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Major Benjamin Rosenkrans (47)

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Elijah Rosenkrans (107) Sallie Rosenkrans (108)
Amanda Rosenkrans (109) Lucinda Rosenkrans (110)
Anson Rosenkrans (111) Margaret Rosenkrans (112)



Major Benjamin Rosenkrans (47)

MAJOR BENJAMIN ROSENKRANS and Margaret Schoonover had fourteen children.

Abram Rosenkrans Mrs. Abram Rosenkrans

106.  ABRAM ROSENKRANS, Son of Colonel Benjamin (47), was born in Walpack, New Jersey, November 11, 1803; married Catharine Ayers, who died without issue April 1, 1828, after which he married Lydia Henry, and farmed in Walpack, where she died May 15, 1838, leaving five children. February 19, 1839, he married Elizabeth Bennett, of Sandyston. At the time of his third marriage he was living on the farm of his brother Elijah in Upper Walpack, but left that year and moved to Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, where his brother Levi and other relatives had preceded him. In 1853, Abram traveled further westward and located near Pawpaw, Lee County, Illinois, as a farmer. In 1867, he and his family in company with some others, as his son Nicholas informs me, again took up his march westward, and located at Marble Rock, Floyd County, Iowa. He farmed there and eventually entered into the mercantile business with his son Elijah A., about 1870, and continued in that business till the close of his life. He died a professed Christian November 19, 1889, and left a good name, which is better than riches. Like Abraham of old, he had faith in God and went to a far country, moving from state to state, but finally rested upon a Rock, not only on Marble Rock, but also upon the "Rock of Ages," in whom is found eternal life. Elizabeth, his wife, a church member also, lived at Pawpaw, Illinois, with her daughter, Mrs. Ida E. Stetler (287), wife of Dr. T.R. Stetler, whose residence appears in this book, with Mrs. Elizabeth Rosenkrans sitting by the window. She died February 25, 1900, and was buried at Marble Rock, lowa, beside her husband. Abramís children by his second wife were: Henry, Hiram, Martha, Andrew H and Alvin C. By his third wife: Priscilla M., Mary Jane, Nicholas, Elijah A., Lester W. and Ida E.

107.  ELIJAH ROSENKRANS, son of Colonel Benjamin (47), was born in Walpack, New Jersey, March 11, 1806. He married Maria Smith July 2, 1830; born February 9, 1812, daughter of Christian and Mary Smith. In 1831 he purchased of his father a farm of 106 acres in Upper Walpack, which he sold to Benjamin Youngs, and purchased the farm of 230 acres in Walpack, formerly owned by his father-in-law, on the Ridge road above his brother Avert, which farm he subsequently sold to Darius Layton. He then moved to Flatbrookville, in Lower Walpack, and improved the village by building a hotel, storehouse, flouring mill, saw mill and other buildings, keeping a hotel there for many years. He owned a farm also in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, which he sold to Benjamin Youngs, and subsequently owned one in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. In 1858, Elijah Rosenkrans purchased of the writer the property on the eastern corner of Halsted and Madison streets, Newton, and moved there 1874, where he remained till his death. In front of the dwelling on Halsted street stand four maple trees which the writer placed there with his own hands in 1863. While living at Flatbrookville Elijahís wife died February 7, 1864, and March 27, 1866, he married Amanda M.F. Vansickle, daughter of Benjamin P., of Peterís Valley, New Jersey, born April 23, 1836, and died in Newton April 12, 1883. Elijah died November 5, 1885, the day after the writerís return from Scranton, who watched by his bedside the night before his death. His likeness and biography may be found in Everett & Peckís history of Sussex County, with the following record concerning him closing his biography : "In his township he has been honored with most of the offices of trust and responsibility in managing its affairs, and for many years officiated as Justice of the Peace and Assessor." His children, all by his second wife, were : Mary N., Hortense and Sylvia Augusta.

Mrs. Sallie (Rosenkrans) Bevans James C. Bevans

108.  SALLIE ROSENKRANS, daughter of Colonel Benjamin (47), was born in Walpack, New Jersey, April 4, 1803. When fifteen years of age, she told me, she went and lived with her aunt Secelia Shaw, sister of her mother, who lived in Orange County, New York. There she was reared and educated under strict religious discipline and rare social advantages, which she improved in a remarkable manner, becoming a favorite among all her relatives and highly esteemed by all who knew her. April 26, 1827, she was married at her fatherís house in Walpack by Reverend James G. Force, of Peterís Valley, to Everson Wheat, of Orange County, New York, a farmer who lived near Howellís depot, the vicinity of her adopted home. He died May 4, 1839, leaving her with one promising boy, Salmon, nine years of age. Everson Wheatís children were: Salmon, born July 9, 1830, and Hannah born February 22, 1834, who died a short time prior to her father s death, March 23, 1839. April 5, 1842, Mrs. Sallie Wheat married James C. Bevans, of Sandyston, New Jersey, widower of her sister Maria, and, returning to the vicinity of her childhood home, she took charge of the household of her departed sister, consisting of eleven children beside her own son. James C. Bevans, as already stated in connection with Maria (105), was an extensive farmer and merchant, keeping a large dairy of cows, which with the large family, rendered the care of the household responsible and difficult. But she was equal to the emergency, "above one in a thousand."

