217.  ELMINA L. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Levi (92), was born at Wayland, July 30, 1836, and married George W. Pope, December 29, 1873. Mr. Pope died in Buffalo, New York, June 11, 1882. Mrs. Elmina L. is a widow now living at Wayland, New York, and has one child, Grace Pope, about thirteen years of age.

218.  HARRIET E. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Levi (92), was born at Wayland, and married Thomas Adams. When reported they were living in Wayland, having children, Glen D., born 1858, and Minnie E., born 1862. Glen D. Adams married Lillian E. Walker, of Springwater, New York, and has a son born about 1881. Minnie E. Adams married Eugene S. Arnold; has a son Earl and lives in Buffalo, New York.

219.  ELLEN J. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Levi (92), was born in Wayland, December 25, 1841; married December 14, 1876, John Hasler, who died May 2, 1888. When last heard from she was living with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Arnold, in Buffalo, New York. She had her fatherís family Bible, and reported many names and records concerning her fathers family.

220.  JOHN A. ROSENKRANS, son of Levi (92), was born in Wayland, September 22, 1845, married May 25, 1887, Elizabeth Newsome and lives at Wayland, engaged in the furniture trade.

John Rosenkrans (93)

JOHN ROSENKRANS was twice married and had four children.

221.  CHESTER ROSENKRANS, son of John (93), was born in Michigan about 1831; married and had sons Delos and Byron.

222.  WILLIAM ROSENKRANS, son of John, married and had children, whose names are not known by the writer.

223.  JOSEPH ROSENKRANS, son of John (93), also married and had two daughters.

224.  JEMIMA ROSENKRANS, daughter of John (93), was born in Michigan about 1837; married Russell Barker and had three children.

Abram Rosenkrans (94)

ABRAM ROSENKRANS and Nancy VanAuken had one child.

225.  WILLIAM HASTINGS ROSENKRANS, the only child of Abram and Nancy, was born at Akron, Ohio, 1831, was a mute, educated at Philadelphia and while still young died at Princetown, near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Aaron Rosenkrans (95)

AARON ROSENKRANS and Sarah Crane had two children and by Amanda Warren he had three children.

226.  CYNTHIA LOUISE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Aaron, was born on her fatherís newly acquired farm near Ann Arbor, Michigan, April 21, 1830. At two or three years of age, she tells me, she was stolen by the Indians, but restored again after three months on the payment of a specified amount of whiskey, which her father had agreed to pay them for her restoration. Mrs. C.L. Stitt still recollects indistinctly the appearance of her Indian captors with whom she lived for a short time. At Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 22, 1847, she married William Stitt, born at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 25, 1816. He was by occupation a carpenter and machinist in early life and 1849 moved to Meadville, Pennsylvania, where he had an interest in the oil business. In 1865 he went to Westfield, New Jersey, purchased some land there and acted as salesman, or commission merchant, selling oil and oil products from Pennsylvania. He eventually retired from active life, owning a portion of the land on which Westfield now stands, and was sent as a delegate to the Chicago Convention which nominated President Cleveland. He departed this life at Westfield, June 30, 1895. Mrs. C.L. Stitt still resides at Westfield, New Jersey, where the writer called on her in the summer of 1899. Her children are: Adeline A, Emma L., Mary H., William H. and Lizzie D. Adeline A. Stitt, born at Meadville, July 29, 1851, married January 9, 1878, Dr. Joseph Brock Harrison, from Mobile, Alabama, who settled in Westfield, as a physician, January 1877, as successor to Dr. Stryker. He is nicely situated there, and is said to have a large and lucrative practice. Emma L. Stitt, born at Meadville, October 1853, married in Westfield, May 13, 1874, C.B. Peddie, of Newark, nephew of Mr. Peddie, the philanthropist. Their children are: Genevieve, born April 24, 1875, and Louise Amelia, born February 9, 1877. Mary H. Stitt, born June 12, 1856, married October 9, 1876, William D. Chandler, who died, after which she married in April, 1893, Silas W. Pearsall, who is engaged as foreman of the Domestic Sewing Machine Companyís works in Newark, New Jersey. William H. Stitt, son of William and C.L. Stitt (226), born in Meadville, Pennsylvania, June 13, 1860, married Sarah Nestor, May 9, 1891. He is a carpenter and lives in Westfield. Lizzie D., youngest child of Mrs. Cynthia Louisa Stitt, was born in Westfield Jan 10, 1866, and while preparing for graduation from the public school at fifteen years of age, was taken sick and died April 25, 1881.

227.  SARAH HELEN ROSENKRANS, daughter of Aaron (95), was born near Ann Arbor, Michigan, October 26, 1832, married James Bigelow, a retired farmer, of Flint, Michigan, and died November 17, 1886. She had children: Eva, Edith and Addie.

