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Isaac Rosenkrans (66)
Elizabeth Rosenkrans (139) Lucinda Rosenkrans (140)
Garrett Rosenkrans (141) Lydia Rosenkrans (142)
Susan Rosenkrans (143) Lucy D. Rosenkrans (144)
Catharine Rosenkrans (145)  

Asa Rosenkrans (68)

Horace Rosenkrans (146) Frazier Rosenkrans (147)
Maria Rosenkrans (148) Dr. Halsey Rosenkrans (149)
Garrett Rosenkrans (150) Elizabeth V. Rosenkrans (151)
Catharine Rosenkrans (152) Hiram Dennis Rosenkrans (153)
Jennie Rosenkrans (154)  

Elijah Rosenkrans (70)

Nelson Rosenkrans (155) Belinda Rosenkrans (156)
Almira Rosenkrans (157) David Rosenkrans (158)
Ira Rosenkrans (159) Garrett Rosenkrans (160)
Isaac Rosenkrans (161) Lucinda Brink Rosenkrans (162)

Garrett Rosenkrans (72)

John Rosenkrans (163) Delia Rosenkrans (164)
Abram G. Rosenkrans (165) Phebe P. Rosenkrans (166)
Elijah Rosenkrans (167) Dwight Rosenkrans (168)
Lucy A Rosenkrans (169) Jay Rosenkrans (170)
Noah Rosenkrans (171) Roby C. Rosenkrans (172)
Helen Rosenkrans (173) Deatimony Rosenkrans (174)



Isaac Rosenkrans (66)

ISAAC ROSENKRANS and Polly Brink had seven children.

139.  ELIZABETH ROSENKRANS, daughter of Isaac Rosenkrans, was born in Sandyston, Sussex County, New Jersey, 1810; brought up in the township of Stillwater and married Jacob Staley. They located on a farm three miles northwest of the village of Stillwater, where she died April, 1881, her husband having died prior to that date. Her mother spent her last days at her house, and died there. Her three children were: Hampton Staley, who married Samantha Bale; James Hartwell Staley, born September 22, 1836, and married Elizabeth Lanterman, a school teacher, December 24, 1874. She was a daughter of Abram Lanterman, of Blairstown, born at Blairstown, and sister of Albert Lanterman of Mandan, North Dakota. James Hartwell farmed the homestead farm for several years, and went to Fisher, Minnesota, 1879, where be kept a meat market, and died December 22, 1891. His remains were accompanied by Albert Lanterman and buried at Blairstown, New Jersey. In 1897, Elizabeth. his widow, was with her mother at Hillsboro, North Dakota, but at the present writing is at Blairstown, New Jersey. Catharine Emaline Staley, third child, died unmarried.

140.  LUCINDA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Isaac, was born 1812 and died young.

141.  GARRETT ROSENKRANS, son of Isaac (66), was born in Sandyston, Sussex County, New Jersey, June 8, 1813. He married in Stillwater April 4, 1835, Mary Ann Hendershot. He purchased of the heirs the homestead farm after his fathers death, on which he lived till after his wife’s death, but is now (January 1900) living among his children, being eighty-seven years of age and nearly blind. His children were: Isaac, Jacob H., Joseph H., Bison S., Edgar, H. Ophelia, Jessie H. and Catharine.

142.  LYDIA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Isaac (66), was born 1815 and married Joseph Harker, who moved to Iowa soon after marriage, settling on a farm near Muscatine. Their children are said to be: Theodore, Edward, Jane, who married Thomas Parker, and Mary, who married a Mr. Smith. Some of the family it is said have gone further west.

143.  SUSAN ROSENKRANS, born 1817, married Jacob Predmore, a farmer, who lived near Swartswood, Stillwater township, New Jersey. Her children were: Jacob Predmore, died, 1874, Susan, died 1890. Their son Garrett married Agnes Cummins and lives in Newton, New Jersey. Annett, the second child of Susan, was born July 6, 1840, married Joseph Hendershot, born 1839, who lived on Mill Street, Newton, and died 1894. He was a public crier and dealer in real estate. Her children were: Lillian who married Joseph McDanolds, merchant at Rockaway, New Jersey, Martha, who married Theodore Dennis, a lawyer at Hamburg, New Jersey, and Edna, who married A.B. Unger, a clothier. Frank Predmore, son of Susan, married Emma Staley and lives in Newark — has a son Harry. Amanda Predmore, daughter of Susan married Oliver Ayers, a farmer who went to Muscatine, Iowa, had children: Ida and Grace.