Too much can scarcely be said in her praise as a model Christian woman, a wife and mother, friend and counselor. She was wise in counsel and prudent in all things, remarkably free from prejudice and always actuated by justice. She was tall and dignified, and courteous, always calm and reserved, and self possessed. She had a smile for everyone, but was never seen by the writer to indulge in outbursts of laughter. She reminded one of Washington with his mild and dignified appearance, and seemed well fitted by nature to be the "first lady of the land." She was fond of her kindred and took pleasure in visiting them and receiving them at her own home. Having been much in the family of Uncle "Jim" Bevans, and among his children, the writer never heard from one of them a word spoken disparagingly of "Aunt Sallie," whose government over them was a righteous one, and whose every, word was received with reverence and obeyed willingly. James C. Bevans, after a long illness, died September 14, 1881. Mrs. Sallie Bevans remained on the farm after his death with her son Victor E., who purchased and had charge of it, frequently visiting among her children and relatives, living to the good old age of 85 years. Of the righteous it is said, "With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation." She visited in the writerís family and related to him many things regarding the elder members. She died January 6, 1894, and was buried at Peterís valley beside her sister Maria.

Salmon Wheat, her eldest child, lived with her to early manhood and died June 6, 1848. Robert W. Bevans, her third child, was born February 22, 1843, and died June 5, of the same year. Hannah Jane Bevans, her fourth child, was born March 27, 1844. She married Jacob Vaughan, a farmer near Lafayette, New Jersey. Their children were: Elmer, engaged in the Newton Shoe Factory ; Sadie, who died at the Trenton Normal School; James, who attended the State Normal School, farmer and factory hand, and Judson, now attending school. Salmon W. Bevans, fifth child of Sallie (108), and the second named Salmon, was born May 29, 1848. He grew to manhood on the farm and at the age of twenty-three went and died at St. Paul, Iowa, October 29, 1872. His earthly remains were brought home and deposited in the family burial ground at Peterís Valley, New Jersey (Bevans P. O.). Victor E. Bevans, sixth and last child of Sallie (108), was born February 16, 1851. He lived with his parents in charge of the farm and cared for them both in their last illness, remaining unmarried till the end, with his mother as mistress of the house while she lived. March 29, 1895, he married Mary Hannah, who was brought up in the family, and lives at the homestead. As before stated he owns also the Colonel Benjamin and the Nicholas Rosenkrans farms, now united in one farm in Walpack, and he and his wife Mary are well situated for this world. May their provision for the other world be no less abundant.

Simeon Cole and Wife
(Sketch drawing from old picture.)

109.  AMANDA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Major Benjamin (47), was born February 4, 1811, and married December 24, 1828, Simeon Cole, of Walpack, born March 10, 1804. Simeon Cole was a farmer and, in 1836 or 1837, moved to Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, and located near Milwaukie, where he cleared a farm and lived till 1856, when he settled on a farm near Pawpaw, Illinois. In 1873, he moved to the village of Compton, where he died February 1, 1889. Amanda suffered long as an invalid, deprived of the comforts of health, but she was a trusting Christian and enjoyed the blessing which faith brings, the "promise of the life which now is and of that which is to come." She died December 13, 1892, aged 81 years. She had 11 children as follows: Mary Evaline Cole, born in Walpack, New Jersey, December 27, 1829, married December 21, 1848, John Dershimer, in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, moved to Lee County, Illinois, and died there September 18, 1868. She had two children, George W., born December 2, 1844, and died in 1862, and John W., born September 11, 1853, who married Frances C. Phillips, and had children: R. Nelson and Francis L., Phoebe A., daughter of Amanda (109), was born March 13, 1831, and married June 28, 1849, Ira Litts , of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He was a farmer and moved to Lee County, Illinois. Their children are Dora, Alva, Ella M., C. R. and Alwild L. Her son Alva Litts married Amy Miller, whose children are Elmo M., Lester S., Lewis G., Lottie E., Dora E., Guy S., Ella M., Clara R., and Francis F. Ella M. Litts married Ira D. Saxe. Elijah, son of Amanda Cole (109), was born April 4, 1833, and while living with his uncle Elijah Rosenkrans, in New Jersey, died at four years of age, from the effects of burning his clothing which took fire while alone in the house. Sylvenus Cole, son of Amanda, was born February 3, 1835, and in Lee County, Illinois, married Amanda J. Webster, October 28, 1816, who was born March 14, 1844. Sylvenus was a soldier during the Civil War in Company C., 13th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, 1861 to 1864, and then in another Company till the close of the war. Report says he is now helplessly paralyzed and has a family of six children: Dora, Simeon, Henry A., Blanche L., Grace and Charles.