228.  ADELINE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Aaron (9. 5), by his second wife, Amanda Warren, was born at Mt. Morris, Livingston County, New York, October 28, 1834, and died in Michigan, October 7, 1851.

229.  CHARLES T. ROSENKRANS, son of Aaron (95), was born near Ann Arbor, Michigan, May 10, 1837. While living with his parents near Flint, he married October 28, 1863, Catharine Crasper. He is a farmer, still living near Flint, Michigan, and has two sons: Frederick A. and Amos A.

Henry H. Rosenkrans

230.  HENRY H. ROSENKRANS, son of Aaron (95), was born on his fatherís farm near Ann Arbor, Michigan, February 19, 1839, and while living near Flint, married October 8, 1862, Sarah E. Sissons, by whom he had two children William A. and Minnie A. His wife died 1870, and June 1, 1871, he married Amanda M. Sawyer, by whom he had three children. It was reported, 1893, that he was living on a farm near Francisco, Michigan, and somewhat later as having a farm and a flouring mill at Byron. He retired from his farm and milling business in 1896, and moved to Lansing, where he died suddenly, April 14, 1896. The following is an account of his death as given in a paper received from his son, William A. Rosenkrans, of Corunna.


"On Saturday morning of last week, Mrs. H.H. Rosenkrans left the home of her son, Cashier W.A. Rosenkrans, in this city, after a short visit to return to her home in Lansing. She reached the latter city at 10:40 and not finding her husband at the train she took a car to North Lansing and walked home after calling at the post office, where her husband had arranged to meet her, if he did not come to the train. Upon reaching her home, she found the door locked and a number of letters in the small box. She went to a side door and found the key in the lock on the outside. She opened the door and stepped into the dining room, followed by their daughter, who had accompanied her. By this time she was thoroughly alarmed and in an instant more the awful truth was revealed to her. The door of the pantry was opened and looking in she saw her husbandís body lying on the floor, his head thrown far back. When she stooped to lift him she saw that his face was blackened and his body rigid in death. He was a large, powerful man and, of course, she could not lift him. She then left the house, told the neighbors what she had found and went to the telephone office to send for her son, W.A. Rosenkrans, who is cashier of the First National Bank of this city. Coroner Butts was notified and arrived at the house about 12:30 oíclock. The time and precise manner of Mr. Rosenkrans death will probably always remain a mystery. It seems probable that his death was caused by heart disease. There was a book which he had been reading lying open on a table in the sitting room. No marks of violence were found on him or about the house. He was seen by a neighbor to go to the well after a pail of water about four oíclock Tuesday afternoon and as the pail was still full, Wednesdayís morning mail in the box and he was dressed, it is supposed his death occurred sometime Tuesday night. The condition of the body indicated that he had been dead over two days. Mr. and Mrs. Rosenkrans moved to Lansing from a farm about three weeks ago. They intended to make their home there in the future. The deceased was fifty-seven years old. He leaves a wife, one son and three daughters. He was a man of exemplary habits and well-to-do. The remains were taken to Byron, this county, where the funeral was held on Monday under the auspices of Fenton Commandery, Knights Templar, of which he was a member, assisted by Corunna Commandery and the Masonic order of Byron." His son, William A., in a letter received, speaks of him as follows: "We had one of the best of fathers, kind, indulgent and loving, and it seems very hard indeed to bear his loss. Father was a man of the best of principles and having an implicit trust in his Saviour, has found rest ere this." After her husbandís death in Lansing, Mrs. H.H. Rosenkrans moved back to Byron, where her husband owned a home and where he was buried. In January, 1898, a letter was received from her giving information of the family and another recently. The children of Henry H. were: William A. and Minnie A. by his first wife and by his second: Verena V., Addie L. and Grace G.

Elijah Rosenkrans (97)

ELIJAH ROSENKRANS and Nancy Dildine had one child.

231.  ELIJAH ROSENKRANS, son of Elijah (97), was born on a farm near Wayland, Steuben County, New York, January 29, 1832, a few months subsequent to his fathers death. He accompanied his mother to Michigan after her second marriage, 1835, where he married September 13, 1860, Eleanora Simpson, and as informed by Mrs. H.H. Rosenkrans, of Byron, Michigan. Elijah went still farther west, and settled at Fall City, Nebraska, where he was supposed to be still living. But he has probably left there, as a letter of inquiry directed to him was returned as uncalled for. His children are reported to be: Orrie S, Amber E., Harry E., Clinton H., George B., and William W.

Joseph Rosenkrans (98)

JOSEPH ROSENKRANS and Mary Austin had four children.

