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John Rosenkrans (37)

John Rosenkrans (65) Isaac Rosenkrans (66)
Alexander Rosenkrans (67) Asa Rosenkrans (68)
Lucy Rosenkrans (69) Elijah Rosenkrans(70)
Catharine Rosenkrans (71) Garrett Rosenkrans (72)

Jacob Rosenkrans (38)

Robert Rosenkrans (73) Cyrus Rosenkrans (74)
Name Unknown (75) Name Unknown (76)

Alexander Rosenkrans (41)

Anson Peter Rosenkrans (77) Catharine VanNest Rosenkrans (78)
Ann Rosenkrans (79)  

Charick DeWitt Rosenkrans (43)

Daughter, name unknown (80)  

Dr. Elijah RoseGrant (44)

Dr. John Rosencrantz (81) George Suffern Rosencrantz (82)
Elijah Rosencrantz (83) Andrew Rosenkrantz (84)

Levi Rosenkrans (45)

William Rosenkrans (85) Aaron Rosenkrans (86)
Levi DeWitt Rosenkrans (87) Reverend Cyrus Egbert Rosenkrans (88)
Reverend Joseph Rosenkrans (89) James Rosenkrans (90)

Joseph Rosenkrans (46)

David Rosenkrans (91) Levi Rosenkrans (92)
John Rosenkrans (93) Abram Rosenkrans (94)
Aaron Rosenkrans (95) Cynthia Rosenkrans (96)
Elijah Rosenkrans (97) Joseph Rosenkrans (98)



John Rosenkrans (37)

JOHN ROSENKRANS and Elizabeth VanNest had eight children.

65.  JOHN ROSENKRANS, eldest son of John (37), was born in Sandyston, Sussex County, New Jersey, April 17, 1778, and died young.

66.  ISAAC ROSENKRANS, the second son, was born on the Flat Brook farm, December 24, 1779; grew up a farmer and married Polly Brink, widow of John Ager. She was a daughter of Jacobus Brink and Arreantie Rosenkrans, and brought up on the adjoining farm. She was baptized June 18, 1781, married John Ager, and was the mother of James Ager, of Port Jervis, New York, of Hannah Ager, wife of Aaron Rosenkrans, of Hammondsport, New York, and also of the wife of William Carmer, of Sandyston, who eventually moved to Bradford County, Pennsylvania, whose children were Silas Carmer, and James and others. Isaac was the first Rosenkrans descendant as far as discovered of Alexander Rosenkrans, who married a descendant of Dirk Rosenkrans, thus uniting the two family lines of the sons of Harmon Hendrick(1). Isaac dealt some in real estate in early life, purchasing, 1819, 81 acres of his father, and also the Andrew Dingman farm of 104 acres the same year, which he sold to Evan Bevans, now known as the James C. Bevans farm, on which his son Victor E. lives. Isaac sold to Jacob Smith 20 acres in Sandyston, 1819, and 55 acres in Walpack, 1822. In 1816, Isaac and his wife Mary, or Polly, after the death of her father, sold their interest in the farm to John Layton, Esq., the husband of her sister Abigal, who also bought out the other heirs of the property, and became the sole owner of the farm, which still remains in the Layton family. In 1823, Isaac Rosenkrans received from Sheriff George H. McCarter a sheriff’s deed for the Dingman Daub farm in Stillwater, on which he settled and remained till his death, 1832. His wife, Polly, outlived him many years, and was seen by the writer 1855, when she was partially paralyzed, living with her daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Staley, where she died a few years later. Isaac’s children were Elizabeth, Lucinda, Garrett, Lydia, Susan, Lucy D., and Catharine M.

67.  ALEXANDER ROSENKRANS, son of John (37), was born March 13, 1782, since which time nothing of him has been heard except that he once lived in Binghampton, unmarried.