Henry R. Cole, son of Amanda, was born April 4, 1838, and married Martha Jones; has two children, Maud, who married Robert A. Holmes, and has one son, R. Cole Holmes, and Jennie Cole, born December 9, 1867. Allen Cole, son of Amanda, was born January 9, 1842, and married 1869, L. Anna Koons, born April 16, 1851. He is a farmer and lives on the homestead farm, six miles from Pawpaw, Lee County, Illinois. His children are: one whose name is unknown, Lena, Jesse, Nellie and Irving. Lena married Delos Butler, November 12, 1890, and has a daughter, Bertie, born 1892. Elisha Cole was born January 20, 1844; a soldier, and died in the army, June 27, 1864. Amanda Melvina was born in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, August 18, 1849, and married in April, 1867, J.C. Carnahan. She has five children: Arthur G., Albert M., M. Pearl, Mallie A., and Harriet L. Arthur G. Carnahan married Mattie Palister, and has a son, Albert M. Albert M., son of J.C. Carnahan, married Frances Kelly, and has children: Frances and Verna. M. Pearl Carnahan married Benjamin F. Roberts, and has a daughter, Harriet L. Mallie A. Carnahan married Thomas Farr, and has a child, T. Wylie. Margaret Cole, daughter of Amanda Cole (109), was born April 9, 1850; married January 4, 1873, J. Miller, and died February 16, 1877, leaving two children: Floyd C., born March 24, 1874, and Kyle C., born May 31, 1876. M. Jennie Cole, the youngest of the children of Amanda and Simeon, was born November 16, 1852. She had the scarlet fever at twelve years of age, and has ever since been an invalid and a great sufferer much of the time. She is a devoted Christian, and suffers with patience and resignation to the will of God, who she confidently believes afflicts her for her spiritual good. In connection with Andrew H. Rosenkrans, of Pawpaw, Illinois, she has assisted the writer, by furnishing many items concerning her fatherís family and descendants, and thus she has helped as we believe, to confer a benefit upon future generations, though a sufferer and confined to the house. She now lives at the Invalidís Home, Madison, Ohio.

110.  LUCINDA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Major Benjamin (47), was born December 4, 1813, and married Leonard Bell of Walpack, born April 25, 1808. He was a son of Robert Bell, of Walpack Centre, who deeded the grounds for the old stone "Methodist Church," the first M.E. church erected in Walpack. Leonard was there converted and became a zealous church member, remaining such to the close of his life. Lucinda, though formerly an attendant of the Reformed Dutch Church, of Peterís Valley, also became a member of the M.E. Church. Leonard died April 3, 1863, and five years later Lucinda married James Fuller, of Walpack. She died October 23, 1870. She had nine children all by her first husband as follows: David Bell, born December 22, 1813, died young, Mary Bell, born July 23, 1835 married John B. Fuller, and has two children, Lester Fuller, a merchant at Walpack Centre, who married Lizzie Roe, daughter of Jacob, son of Dr. Thomas Roe, and Floyd P. Fuller, born June 18, 1866, who married Catharine Rosenkrans, daughter of Alfred (238). Cemantha Bell, born October 19, 1836, died August 29, 1847. Maria Bell, born August 12, 1838, probably died young. John Bell, born June 3, 1840, died at four years of age. Elijah Bell, born June 19, 1842, died May 15, 1868. Salmon W. Bell, son of Leonard and Lucinda (110), was born November 8, 1845, and married Sarah J. Berk, December 17, 1868, daughter of John, who purchased the lower Shappanack farm, son of Henry Berk. John Berkís widow still lives in the stone residence which appears in this book and furnished the picture from which it was taken (see No. 13). Salmon W. owns and lives on the homestead farm of his father, and owns the Marvin farm above, at the crossing of Flat Brook, in Sandyston. His children are: Coray, who married a daughter of Joseph Hornbeck, and Ernest M. Margaret Bell, the last daughter, but not the least, of the children of Leonard and Lucinda (110), born April 17, 1848, was a school teacher while single, and married December 31, 1873, Joseph C. Warner, of Sandyston, born February 24, 1850, son of Daniel Warner. Joseph C. and Margaret live comfortably on their farm near Hainesville, and are enterprising and progressive. They have children, Claudie, who departed this life, Maud Marian and Flavius. Miss Maud Marian Warner is a graduate of the Trenton Normal School, and a very successful school teacher, now teaching at Clifton, near Patterson, New Jersey. Benjamin Bell, son of Leonard, born April 24, 1850, died at two years of age.