Aubert D. Rosenkrans

232.  AUBERT D. ROSENKRANS, son of Joseph (98), was born at Wallace, Steuben County, New York, November 12, 1845. He was brought up on the old homestead farm of his father and grandfather, both named Joseph, and still lives on it. December 28, 1868 he married Harriet Amanda Head, daughter of William R. and Martha Head. She died October 1, 1889, leaving three children. On January 13, 1891, he married Rhoda A. Cooly, daughter of Martin Cooly, of Cohocton, who died August 20, 1894. August 4, 1897, he married Mrs. Alice A. Hurlburt, whose daughter, May Hurlburt, by her former husband, was married August 9, 1899, to Ernest Wild, of Cohocton. Aubert D. ís children, all by his first wife, are: George Emery, Mertie M., and William R.

233.  JOSEPHINE LESETTE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Joseph, was born August 25, 1848, and died at seven years of age.

234.  MARY HELEN ROSENKRANS, daughter of Joseph (98), was born at Wallace, September 6, 1850, and married LeRoy Jones, January 3, 1869. They live at Savona, New York.

235.  GEORGE BYRON ROSENKRANS, son of "Joseph and Mary," was born at Wallace, October 8, 1859. The names of his parents sound Scriptural and his own poetical, but he is yet unmarried and now living with his brother Aubert D. on the homestead. They have the old family Bible, and he has kindly communicated the Bible records of his fatherís family.

John B. Rosenkrans (100)

JOHN B. ROSENKRANS and Margaret Hornbeck had five children.

236.  DANIEL ROSENKRANS, son of John B., was born September 7, 1817, and died in infancy.

237.  DANIEL H. ROSENKRANS, son of John B. (100), was born in Sandyston, Sussex County, New Jersey, May 4, 1819. He was brought up on his fatherís farm, and when a young man, fell from the hay mow to the barn floor, receiving an injury which left him somewhat crippled for life. He was a first-class carpenter and worked at his trade till middle life, when he bought a home In Hainesville and retired from active life. He married December, 1860, Jane M. Dimon , daughter of Jonathan Dimon, of Walpack, New Jersey. He had one child, Irwin, born September 6, 1862, who died an infant. He subsequently adopted a little girl named Minnie R. Transau, who grew to early womanhood, and died in Newton, 1896. Daniel H. Rosenkrans died in Rainesville, New Jersey, September 20, 1891. His widow purchased a home in Newton, where she now resides.

238.  ALFRED ROSENKRANS, son of John B. (100), was born in Sandyston, New Jersey, December 24, 1822, and like his brother Daniel was a carpenter in early life. He married 1850, Elizabeth Struble, daughter of William Struble, of Hampton township, New Jersey. She was born March 7, 1830. After his fatherís death Alfred purchased the homestead farm on which he lived till his death, October 31, 1872. His widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Rosenkrans, purchased the farm after his death and lived on it for a number of years, but eventually sold it and died on Sunday before Christmas, 1896. Their children were: William P., John B., Mary Alice, Daniel H., Jacob Linden, Anna Estella, Emma, Catharine A., Albert S. and Frank.

Everson W. Rosenkrans

239.  EVERSON W. ROSENKRANS, son of John B. (100), born in Sandyston, Sussex County, New Jersey, October 25, 1826. He was a clerk in a store while young, but went South where he lived for several years, and eventually began the mercantile business at Evansville, Indiana. From there he went to Mount Vernon, Indiana, where he was engaged in the mercantile business and married July 24, 1860, Emma L. Lockwood, was born September 20, 1842. Her father was a banker, the principal stockholder and manager of the Mount Vernon bank in which Everson W. became cashier, which position he held for twenty-six years, retiring from the bank 1896. Report says that he is now occupied in collecting his rents for his farms and other properties. Mrs. E.L. Rosenkrans, his wife, has kindly furnished by letter the information concerning their family. Their children were: John L., Lucas Leroy, Natalie, Everson W. and Carrie.

240.  JACOB H. ROSENKRANS, son of John B. (100), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, near the Walpack and Sandyston line, which is the East and West New Jersey line, September 28, 1830. After leaving the district school, he attended a select school at Mt. Retirement Seminary, Wantage, New Jersey, and afterward clerked in the store at Centerville. From there he went to Port Jervis where he was salesman in a store for several years, eventually going in business with James Martin at Fairdale, Pennsylvania, on the Wyalusing, below Montrose. He there married, about 1862, Catharine Depue, daughter of Timothy, son of Deacon John Depue, of Sandyston, New Jersey. He eventually bought out the one-half interest of his partner in the store and since then has continued the business at that place. His children are Cyrill D., Daniel, Eugene and Blanche.



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