68.  ASA ROSENKRANS, son of John (37), was born in Sandyston, on Flat Brook, and near the Walpack line, September 19, 1785. He married July 9, 1809, Jane Cole, of Walpack, born December 1, 1789. She was probably the daughter of Jacob Cole, who lived in Walpack during the Revolution, and 1815, settled on the John Cleves Symmes tract, whose wife was a Marsh. In 1815 Asa purchased of Dr. Simeon Rosenkrans 29 acres of land adjoining that of his father, and 1822, bought his father’s farm, consisting of 235 acres, situated on both sides of Flat Brook, and of the township line, his house being in Sandyston, and his barn, as then situated, in Walpack. After Asa’s purchase of his father’s farm his parents lived with him, both of whom died before his leaving it, 1833. Asa sold his Sandyston farm to Timothy E. Shay, 1832, and, 1833, purchased a farm in Steuben County, New York, near Hammondsport, where he moved the same year. In 1837, he followed the course of Empire Westward and located on a farm two miles from Elgin, Illinois. A few years later he returned to Sussex on a visit among his relatives, at which time the writer, then a small boy, recollects seeing him. Asa died near Elgin October 30, 1844, and his wife died January 18, 1877. Their children were Horace, Frazier, Maria, Dr. Halsey, Garrett, Elizabeth, Catharine, Hiram and Jennie R.

69.  LUCY ROSENKRANS, daughter of John (37), was born September 30, 1787, and married John Dennis, who afterwards lived at Branchville, New Jersey, whose son John was drowned in the Delaware, at the farm of Major Benjamin Rosenkrans, and his body was recovered by the writer’s father. Mrs. Jennie R. Hawes (154), of Elgin, Illinois, informs me that Mrs. Lucy Dennis went to Illinois, perhaps subsequent to her husband’s death. Her children were: John, Catharine, Maria, Elizabeth, Hiram and George. Catharine Maria, the second child of Lucy Dennis, married a DePue at Elgin, and had a large family, all of whom seem to have left Elgin. Elizabeth died single. She and Catharine M. are mentioned in the will of their aunt Catharine (71), 1827, which will is herein recorded in part. Hiram, the fourth child of Lucy Dennis, remained unmarried and died in California. George, the fifth and last, child, married and lived in Elgin. His daughter Amanda, married Wilson Hunter, and had several children, one of whom, George Hunter, is still living. Amanda died and Wilson married again, and at last report lived in Elgin.

70.  ELIJAH ROSENKRANS, son of John (37) was born in Sandyston, near the Walpack line, Sussex County, New Jersey, January 23, 1790. He was a farmer, and married Catharine VanNest, of Peter’s Valley, Born April 16, 1794. She was a daughter of Peter VanNest and Abigal Layton, daughter of Thomas Layton. Peter VanNest, her father, owned 340 acres of land at Peter’s Valley, founded by him, and made a will, and died 1809. He had sons, as we learn from the will, George, Peter, Isaac and John, and kept slaves. Elijah Rosenkrans left Sussex County, New Jersey, and settled in Steuben County, New York, 1817, being the second one of the Rosenkrans name who went there, Joseph (46) being the first. He lived in Cohocton township, not far from Hammondsport. He died there July 17, 1856, and his wife Catharine died July 23, 1872. His daughter Lucinda B., is yet living in Hammondsport, and has reported concerning her father’s family. Elijah’s children were Nelson, Balinda, Almira, David, Ira, Garrett, Isaac and Lucinda B.

71.  CATHARINE ROSENKRANS, daughter of John(37), was born 1794, and never married. She made a will June 22, 1827, and died September 9, the same year. The following is a part of her will — Will of Catharine Rosenkrans: "I, Catharine Rosenkrans, of the township of Sandyston, in the County of Sussex and State of New Jersey, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and being of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be God therefore, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following — that is to say; First — I commend my soul to God who gave it, and my body to the dust, from whence it came, hoping for a joyful exchange through the merits of my Saviour Jesus Christ, etc." Two notes against her brother Asa in the hands of her father she bequeathed to her sister Lucy Dennis, with clothes, beds and bedding. Other clothes, beds and bedding and furniture she gave to her two beloved nieces, Catharine Maria Dennis and Elizabeth Dennis. Her beloved friend Levi Rosenkrans was appointed Executor, and certain articles were left for him to divide between her two nieces according to his own judgment. The will was executed by John I. Rosenkrans, Esq., and signed Catharine Rosenkrans, witnessed by John I. Rosenkrans and Julian Dimon, It was proved before Thomas Teasdale, Jr., Surrogate of Sussex County, 19 October A. D., 1827.