144.  LUCY D. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Isaac (66), was born in Sandyston township, New Jersey, July 27, 1843, married John Johnson, a farmer, who settled on a farm at Marksboro, Warren County, New Jersey. He subsequently kept store at Andover where he died. Mrs. Lucy D. Johnson has one son Robert Johnson, born June 2, 1845, married February 22, 1871, Marcella VanHorn born March 31, 1847, and is a lawyer living in Newton, New Jersey. Robert has a daughter Lucy Johnson born October 3, 1873. She and her mother are members of the Presbyterian Church, Newton and of the choir. She is cashier in a Newton store.

145.  CATHARINE ROSENKRANS, born 1821, was a school teacher and married Andrew Grover, of Romeo, Michigan, and there died June 27, 1853. Andrew Grover was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, son of John Grover, of Stillwater township, and brother of Elizabeth Grover, wife of Jeptha Wintermute, of Wintermute, New Jersey, father of Mary Catharine Wintermute, second wife of the compiler of this work. After Catharine’s death Andrew Grover married Miss M. Condit, sister of Reverend T.B. Condit, of Stillwater, New Jersey. He died at Romeo about 1880 and his widow still resides there.

Asa Rosenkrans (68)

ASA ROSENKRANS and Jane Cole had nine children.

146.  HORACE ROSENKRANS, son of Asa, was born in Sandyston township, Sussex County, New Jersey November 15, 1810. At the age of 23 he accompanied his parents to Steuben County, New York, and 1837 to Illinois, on a farm near Elgin. He married February 22, 1838, Maria Ingersoll and followed farming ten miles from Elgin where he died November 29, 1893. As reported by his sister, Mrs. Jennie R. Hawes, of Elgin, his children were: Euphemia, Maria L., Sarah Ann, Samuel, Deboral Jane, Horace E., Mary Eliza and Garrett E.

147.  FRAZIER ROSENKRANS, son of Asa, was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, March 28, 1813, being twenty-four years of age when his father located on a farm near Elgin, Illinois, 1837. A short time after that he returned to Sussex on a visit among relatives, when the writer, then a small boy, saw him at his father’s house. After his return to Illinois, the sad news came to us that he was drowned in a river. His sister, Mrs. Jennie R. Hawes, reports the circumstance of his drowning as follows: "that while bathing in the river with others he lost his life in saving that of his brother Garrett. He was the only one of the company who could swim and when Garrett went into a deep hole in the river Frazier swam to him, brought him to solid bottom and then disappeared. In the dusk and confusion it was not noticed that Frazier was gone for some time. He was found at the bottom of the hole on his knees." She says: "I have a dim recollection of the strange box that stood in the big room and that is all I can recall." Frazier was a great favorite in my father’s family and the sad accident which befell him after his return home has been often spoken of in our family. As he was found on his knees after death we trust that his last thoughts while living on earth were a petition to the Father of Mercies, who never turns a deaf ear to the supplications of those who trust in him and call upon His name and that his coming forth from the grave at the last day will be to "everlasting life."

148.  MARIA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Asa, was born in New Jersey, December 26, 1815. While living at her father’s near Elgin, Illinois, she married 1838 James H. Scott, by whom she had three children: Harriet and Fannie, who died in infancy, and John Frazier Scott, born 1840, who married Mary Pike and had children, Fannie E., John R., and Daniel P. Scott. They are said to be living in Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois. James H. Scott died and Maria afterward married Jerome B. Smith, by whom she had three children: Helen, Arthur and Albert. Maria died and Jerome B. Smith went west and married again. Maria’s three children all died in one year.