111.  ANSON ROSENKRANS, son of Major Benjamin, was born May 22, 1815, and died young.

112.  MARGARET ROSENKRANS, fourteenth and last child of Major Benjamin (47) and Margaret, was born February 28, 1817. She was not only the last born, but the last also to depart this life. At the age of sixteen she married Daniel Knight, son of Peter, born August 6, 1811. He lived on a part of his fatherís farm adjoining that of his father-in-law for many years, and about 1850 purchased a farm on Flat Brook, below Walpack Centre He was helpless for several years, and died about 1890. Margaret died in 1896, and was buried at the Dutch Reformed Church, at Peterís Valley, where she was a member, and where her father was buried. The writer attended her funeral, and with her burial saw the last on earth of the fourteen children of Major Benjamin and Margaret Rosenkrans. Thus we come and go, this world being but a brief stopping place and probationary in the journey of life, and important as to results since our spiritual condition at death determines our condition as to progress and happiness in the great and endless hereafter. "If the tree fall toward the south, or toward the north, in the place where the tree falleth there it shall be."

Daniel and Margaret had children as follows: Andrew Knight, eldest son of Daniel and Margaret (112), was born in Walpack, New Jersey, December 1, 1834. He married Celesta Kintner, daughter of Peter and Amanda, and is a farmer, having farmed in Montague, Walpack and Sandyston. His wife was for many years an invalid confined to her bed by nervous prostration, and was helpless. She died 1897. Andrew Knight has three children. Floyd Knight, his son, was in the laundry business at Lynchburg, Virginia, and recently purchased the John Youngs farm in Sandyston on which his father now lives. He was in business in Lynchburg with Albert Rosenkrans (512). They sold out their business recently, and he is now stopping in Newton (January, 1900). Bert Knight, son of Andrew and Celesta, is a farmer and married Fannie VanNess. Peter Knight, the third and youngest son of Andrew and Celesta, married Lillie Shay, and is a farmer. Albert Knight, son of Daniel and Margaret (112) was born in Walpack, November 19, 1836. He married January 11, 1866, Hannah G. Bunnell, daughter of Gersham, of Walpack, and settled on a farm on the River or "Old Mine Road" in lower Walpack. He has four children: Anna Evaline Knight born May 15, 1867, who married 1895, Reeves Swartwout, and lives in Branchville, New Jersey. Frank Seymour Knight, his second son, was born June 24, 1868, and married 1893 Eva Townsend. Andrew J. Knight, son of Albert, was born September 21, 1870, and died unmarried. John I. Blair Knight, son of Albert and Hannah G., was born March 25, 1872. Emaline Knight, daughter of Daniel and Margaret, was born January 16, 1838, and died August 25, 1890. Elijah Knight was born May 28, 1840, and died at two years of age. Elisha Knight, son of Margaret (112), was born August 3, 1841, and married Josephine Wood, daughter of John Wood, of Port Jervis, New York. He lived in Port Jervis, and sold groceries and vegetables from a delivery wagon, and died there April 12, 1898, leaving a wife and one son. Benjamin Knight, son of Daniel and Margaret, was born in Walpack, November 20, 1844, married February 21, 1877, Margaret J. Aber, of Sandyston, and is a farmer living at East Walpack Centre. His children are: Martin R., born January 5, 1878, and Allen S., born May 24, 1879. Emma Margaret Knight, daughter of Margaret, was born March 19, 1850. Peter P. Knight, son of Daniel and Margaret, was born December 6, 1851. He married June 1894, Emma Staley, of Stillwater, then a widow Tyrone. He purchased the farm formerly owned by his father below Walpack Centre, and lives thereon. Alice D. Knight, youngest child of Daniel and Margaret (112), was born April 25, 1861, married May 24, 1883, Nathaniel VanAuken, son of Bowdewine, a farmer on the River road in Walpack, whose children are reported to be: Arthur, born June 12, 1885, and Hildah, born December 7, 1897.


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