72.  GARRETT ROSENKRANS, son of John (37), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, January 28, 1799. He probably came to Newton as a clerk in a drug store, as he started business here in company with a Mr. Phillips, as we learn from ancient file of the "Sussex Register," of Newton, May 18, 1821, that on that day a drug store by "Phillips & Rosenkrans" was opened in Newton. In the same paper of later date notice was given November 24, 1823, that "James S. Phillips and Garrett Rosenkrans" had dissolved partnership. Garrett then probably carried on the business alone for a few years in Newton. Mr. A. J. Whitaker, near Howell, Michigan, with whom Garrett’s widow was still living, December, 1897, informed me by letter of that date that Garrett sold out the drug business in Newton, 1828, and went to New York. In March, 1830, he went to Northville, Michigan, and August 2,1831, married Polly Bennett of that place. She was born at Tyrone, Steuben County, New York. July 2, 1810. In 1851 Garrett left Northville and settled on a farm at Grona, five miles southeast of Howell, where he died, 1873. As before stated, Garrett’s widow, 1897, lived with her son-in-law, A. J. Whitaker, near Howell, Livingston County, Michigan, aged 88 years. They had twelve children: John, Delia, Abram G. and Phebe P., twins; Elijah, Dwight, Lucy A., Jay, Noah, Roby C., who married A. J. W., Helen and Deatimony.

Jacob Rosencrans (38)

JACOB ROSENCRANS and Elizabeth his wife, had four children or more.

73.  ROBERT ROSENCRANS, probably the eldest son of Jacob Rosencrans, in 1818, was in Ohio with his brother Cyrus, as reported by his father, and since then has not been heard of.

74.  CYRUS ROSENCRANS, the son of Jacob (25) was reported as being near Urbana, Ohio, in 1818, since which nothing is known of him or his family.

75 - 76.  Children of Jacob whose names are unknown, were with their father in Ohio 1818.

Alexander Rosenkrans (41)

ALEXANDER ROSENKRANS and Mary Mortman had three children, or more.

77.  ANSON PETER ROSENKRANS, son of Alexander Rosenkrans, was born in Bridgewater, New Jersey, and baptized at Raritan church, Somerset County, New Jersey, March 3rd, 1795. His father, a few years later, located near Havana, Schuyler County, New York, where he was reared.

78.  CATHARINE VanNEST ROSENKRANS, daughter of Alexander, (28), was baptized in Bridgewater, New Jersey, March 4th, 1798, and accompanied her parents to Havana, New York, 1800, and there married a Mr. Voorhees. Her son John, prior to 1849, taught school at Hammondsport, New York, as reported by S.B.R. (103). Catherine, or Caty, as he calls her, with her husband and family, settled near Beaver Dam, Dodge County, Wisconsin, where he visited them, 1849, and where her son, John, was subsequently killed by a yoke of cattle.

79.  ANN ROSENKRANS, daughter of Alexander (41), also went with her father to Schuyler County, New York, since which time, nothing definite is known concerning her.

Charick DeWitt Rosenkrans (43)

CHARICK DEWITT ROSENKRANS and Sarah (or Catrina) VanGorden had one child or more.

80.  A daughter of Charick (43) was living at Delivan, Wisconsin, as reported by S.B. Rosenkrans, her father then being a very old man.

Dr. Elijah Rosegrant (44)

DR. ELIJAH ROSEGRANT and Cornelia Suffern had four Children.

Dr. John Rosencrantz

 81.  DR. JOHN ROSENKRANTZ,  son of Dr. Elijah RoseGrant, was born at Hohokus, Bergen County, New Jersey, June 9th, 1809. He probably studied medicine with his father and "Received the honorary degree of M.D. from the medical department of Rutgers College 1830," as recorded there. He succeeded his father while young as Surgeon’s Mate of the 2nd Battalion New Jersey Militia, having been appointed to that position at 19 years of age, October 23, 1828, and confirmed by Governor Isaac H. Williamson. He married September 11, 1838, Caroline Ripka, who died October 31, 1874, and after marriage he moved to Philadelphia and was engaged with his father-in-law there in the cotton manufacturing business, and died April 22, 1883. He had one child named Mary, born September 9, 1838, who died young, leaving him no descendants. The sons of Dr. Elijah RoseGrant all changed their name to Rosencrantz.