Dr. Halsey Rosenkrans

149.   DR. HALSEY ROSENKRANS, son of Asa (68), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, September 14, 1818. He went with his parents to Steuben County, New York, and to Elgin, Illinois, 1837. His biography is given by his sister, Mrs. Jennie R. Hawes as follows: "Brother Halsey, the fourth child in my father’s family, born September 14, 1818, in New Jersey, was a very successful physician and surgeon. He practiced for many years in Texas, was there when the war began; was a stanch Union man, and so free to express his devotion to the stars and stripes that he was forced to leave the State. He went to New Orleans, which was then in the hands of the Union forces, and was appointed surgeon for hospital duty, in which capacity he continued to serve until the close of the war. Subsequently he returned to Texas and resumed practice in the same community where he had previously lived. He was a very successful yellow fever physician. He passed through several epidemics of that dread disease and never lost but two cases. Dr. Rosenkrans was twice married. His first wife was Miss Eliza Hale, by whom he had three children. Mrs. Rosenkrans died in New Orleans in 1863. The Doctor was again married in 1873, to Miss Cynthia E. Bowen. Dr. Rosenkrans was an able writer, contributing many articles of merit to the medical journals, and other publications. While on a visit to one of his daughters, who resided in Texas, he lost his life in the terrible storm which swept over Indiandla, Texas, carrying death to so many, the evening of August 20, 1886. Dr. Halsey’s Children, all by his first wife, were: Fannie, Lizzie and Casa. His widow still lives in Elgin, Illinois.

Garrett Rosenkrans

150.   GARRETT ROSENKRANS, son of Asa (68), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, April 1, 1820. He went with his parents to Illinois 1837, and subsequently lived in the city, of Elgin. He remained unmarried and died September 10, 1890. He was one of Elgin’s most useful and representative men. The following is a part of his obituary copied from the public press of Elgin: "By the death of Garrett Rosenkrans Elgin loses another of its landmarks. Coming here with his parents in 1837, he has ever since been closely identified with our town and city. The deceased was one of the best known citizens of Elgin. Forty years ago he was an active member of the Young Men’s Association, an organization that did much to educate and uplift by various means. The association carried on a library and had lecture courses, bringing to us such celebrities as Horace Greely, Wendell Phillips, Edward Everett, James Russell Lowell, Bayard Taylor, and others. Mr. Rosenkrans was for many years city surveyor and town assessor, only giving up when health failed. He always took an active part in affairs. He was a stanch Republican, and a close observer of political matters. In local measures he was ever watchful. He was a man of the highest integrity and excellent judgment. He was a director in the Home National Bank for many years. His history is closely connected with the growth and prosperity of our city. The community feels his loss deeply, and sympathizes with his afflicted relatives."

151.  ELIZABETH V. ROSENKRANS was born in New Jersey, December 1, 1823, and died at Elgin, Illinois, August 23, 1892.

152.  CATHARINE ROSENKRANS, third daughter of Asa and Jane, was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, November 19, 1826, and died at Elgin, Illinois, July 17, 1848.

153.  HIRAM DENNIS ROSENKRANS, son of Asa (68), was born in New Jersey, April 29, 1828, the last of Asa’s children born in New Jersey. He lived in Elgin, Illinois, till 1852 when he went west, and remaining unmarried now lives at Orderville, Kane County, Utah. He is the only son of Asa now living.