82.  GEORGE SUFFERN ROSENCRANTZ, second son of Dr. Elijah, was born at Hohokus, 1812. He was a soldier in New York in 1835 in the First Regiment New York Horse Artillery under Captain William C. Shaw. He remained unmarried, and died August 30, 1864.

Elijah Rosencrantz

83.  ELIJAH ROSENCRANTZ, third son of Dr. Elijah RoseGrant, was born at Hohokus, June 25, 1814. He married June 3, 1851, Caroline Livingston Dayton, of New York City, and lived for a time in that city, where their eldest son was born. As her names indicates, Cornelia Livingston Dayton was connected with the Livingstons, who like the Daytons, were distinguished in our early history and of English descent, connected with the Royal family of England, through James 1st.

An authentic list of the Livingston-Dayton family descended from Robert de Deighton, born at Deighton, England, 1305 A.D., furnished by William Dayton Rosencrantz, son of Cornelia, copied from the English record "Surtees Publication," Vol. 96 of the "Freeman of York," from which the following genealogy is taken: William Gayer Dayton, father of Cornelia Livingston was born August 6, 1860, and married Cornelia Street, daughter of General Randall Sanford Street, whose wife was Cornelia Billings. William Gayer Dayton was the son of Captain Samuel, born 1784; the son of Isaac, born 1733 son of Isaac, born 1720, son of Isaac, born 1686; son of Isaac who married Rebecca Tuttle, son of Samuel Dayton, born 1630; the son of Ralph Deighton, the emigrant, born at Deighton, 1589, who married Agnes Pool, and came to Boston. Ralph was the son of William; son of Robert; son of Henry; grandson of William, born 1419 son of John; son of Robert; son of John; son of Robert; son of Robert de Deighton, born 1305. Another printed list in possession of W.D. Rosencrantz, gives the lineage of his mother, Cornelia Livingston Dayton, through her mother Cornelia Street and Grandmother Cornelia Billings back through the Livingstons to the "Sovereigns of Scotland," the "Kings of Argyleshire," the "Sovereigns of Ireland," the "Kings of Jerusalem," as found in the Bible, and through the "Patriarchs" to Adam. From Adam to Jesse B.C., 1189, were thirty-two generations, through King David to Zedekiah B.C. 590, fifty generations, through his son Heremon King of Ireland, to Earca 104 generations, through Feargus, King of Argyleshire to Alpin A.D. 834, 117 generations and through Kenneth, King of Scotland, A.D. 854 to Cornelia Street 162 generations, her daughter, Cornelia Livingston Dayton making 153 generations. This if correct is a long and remarkable genealogy, as it begins with "Adam, the son of God."

The writer in 1882 had the pleasure of meeting Elijah at Hohokus, when he was engaged in the manufacture of cotton, having a factory there. He lived in the Hermitage which he enlarged by building an addition. His wife Caroline died April 17, 1867. January 8, 1870, he married Charlotte Caroline Dennis, of Richmond, Virginia, and died December 4, 1888. He had five children, four by his first wife and one by his second; William, Dayton John, Mary Elizabeth, George Suffern and Henry DeWitt.

84.  ANDREW ROSENCRANTZ, last child of Dr. Elijah, was born April 30, 1817, and died at two years of age.

Levi Rosenkrans (45)

LEVI ROSENKRANS and Mary Hankinson had six children.

William Rosenkrans

85.  WILLIAM ROSENKRANS, son of Levi (45), was born in Walpack, New Jersey, April 1, 1798. He was but a few months younger than Nicholas, my father, and was reared on the adjoining farm by the Delaware. He was brought up to farming, but taught school at Walpack Centre, where his father had taught before him. He married Priscilla Whitaker, of Savona, New York. His brother Aaron, though younger, married first, and moved from Sussex to Steuben County, 1823, before the days of railways and trolley cars when moving was done by horse power, however long the distance. William, with his father’s team, took a load of household goods for his brother Aaron to Steuben County via Milford, Honesdale, Owego, Savona and Bath to near the Crooked Lake. At Savona, New York, lived David Whitaker, already mentioned, brother-in-law of Joseph Rosenkrans, whose wife was Lanah Emmans, formerly of Walpack, New Jersey, and sister to Joseph’s wife. On their way to Crooked Lake, the moving "caravan" stopped over night at Savona, and there for the first time William met Priscilla Whitaker, daughter of David and Lanah, and she "Pleased him well" at first sight. On his way home he called on her again and began a courtship which resulted in marriage at Savona October 26, 1825. The history of Priscilla’s father and her marriage has been given by her son Reverend D.W. Rosenkrans (181), of Dorsey, Nebraska. He says:

"My maternal grandfather, David Whitaker, while yet in his minority, went from central Massachusetts to eastern Pennsylvania as a Yankee schoolmaster, taking from his patrons lumber and grain which he rafted to Philadelphia. He married in Pike County, and then ran his last raft to the city to obtain the needful outfit for his household. Then he removed to Big Flats, Tioga County, New York, where I think, his older children were born, and where his two brothers-in-law, John Emmans and David VanGorden, spent their last days, and where, for aught I know, the Emmans and VanGorden descendants may still reside. About 1803, or 1806, he moved to Weed Creek, now Savona, Steuben County, where he did a large lumber and real estate business on the Chemung and Susquehanna, rafting to Baltimore chiefly, and dying of River fever in 1824."

In addition to the above Emmaus history, the recorded facts appear that one "John Emins" located on the Delaware, in Walpack, New Jersey, 1729, the same year that Alexander Rosenkrans bought at Shappanack; that Nicholas Emins, probably a son of John, married Catrina Rosenkrans, daughter of Alexander, and bought a farm on Walpack ridge, 1754. Nicholas Emmans had a son John baptized 1746, who is supposed to have been the father-in-law of Joseph Rosenkrans and David Whitaker, and who moved to Tioga County, New York, where he died prior to 1798. David Whitaker probably married in New Jersey, while living in Pike County, Pennsylvania, as John Emmans lived in Sussex County, New Jersey, and the VanGordens also.

William Rosenkrans, after marriage, 1825, settled on a farm in Wheeler township, Steuben County, New York, where he lived till after the birth of three children, then moved, 1833, on a farm near Wayland, where he resided till his death, 1886. His wife Priscilla was born February 2, 1806, probably at Savona, and died in Wayland, August 25, 1876, having reached the allotted age of seventy. It is said she was a woman of "accurate mind and wide information," and after her death William was naturally lonely and discontented and between 76 and 81, made two trips in his old age to Sussex County, New Jersey. He was said to be a man even then of remarkable activity of mind and body, and a devoted Christian, having been an elder of the church. He died at Wayland December 2, 1886. His children, twelve in number, were Reverend David W., William J., James, Elizabeth, Mary, Delia, Dr. Edward M., Edwin, Dr. F. Eugene, Omar L., Selim G., and Cyrus Egbert.

Aaron Rosenkrans

86.  AARON ROSENKRANS, son of Levi (45), was born in Walpack, New Jersey, within a stone’s throw of the Delaware River, December 16, 1802. He was brought up a near neighbor to my father, a cousin, and their wives were cousins. Their marriages, like that of their cousin Isaac Rosenkrans, each formed a connecting link between the two branches of the Rosenkrans family, descended from Alexander and Dirk, sons of Harmon Hendrick (1). May 1, 1822, Aaron married Hannah D. Ager, born September 1, 1799, a daughter of John Ager and Polly Brink, daughter of Jacobus Brink and his wife Arreantie Rosenkrans (54). In 1823 he moved to Steuben County, New York, and lived for a year or more in a log house about two miles northwest of the Crooked Lake, in a part of which he worked at his trade — that of a wheelwright, and 1824, settled in Hammondsport, where he was extensively engaged in the manufacture of carriages during most of his life. The Steuben County records show that Aaron purchased real estate there 1828. Aaron, like his illustrious early namesake, was a Levite indeed, looking after the affairs of the church. His daughter, Mrs. A.E. White, of Savona, reports that the first public meetings held in Hammondsport were held in her father’s carriage factory, perhaps in an "upper room" prepared for this purpose. He afterwards became a church member and a deacon, or elder, of the Presbyterian church, and, it is reported, that all of the six sons of Levi were church people, two of them having been pastors and the other four deacons or elders. In his advanced life Aaron acquired a vineyard, not as Ahab acquired that of Naboth, but one of his own planting near Hammondsport where he also raised a variety of fruit. Aaron’s wife was also a church member and a devoted Christian, like her husband, leaving a good example for their children and their neighbors, in seeking the Savior, in whom alone is found "Eternal Life." Hannah D. died September 1, 1876, and Aaron died December 7, 1880. Their children were: Selim B., Louisa Maria, Levi DeWitt, Ann Eliza, Elizabeth, Sophia and George E. The following lines on the death of their parents were contributed by "Selim and Eliza":


Oh! the friends we loved in childhood
How they go!
From the arms that oft’ caressed them,
From the lips that oft’ times blessed them,
From the homes so drear without them
Here below,
One by one they passed the river,
Safely o’er
To the land of perfect day,
Where the saints immortal, they
Meet with friends
Who oft did pray
With them while below.
One by one they beckon ever
Us away,
From the worlds enticing pleasures,
And the joys it vainly measures;
May we seek the higher treasure
While we may."

87.  LEVI DEWITT ROSENKRANS, son of Levi (45), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, about 1805. Of him or his family but little definite information has been obtained, and none whatever from his own descendants. Report says he married Evylin Picket; was a farmer at Wayland, and also a school teacher. From there he went to Wisconsin, and lived at East Troy, 1849, and died at Portland, Wisconsin, and was buried at Columbus. His children are said to be Harriet, Jane and Flora, two of whom were married and one had died prior to 1895. He was a church member and a deacon, or elder. The date of his death or of any member of his family is unknown to the writer and apparently to his relatives with whom the writer has corresponded.

Reverend Cyrus Egbert 

88.  REVEREND CYRUS EGBERT ROSENKRANS, Son of Levi (45), was born in Walpack, New Jersey, March 9, 1809. He graduated at Amherst College, and prepared for the ministry. July 18, 1842, he married Phebe Reeve, of Franklinville, Long Island. She was born at Deerfield New Jersey, July 3, 1816, After marriage he lived and preached at East Troy, Wisconsin Territory, till three of his children were born and till after the death of his wife, June 20, 1848. May 15, 1849, he married Helen Sarah Benson at Geneva, Wisconsin, after which he located at Columbus, Wisconsin, where he officiated as pastor of the Presbyterian church for the remainder of his life, dying February 8, 1861, and where a monument was erected to his memory by his friends. Helen Sarah, his second wife, died at Milwaukee, January 11, 1875. His children by his first wife were: Emma, Louisa, Harriet Goodrich and Egbert. By his second wife: Henry Benson, Marian, Reeve, Rosalin, Dr. James H. and Helen.

Reverend Joseph Rosenkrans

89.  REVEREND JOSEPH ROSENKRANS, son of Levi (45), was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, November 13, 1812. He was baptized, his daughter Eliza J. informs me, by Reverend James G. Force, who lived at Peter’s Valley, New Jersey. He accompanied his parents to Steuben County, New York, about the year 1833. He was educated at Union College, Schenectady, and prepared for the ministry at Union Theological Seminary, New York City. He married December 1, 1842, Miss Eliza Thompson, daughter of David Thompson, of New York. She was born September 27, 1808, and baptized by J.M. Mason, D.D. Reverend Joseph Rosenkrans officiated as pastor first at Bethlehem, near Albany, New York, and later at Newport and Martinsburg in Onondaga Valley; at Romulus and again at Onondaga Valley, where he died June 19, 1863, while pastor of the Presbyterian church at that place. It is said that he was a successful minister of the gospel and had many warm friends. Mrs. Eliza Rosenkrans, his widow, is still living with her daughter, Eliza J. Rosenkrans, at Syracuse, New York. Their children were Mary, Eliza Johnson, William Thompson and Joseph H.

90.  JAMES ROSENKRANS, son of Levi, was born in Walpack, New Jersey, April 28, 1815, married Sarah Bradford, in Steuben County, March 19, 1835, and farmed his father’s farm near Wayland. He was also a church member and a deacon. He moved to Lansing, Michigan, where he farmed. Report says that he lived at Battle Creek, Michigan, about 1860, and died at Lansing. He left a widow, but no children.

Joseph Rosenkrans (46)

JOSEPH ROSENKRANS and Jemima Emmans had eight children.

91.  DAVID ROSENKRANS, eldest son of Joseph, was born in Walpack, April 15, 1791. He died near Hammondsport August 14, 1821.