Moses W. Hawes Mrs. Jennie (Rosenkrans) Hawes

154.  JENNIE ROSENKRANS, youngest child of Asa (68), was born near Hammondsport, New York, October 4, 1833. She was brought up on her father’s farm about two miles from Elgin, Illinois, where he settled 1837. Being near the city she grew up with the advantages of a city life free from the disadvantages of a crowded city. February 12, 1860, married Moses William Hawes, whose biography is herewith given as copied from "The Biographical History of Kane County," in which his picture also appears from the cut of which it is reproduced in this book: "Moses W. Hawes was born September 2, 1814, in Watertown, New York, receiving his early education in that city. Later he went to Baltimore where he learned civil engineering and in 1837 was sent from that city to the Province of Consception, Chile, South America, to erect and put into operation the second flouring mill in that country. He was chosen from among one hundred applicants for the position. In Chile Mr. Hawes became a very prominent man and was for many years in the employ of the government. Being a first-class engineer he took large contracts for buildings bridges, docks, etc. While residing in Chile he married a Spanish lady by whom he had six children, only one of whom is now living — Mrs. Benoselo Bambach, of Tami, Chile, S. A. Having lost his wife and being out of health, Mr. Hawes went in 1859 to China and circumnavigating the globe came to the United States. He was married February 12, 1860, to Miss Jennie R. Rosenkrans, daughter of Asa and Jane (Cole) Rosenkrans. August 1, 1860, Mr. and Mrs. Hawes sailed for Chile, where they remained until the autumn of 1867, when they returned to the United States. Mr. Hawes engaged in the lumber business in Mendota, Illinois, but his health again failing he sold out and they went to Europe in 1873. In 1877 Mr. Hawes was called home to serve as President of the Home National Bank of Elgin, which position he resigned in 1879. He died in Elgin November 22, 1894. Self reliance, conscientiousness, integrity were the strong points in Mr. Hawes’ character. A man to be depended upon in all the relations of life." Mrs. Jennie R. Hawes is interested in the history of the Rosenkrans family and has aided in the accomplishment of this work by furnishing nearly all the information received concerning the family and descendants of her father Asa. Mrs. A.E. White (196), of Savona, New York, reports that Mrs. Hawes is a devoted Christian and a leader in many forms of Christian work. To such the Lord says: "Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee crown of life."

Elijah Rosenkrans (70)

ELIJAH ROSENKRANS and Catharine VanNest had eight children.

155.  NELSON ROSENKRANS, son of Elijah (70), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, September 15, 1812. He married in Steuben County, New York, June 5, 1839, Harriet Wheeler, of Wheeler. Nelson was a farmer, and settled at Benton, Yates County, New York, where he died June 30,1887. He had children named Frazier, Althea, Celesta, Adelaide and Mary.

156.  BELINDA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Elijah (70), was born in New Jersey, August 27, 1815; was married in Steuben County, New York, September 23, 1840, to Luther Wheeler, a farmer. She died there April 12, 1853. Her children were: Helen, Elijah, Sophrona, John and Gertrude. Helen Wheeler, born September 4, 1841, married November 22, 1875, James Bartlett, a farmer living at Avoca, near Wallace, New York. Elijah Wheeler, son of Belinda, was born April 24, 1843; married March 19, 1868, Alzina Brockway, and lives at Prattsburg, New York, conductor on the Kanona & Prattsburg Railway. Sophrona Wheeler, born May 8, 1845, married December 5, 1870, Leonidas B. Walrath, living at Ilion, Herkimer County, New York, where he is employed in the armory. John Wheeler, born May 26, 1847, married December 27, 1877, Mary Wildman; is a farmer in Wheeler, whose address is Prattsburg. Gertrude Wheeler, was born August 20, 1849, and died at Prattsburg August 13, 1865.

157.  ALMIRA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Elijah (70), was born in Steuben County, June 26, 1818, the first of the children born in that county. She married June 1850 Edwin Hall, and died April 20, 1866. Her children were: Belinda and Catharine Alida. Edwin Hall died 1868. Belinda, her first daughter, was born August 14, 1852, married February 22, 1869, Zelotes Holley and lives near Bradford, New York. Catharine Alida, born April 30, 1857, remains single and lives with her aunt Lucinda B. Rosenkrans, in Hammondsport, New York.

158.  DAVID ROSENKRANS, son of Elijah (70), was born in Steuben County, June 26, 1821. He married 1842 Mary Hill born 1819. In 1855 David moved west and settled on a farm near Algonquin, McHenry County Illinois, where he died August 16 — same year. His wife died 1894. He had six children: Catharine, Albert, Melvin, Hattie, Alice, Frances and Bizer.

159.  IRA ROSENKRANS, son of Elijah (70), born near Hammondsport, April 5, 1824, married July 3, 1854, Fannie Townsend, of Hammondsport. She died April, 1856, leaving one child, Emma. In 1859 Ira married Sarah Elizabeth Hubbell, of Burdette, near which place he had settled on a farm, and still lives. His second wife died 1888, leaving one child, Fannie D.

160. GARRETT ROSENKRANS, son of Elijah (70), was born in Steuben County, February 28, 1827, married October 28, 1858, Harriet E. Gilbert, was a farmer and lived in Bradford, where he died September 18, 1889. No children.