92.  LEVI ROSENKRANS, son of Joseph (46), was probably born in Sussex County, New Jersey, April 30, 1793. Living with his parents at Wallace, New York, he married June 19, 1831, Mary Jane Leach, of Hornby, New York, born at Windom, Massachusetts, September 19, 1802. Mary Jane’s father, Stephen Leach, came from Massachusetts to Monteray, Steuben County, in 1816. Immediately after marriage, Levi went West, and located on a farm near Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the end of two years, on account of ill health, he returned and settled near Hammondsport, but purchased a farm, 1835, at Wayland, on which he lived till his death, July 2, 1861. His wife died December 29, 1889. His children were Samantha, Hamilton S., Elmira L., Harriet E., Ellen J. and John A.

93.  JOHN ROSENKRANS, son of Joseph (46), was probably born in Tioga County, New York, March 19, 1795, married at Wallace about 1830 and went to Michigan. It is reported that he died at Northfield, and was buried at Sutton’s Corner. He was twice married, but those who have reported concerning him have failed to recollect the name of either wife. His children were William Joseph, Chester and Jemima.

94.  ABRAM ROSENKRANS, son of Joseph (46), was born November, 19, 1797, in Tioga County, New York. He married at Wallace Nancy VanAuken, February 14, 1830. The land records of Steuben County show that one Abram Rosenkrans purchased real estate, 1826, and again 1828. It is reported that soon after marriage he went to Akron, Ohio, where he died October 18, 1831. His wife Nancy gave birth to a son and died just one month after his death, November 18, 1831. The son was named William Hastings, a mute, who grew up to early manhood; was educated at Philadelphia, and died while young at Princetown, near Cincinnati, OH.

Aaron Rosenkrans

95.  AARON ROSENKRANS, the first of the name known in the family, son of Joseph (46) was born in Tioga County, New York, probably at Elmira, March 30, 1800. In 1810, he accompanied his parents to Owego, and 1811 to Hammondsport, where his parents lived till 1827, when they located at Wallace, New York. In 1829 he married Sarah Crane, born March 29, 1812. Aaron’s life, like that of Aaron of old, was somewhat eventful and migratory, having had no continued abiding place. After his marriage, 1829, he went to Michigan, near Ann Arbor, where he took up government land and commenced clearing a farm. In 1830 his eldest child, Cynthia Louisa, was born there, and at two or three years of age was stolen by the Indians. At the end of three months she was returned on the payment of a certain quantity of whiskey agreed upon. Mrs. C.L. Stitt, of Westfield, New Jersey, says she still has a faint idea of the appearance of her captors. Aaron was not well pleased with his dusky neighbors and left them. He retained the ownership of his land and returned to the East, living on a farm near Mt. Morris, Livingston County, New York, where his wife died March 7, 1833, leaving two children. In the beginning of 1834 he married Amanda Warren, of Livingston County, born April 13, 1806. After the birth of another child October, 1834, Aaron returned to his homestead in Michigan and remained there eight years. In 1842 he left again; went to Middletown, OH, and there kept a hotel till 1847, when he again returned to his Michigan farm. He eventually sold his farm and located on another near Flint, Michigan, where he died July, 1862, and where his second wife died February 5, 1894. Aaron’s children by his first wife were: Cynthia Louisa and Sarah Helen. By his second wife, Adeline, Charles T., and Henry H.

96.  CYNTHIA ROSENKRANS, daughter of Joseph (46) was born July 1, 1802. She remained unmarried with her father at Wallace and continued on the farm after his death with her brother Joseph and died April 16, 1876.

97.  ELIJAH ROSENKRANS, son of Joseph (46) was born in Tioga County, New York, June 26, 1803. Living at Wallace he married Nancy and went to Michigan, where she died July 2, 1881. This information was received from Mrs. Amanda M., widow of Henry H. Rosenkrans (230), late of Lansing, Michigan.

98.  JOSEPH ROSENKRANS, son of Joseph (46), was born October 14, 1808, at Elmira, New York, in Tioga County, now Chemung. He lived with his father on the homestead, near Wallace, and after his father’s death 1897, came into possession of the farm, which he occupied till his death. In 1843 he married Mary Austin, by whom he had four children, Aubert D., Josephine L., Mary Helen and George Byron. He died February 10, 1881, and his wife died January 10, 1888.


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