161.  ISAAC ROSENKRANS, son of Elijah, was born at Pultney, New York, April 12, 1834. He married May 26, 1859, Ann Eliza Brush, of Pultney, and resides there as a farmer. His children are: Eugene, Wilber and Ella.

162.  LUCINDA BRINK ROSENKRANS, the eighth and last born of Elijah and Elizabeth, was born February 5, 1838, and lives at Hammondsport. She remains unmarried and suffers from rheumatism, being partially crippled. She has at present her niece Miss Catharine Alida Hall living with her. She is a confiding Christian and bears her affliction with resignation, knowing that comparatively it is but for a brief period and that the Lord who sometimes afflicts doeth all things well. She says in a letter: "I am trying to bear my affliction with patience and resignation to the will of God." Though writing is a hardship to her on account of her affliction, she has assisted the writer in reporting by letter and giving information concerning the families of her father and her grandfather.

Garrett Rosenkrans (72)

GARRETT ROSENKRANS and Polly Bennett had twelve children.

163. JOHN ROSENKRANS, eldest child of Garrett, was born at Northville, Michigan, March 20, 1832, and died April 7, 1849.

164.  DELIA ROSENKRANS, was born March 18, 1834, and died February 13, 1852.

165.  ABRAM G. ROSENKRANS, son of Garrett (72), born June 26, 1835, at Northville, Michigan, married June 15, 1810, Sarah Braily, of Hudson. He was a farmer and lived in the vicinity of Howell, Michigan, where he died November 26, 1886. Sarah, his widow, at last reports was living with her son, George Rosenkrans, at Reed City, Michigan. Abram G. had five children: George, Everitt, Jay, William and John.

166.  PHEBE P. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Garrett (72), born at Northville, June 26, 1835, was a twin sister of Abram G. She married April 17, 1859, William Neily, a farmer, and lives six miles northwest of Howell. He died January 27, 1883. She married January 12, 1897, Justin S. Rose, a retired farmer at Fowlerville, Michigan. Phebe P. had two children by her first husband, Denslow born February 25, 1861, and Sarah born July 1, 1863, and died 1891.

167.  ELIJAH ROSENKRANS, son of Garrett (72), born at Northville, May 1, 1838, died at Rosecommon, Michigan, February 1, 1890.

168.  DWIGHT ROSENKRANS, son of Garrett, born at Northville, October 3, 1839, married December 24, 1876, Angeline Buel, who died June, 1882. Dwight married June 6, 1886, Mary Martin and lives on a farm near Howell, Livingston County, Michigan. His children by his first wife were: Emily and Eliza. By his second wife, Rebecca, born 1887, and Ida born 1888.

169.  LUCY A. ROSENKRANS, born February 11, 1843, died March 1, 1869.

170.  JAY ROSENKRANS, son of Garrett, born July 28, 1844, died single and a soldier at the Soldiers’ Home, Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 4, 1888.

171.  NOAH ROSENKRANS, was born February 24, 1846, and died August 20, 1865.

172.  ROBY C. ROSENKRANS, daughter of Garrett (72), born at Northville, Michigan, August 31, 1817, married June 2, 1868, Andrew J. Whitaker, born November 28, 1843. He is a farmer living five miles southeast of Howell. Livingston County, Michigan, and has assisted the writer by furnishing nearly all the information received concerning the family, and descendants of Garrett Rosenkrans and Polly Bennett, the latter still living with him in 1897 aged eighty-seven years. Andrew J. Whitaker and Roby C. have six children: Ira G., born April 9, 1869, Willie A., born August 2, 1870, Ernest G., born September 10, 1872, Frank J., October 21, 1874, Bert O., September 19, 1878, and Millie C., January 31, 1882. Their sons are all farmers.

173.  HELEN ROSENKRANS, daughter of Garrett, was born at Northville, May 17, 1850. She married December 3, 1867, Lyman D. Whitaker, who lives at Howell, and 1897 was Janitor at the Union School.

174.  DEATIMONY ROSENKRANS, the twelfth and last child of Garrett and Polly, was born May 12, 1853, and died the following year.


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